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Sunday, May 28

Haven't heard from us in a while? Oops!

School's starting to wind down, only one week left of classes, one "study" week, and then exams! The end is near! Once school's out, the REAL fun will begin!

Well here are some pictures !

Chelsea and Nathan in the Brisbane botanical gardens.
The coolest tree in the world
great horned spider
We spent a while playing in this one.
imagine waking up with this on your face!
Andrew posing with some birds
We all went to see a rugby game! It was cool but they only served half-strength beer! WTF mate??
how do we manage to get so many pictures of these things??
A nice view of mount _________. Tourist drives kick ass
There are so many private schools around and they make the kids dress like idiots!! Its fun! Looks like that one in the middle caught on to our "let's pretend to take a picture of kim" trick...
XXXX or 'fourex' beer is brewed in Brisbane. Here's Chelsea meeting Mr. Fourex himself during the brewery tour! Good luck to everyone who tweaks his nipples.
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer
Mmmmmmmmmmm young school children
Bonsai trees are so awesome! Almost as cool as bonzai kittens!
sweet meeting.
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