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Cham Marsilton's Australian Adventure
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Monday February 27, 2006

Classes start today!  =(

Our class schedules look alright, neither of us have nearly as many hours as we would at home. Chelsea doesn't have any important conflicts, but my tuesday is looking pretty brutal. I have three places to be at 10am, and a couple at 12.... we'll see what happens. I might take this as an excuse to switch out of a circuits course (way too much work) and into another elective of some sort. It'll make my fourth year a little harder, but owell, I'm in AUSTALIA!

Yesterday was another good relaxing day, I went for a walk around the neighborhood and played wildlife photographer for a while. Then I chilled out in a field and waited for the bats to come out. It's crazy! As soon as it starts to get a bit dark, they all fly overhead, all going in the same direction. I guess to wherever all the bugs hang out. But shit, at any given time I could see 40 or more in the sky, it was unreal.

We've met all our housemates finally, and there are just ten of us. Everyone's cool, and we've been hanging out quite a bit and getting to know each other. Things are good, I hope classes don't get in the way of fun!  =P

Alright, here are some more pics, these ones are more boring than usual but I was bored and only had a camera to play with.

hanging out with Lisa (an Australian from Melbourne) and Marcelo (Brazilian surfer/stoner). Hmmm... I just noticed that thing on my arm... I wonder what it is
big grasshopper that was peeping inside Lisa's window. Damn pervert.
Everyone has amazing gardens around their house. Brisbane is the greenest place I've seen. This is someone else's house.
Nice tree, no?
this one is also nice...
These fucking ants are all over. I just finished murdering a hundred or so that were coming in through the back door. They like to bite, too. Bastards.
a pretty flower. I am such a flower.
I climbed a tree and sat around waiting for birds to land near me. I got a sweet video of a bird chriping at me from a nearby branch. Great for annoying Chelsea in the morning!
It got really boring waiting in the tree.
The bats started to come out about 20 minutes after this.
Sooooooooooooooooooooooo relaxing.
This is the best I can do to show the bats. It doesn't do any justice, but owell. They don't usually look like blurry blobs.

you found it. lucky you
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