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Cham Marsilton's Australian Adventure
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Monday, March 20

This is my pet venus flytrap! It enjoys long walks on the beach and munching on bugs.
Marcelo taunting a possum in the backyard.
St. Patty's day drunkennesssss - Dawn, Andrew, Chelsea, Lisa, Adam
NO TEETH! - Oscar, Kat, April
Oh, Steve. You're such a silly man.
Komodo dragon!
some kind of asian otter
This wasn't a zoo exhibit animal, it was just hanging near the pathway
the ugliest thing i've ever seen! Rhinocerous Lizard
huge land tortoise
We got to watch a bloke (not steve) feed a saltwater crocodile. These things can grow up to 23 feet long!!!!
Bubba the camel
good timing
feeding a small kangarooooo!!
just chillin' with the 'roos
don't underestimate the fierce brutality of the common Koala.
Apparently it's ass was itchy
very very itchy
that's quacktastic!
this mother needs to let Joey move out
I think this was an american alligator. not as big as the saltwater crocodiles, but just as ugly
While one of the trainers was talking about the tigers, one nearly jumped her! We all thought we'd get a front row seat to a delicious bloody meal, but she looked back in the nick of time and the tiger backed off. Maybe next time...
Hey EVERYONE!!!! Glad you're all keeping up with our photo additions! Don't you want to come here now???

So yesterday we went to the Australia ZOO!!! I really wanted to see Steve Irwin, but he wasn't around yesterday. Maybe we'll see him next time when we go with Andrew's sister and her boyfriend!!

It wasn't like most other zoo's where they spend most of the time trying convince you that tiger's in captivity just don't need room to run around and it's completely healthy for them to sit around and sleep all day and night long! No, this zoo was different. The entire atmosphere is very conservation minded, and the animals in the were really lively and healthy looking! There were trainers assigned to every animal! Well, the ones that need it anyways. You could see that there was bonding going on with the staff and the animals. It was just unbeleivable! When we first went in, we noticed that there was no cage around the koala area. They were just in some trees in there own area. We were really impressed by that, and then as we went on we found a fence and went through. It looked like public was supposed to enter, but there was noone around, so we went it. There were two kangaroo's sitting by a tree, so Andrew crouched down and walked over to it. He tried to feed it some roo food he bought and one took it from his hand, so I went over and started petting him!!! then everyone (Kat, April, and Adam) came over and we all just chilled with the kangaroos!!! We fed them, sat with them, pet them!!! They were soooo cute. Then we walked past some trees and realized that it was like the land of hundreds of kangaroo's!!! They were everywhere, just mingling with people!!! Too cool!! Some of them even had joey's!!! There were also places to pet the koala's, and we pet a wombat too!!!!!

CHEERS! - Chelsea
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