THROUGH VIGILANTLY FOCUSING ON THE SOUL AND NOT ON MATERIAL THINGS, ONE MAY PREVENT THE CREATION AND INFLUX OF NEW KARMONS. There are five factors that lead to this stoppage: 1) Right belief (Samyaktva), 2. Renunciation (Vrata), 3. Vigilance (Apramäd), 4. Absence of passions (AKashäy) and 5. Absence of activities (Ayoga).


Artist’s narration:


In this state, thoughts and actions focus upon the soul and not upon worldly matters. The faint coloration of the karmic field and karmon body indicate the low density of karmons within the soul. The eight extended arms are to prevent the entry of the eight different types of karmas. This is the second painting of the “Karmon” series.

Media: Oil on canvas Size : 24” x 30”




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