The church is located in Chathannoor ,one of the beautiful towns in 'God's own country', Kerala.Chathannoor situates at the extreme east part of Kollam District , around 55 kms north of State Capital Thiruvananthapuram and 18 kms towards south from Kollam Corporation on the National Highway (NH 47).

The church stands aloof from the noise and crowd of the Town,in a tranquil and serene atmosphere on the YMCA Road.


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About the Church:

Chathannoor St George Orthodox Church belongs to the Trivandrum Diocese of Malankara Orthodox Church and is one of the biggest churches in South Kerala in size .The name Indian Orthodox Church, refers to the section of the St Thomas Christians of India, that canonically came under Catholicate of the East with its head quarters at Devalokam, Kottayam, Kerala, India. St Thomas Christians at present belong to ten different churches and denominations. The Malankara Orthodox Church is one among them and it is the second largest.

The church,as explained by the name itself is dedicated to St George who died as a martyr in Christ. The presence of this saint is felt and visioned in the church and by many individuals a number of times.


"Chathannoor Marthamariyam Suriyani Pally" as it was called in the ancient days was built on around AD 1755.This was the oldest church in Chathannoor and all the present churches in and around Chathannoor considers this church as their parent church.The church has given so many contributions to the society and still staying as the sacred place of worship to all the people of Chathannoor.

Old church:

The church was initially built in ancient style low arched doors and windows,wooden roofs with attic, stoned walls with history of the church transcribed in Malayalam(old transcript) with one main alter.It had remained as a silent witness to many historical events of the town and had stayed unchanged and unmoved in the midst of changing times and moving practices and cultural advancements of the people.

New church:

As the number of parish members went on increasing,there arose the need for a more spacious and accommodating church.This farsightedness and long vision paved way to the dedication and blessing of a new church in January 8th 1994. It is built large enough to house it's members.It is constructed in a unique and elegant architectural form and design which is an appropriate blend of old and new.The exotic and magnificent carved seraphs and angels on the doors ,the beautiful paintings of risen Jesus Christ,Mother Mary,Jesus feeding the crowd,St Gregorios of Parumala,St George and St Thomas are a feast to the eyes of every viewer .The Malayalam script from the old church is preserved till date and framed on the wall of the new church.

The heavenly presence and calmness that envelopes the church brings a ray of hope to all in a state of loss,an emit of sunshine to the weary,a smile to all the heavy laden as their yolk is uplifted and a sign if contentment to every lover of solitude.Spending a few moments in this church embraces every individual with an unending hymn of love and peace which pervades evreywhere.The discipline,which every bell that rings aloud from the tall bell tower brings in the heart of every listeners is unforgettable.


Services (Holy Qurbana) are held every Sunday Morning and there are special services as per our church calender.Every day evening there will be prayers(sandyanamaskaram).On the feasts of St George ,St Gregorios and St Mary ,there will be convention meetings,procession and holy Qurbana.The church have Kurishadies in the names of these saints in different locations.

Feast of St George:

Our church is dedicatedto St George.The Perunnal (Feast) falls on the first week of May every year.Thousands of devotees throng to the church to celebrate the feast of St George and in the colourful procession.