Introducing Me!

Hello There! My name is Charnay Stanley and Welcome to my website! I built this website to showcase my work to anyone who's interested in witnessing the effort and love that I put into my creations. I am all about creativity and productivity and it plays an ideal role when in the process of implementing a perspective of what's visually appealing. Below are two sections of some work that I have created myself. Hope you enjoy!


    "Lambs of Messiah" Album Cover (Psychedelia)

    "Psychedelia" is an album created for the fictional christian/rock band "Lambs of Messiah."

    Dainty Painty & White Noise App Designs

    These are two app designs for fictional apps Dainty Painty (makeup brand) and The Silent Kolor (white noise relaxation app).

    2022 Calendar

    This is a calendar designed for the 2022 year.

    Dainty Painty (Billboard)

    This is the billboard for a fictional makeup brand called "Dainty Painty"

    License Plate

    This is a replica of the Ohio State license plate.

    The Masked Madame (Book Cover)

    This is a book cover design for a fictional horror novel called "The Masked Madame."

    Angelfish (Poster)

    This is a poster for a fictional girls swimming class called "Angelfish."

    Summer Madison (Magazine Ad Cover)

    Summer Madison is a fictional magazine company that specializes in providing options for summer clothes, vacations etc.

Sweetie's Treeties & Desserts (Brochure)

Sweetie's Treeties & Desserts is a fictional sweets and treats bakery shop that sells cakes, candy, chocolates etc.

Beauty Shot (Business Card, Envelope and Letterhead)

Beauty shot consists of busines cards, envelope, two pens and letterhead for a fictional brand.