That's right -- Rick Cerone sings, in his own inimitible style, a song called "A Long Run Home", written by Carl Henry and Bill Hudak.

Cerone recorded the song in 1982, with his royalties going to victims of the Italian earthquake of that year. He is backed by Henry's and Hudek's group, the Dusty Road Band (no relation to the old New York Giant).

Cerone brings a tender masculinity to this touching rock ballad. His style is straighforward and sincere, yet with a great deal of feeling.

Not since Tony Bennett has there been a vocalist who could interpret a phrase with such subtlety; not since Vic Damone has there been a crooner with such a smooth, gentle delivery; not since Jimmy Roselli has there been a singer who could capture the the essence of "i passioni della vita" with his powerful instrument.

I hope to put the entire song here on this page in mp3 format in the near future. Until then, you can listen to a one-minute clip of the beginning of the song. To hear the clip, call toll-free

then enter

Experience for yourself the indescribable passion of that multitalented, multifaceted superstar, Rick Cerone. Your world will never be the same.

(UPDATE: Unfortunately, the 1-800-555-TELL service has discontinued the feature that allowed the song to be saved. Alas, your world shall remain unrocked.)

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