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Wednesday, March 1

The first week of school has been alright. I think we've both finally figured out our classes and whatnot. Haven't had tooooo much fun in the past few days, but this weekend should be great! Rock climbing at Kangaroo Point on Sunday, maybe the beach on Saturday.

A couple nights ago we went on a sweet nighttime nature walk to see what we would see, and... well it was interesting. First we saw a cane toad (the kind that was running rampant in Australia a while back). It was just shy of a foot long, which is the biggest toad I've ever seen. Apparently they're poisonous, I'm not sure if that just means if you eat them or what, but Adam (one of our housemates) said they can spit poison. Everything here is giant and deadly!!

After that we saw quite a few large (orb?) spiders, which aren't poisonous but as you'll soon see are really ugly and scary looking. They were just building their webs for the night all over the place, I nearly walked straight into one that was hanging from a tree right in the middle of the sidewalk!! We made a REALLY sweetass closeup video of it eating some moths that we caught for it, it was amazing!! Its a pretty long video, so you'll have to wait until we get back, but its kickass!

Thats all for now,

Ready to go hunting!
Ready to be scared and scream like babies!!
At least this one wasn't stretched across the sidewalk... Jesus
kinda cute though, eh?
this one's just about done its web
we watched this one build its web for a while, then we fed it a moth! it was awesome! each time the spider ran to it, killed it, unstuck it and brought it to the middle where it spun it in some web and ate it. we got it all on video!! =)
mmmmmmm.... delicious
mmmmmmmmmm baby!!
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