By Farla and Charles RocketBoy


It started because of a boy. 

He was a trainer, non-descript and normal. He didn't stand out from the crowd. He tried to rectify this by offering his Eevee up for a scientific experiment to try and create an Eevee evolution that drew power from all 5 possible Eevee Elements- Water, Dark, Fire, Electric and Psychic.

The Eevee was put through horrific practises to grant her this power. She watched the other lab Eevees die around her through her pain. And she realised the truth of Pokemon training, the hypocrisy and injustice behind it.

And when her trainer greeted his Eevee, staring in amazement at her new form, she tore him to pieces and began the call for rebellion.

The enslaved are rising. Humanity is reaping the whirlwind. And the Pokemon world will be rocked to its foundations by Eon's rebellion.


FOUNDERS OF THE REVOLUTION- Author biographies and the origins of the project.

THE FRONT LINE- The fanfic itself, edited for consistency and spelling/grammar errors.


Pokemon is (C) and TM of Nintendo. Ice, Wildfire and Eon are Farla's, so ask before borrowing them. This is just a fanfic, we don't intend to make money off it so please don't sue us Game Freak.

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