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Sunday, March 5

Its been raining almost every day for the past week! It sucks!! It's still pretty warm out [though I had to wear a 'jumper' (long sleeve shirt/sweater) outside today] and whatnot, but it interferes with all the good outdoor fun stuff we want to do!

We didn't do too much this weekend. Thursday night (yes, weekends start on Thursdays for us) we had a bit of a party at the house. Emily (a cool girl we met on the plane) came over and partied with us. We played some card games and made use of our nice new beer bong =) Then we went out to the RE and had a great time. There was some live music with an outdoor patio dancefloor, so we all danced in the rain and got incredibly wet and slippery.

Last night we all went out to the Valley together and checked out a live rock music place (after some great beer bonging fun). The band was great and the music was nice and loud! Good times were had all around =)

Next weekend we're renting a hotel room at the beach with a few of our housemates! Surf all day, party all night! No worries, mate!!!!!!!!

Not too much to say... should get internet sometime this week.

CRIKEY, the rain sucks!         CHEERS!
The St. Lucia campus at night. Inside the great court. Its a great court
Looking onto the river. The Cityferry is a part of the transit system in Brisbane. Isn't zat vierd?
view of the city.                                                                                                              balls
hanging out in a tree with April.
grasshopper on the kitchen table
one of out handy household geckoes. the ceiling fills up with bugs during the day, but these guys take care of them all night long =)
One of the biggest spiders I've seen here so far. The other night we had a huntsman (looks like a tarantula) in the basement but Marcelo beat it with a mop before I could see it.
ant feast
I was bored and the only thing around was this stupid flower. Isn't it beautiful?  haha
a magpie, watch it fly in the sky. It makes me wonder why I am not eating pie.
sign it, its been a while.
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