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Featured Channels

The channels below can be found on the various external links above . Some channels do go down for maintainance. 

Click on the channel name once. It will pop out in its own resizable window.

Networks Movies Channels  Shows KIDS FUN Glorystar Tv Sdr SW RX / Scanners
FIREPLACE LIVE 416 Network StarGate SG1 boomerang Amazing Discoveries ve3hoa Ottawa
NHL Network Horror Stargate Atlantis Cartoon Network Live God's Learning Channel va6ok Cornation Alberta
NFL Network Crime Docs 4u Doctor Who Nickelodeon Live Daystar ve3rom Thunderbay Ontario
NTV Newfoundland Back To The 80's Old Doctor Who nicktoons Hallmark Channel ve6slp Edmonton Alberta
Red Bull Sports Psychopathic The Big Bang Theory Cigs Entertainment the hope channel WA2ZKD Rochester NY
Australian News Channel Atlantis Movies X-Files The Regular Show SonLife Broadcasting Newport, Oregon  Receiver
Gone Fishin Network Chiller Theatre Discovery House Adventure Time Christian Youth Channel WB2EEE Highland Falls NY
CBC Ottawa Oldies At Nite Law & Order CAPTAIN SHACKY ANIME Pastor Scott NM7A Deer Harbour WA USA
TNT Network Everything Horror Star Trek Mix race bannon His Word W8CMN Fenton Michigan
Aljazeera live Everything Action Star Trek Mix #Venture Bros The Word Network N8MDP Cleveland Ohio
Info Wars Everything Bond Star Trek DSP9 Kartoon Fun Time CBN News N8UR Dayton Ohio
Three TV New Zealand Everything Comedy Haunted House Cartoons 4U Opportunity Knocks   Police Scanners
Fox News Everything Marvel Home Improvement Children's BBC Salt and Light Ottawa International Airport
Discovery Channel Westerns King Of Queens Nintendo Classics Safe TV OPP, EMS, MTO Fire 0ttawa
itv War Doc's. Aliens/UFOs Docs Galaga Apple Sauce TV Clarence-Rockland Fire Dispatch
BBC 2 Fright Fest Pawn Stars Super Mario Bros contemp. christian music Ottawa Fire Services
History Channel evil kelpie tv Photon Scifi Super Mario Bros 2 gospel music Franklin County Fire and EMS
CBS stircrazyy flix panky Super Mario Bros 3 Southern Gospel Chateaugay NY Fire Dispatch
FOX Westerns 4U B-czar Donkey Kong House Of Refuge St. Lawrence County Police
Food Network Westerns 4U Gilligan's Island Donkey Kong Jr Life Tv St. Lawrence River Marine
ABC American Classic Movies Frazier Cheers Felix The Cat Impact Franklin County Sheriff
BBC News Black Widow Tv Trailer Park Boys Dr. Mario btv VE2RQR 146.6100 MHz Repeater
NBC Filmrise Movies livepd Battleship Set Free TV VE2RIG 146.8800 Repeater
tvland Movee 4U M*A*S*H Pinball WLPC Detroit Echolink Node 39339
The CW At The Movies Classic Tv Arkanoid Preach The Word VE2RFU 147.1200 C4FM Fusion
syfy Retro Tv Mayday TETRIS Good Life 45 Montreal City Fire
PBS Movie Shuffle BBC Nature Pacman Family Friendly Tv Montreal County Ambulance
France 24 MC1 Movies Golden Variety Network Adventure Island CornerStone TV DMR Caribbean TG969 Thursdays
Investigation Discovery Movies Dual Survival and more 1200 GAMES IN ONE Really TV Durham Region GTA East
National Geographic Movies Unlimited MWC 7OO GAMES IN ONE Your Miracle TV XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
WWE Network Cajun Flix The Sopranos 115 GAMES IN ONE Promise TV ***  Earth Radio Player ***

Streams courtisy of Vaughn live , Twitch , , YOUTUBE and others . IPTV streams will freeze and sometimes not work  due to server overload . Some channels may go down for maintance or only have streams on the weekend. Please allow 30 seconds or so for a stream to load. SDr servers have a limit of 8 users.    [email protected]

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