September 1941 until June 2, 1945..  A time of Victory Gardens, Rationing, Price and Wage controls and the draft. 
Gasoline is rationed but is still only 23 cents per gallon.  FDR dies April 12, Truman becomes president and the national debt is only $260.1 billion.  The Dow-Jones high and low is 195/155 and a first class postage stamp is 3 cents..   The FCC licenses  the first 13 TV stations, the new Miss America is Bess Myerson, the best movie is  " Going My Way" and the war ends VJ Day, Sept. 2, 1945.  Many of our class were in the war and didn't make it back.  We are thankful for what they did  and for those who made it back.

     Out of a class of about 204, there are still 93 with whom we can make contact.  We have 22  who are not located and 89 who have passed away.
Our 61st Year Reunion was held as scheduled on Sat. Oct 7, 2006
at Redtop Mtn. State Park
     Our 62nd Year Reunion was held Sept. 29, 2007 at the home of classmate, Hugh Thompson.  

     We didn't  have a 63rd reunion ,
but there was a 40's reunion on Sept. 20, 2008 at Ft. McPherson.
The attendance was good.  Not as good as last time but good.

     A committee has been formed and plans have been made for our 64th year reunion.  A time and place has been determined and a letter will be sent out soon.  We will discuss the plans at our luncheon on May 16, at the Shannon Mall Piccadilly.



Russell High School
East Point,  Georgia
       Class of 1945
Russell High-Original BuildingConstructed 1923
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Our luncheon on Feb. 21st was well attended. There
were 26 present composed of 18 classmates and 8 spouses.
The next luncheon will be on May 16, 2009 at the Shannon Mall Piccadilly.  Looking forward to seeing you there. .
Alumni Meeting 1992
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50th year Reunion 1995
55th year Reunion 2000
     40's Reunion 2004
60th year Reunion 2005
61st year Reunion 2006
Ocassionally we have some good news.
For nearly 20 years we have listed our classmate Elder Pair as deceased.
Well, he is not.  He is alive and reasonably well and he and his wife are
living in Hephzibah, GA.
We have Paul Wilson to thank for this discovery

We have lost another class member.
George Stamps passed away in April 2009
62nd year Reunion 2007
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Please send any address changes or email address changes or additions  to Charles Chambers.
      40's Reunion 2008
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