Saturday Feb 18th - Chelsea's Birthday!! - So we're here in Brisbane and its the most amazing place both of us have ever seen. Every corner we turn we find something more amazing and more beautiful. We stumbled upon a manmade beach in the middle of the city! You can just go there and swim and party for free anytime! Everything here is huge! Huge spiders hanging out on trees and power lines all over, huge BATS that come out every dusk. These things are at least 3 foot wingspan, its kind of scary. And while the bats come out, the possums jump from tree to tree (palm trees, baby!). So we're still at the hostile where we started, trying to find a place. We've seen some amazing houses, but the competition is stiff so nothing yet... I'm also hoping to eventually get my luggage... wherever it is... but no worries =P Last night we met up with a girl we met at the airport and got wasted in the "valley". Its a place with a strip of pubs, cafes, clubs, etc. We played some pool with some drunk dudes at an irish pub afterward. Everyone we met told chels she had really nice boobs, and I couldn't help but agree with them. We got some sweet pictures to show you guys, but not until we find a place!!!!!!! Alright, we're hungry and need some greasy food!! Wish us luck, we're looking at three or four places pretty close to the campus later on today. If you want a postcard, sign the guestbook and leave an address! Cheers!!!
Andrew and Chelsea
I have three knees. A left knee, a right knee, and a wee knee. - Andrew

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