Planning destination weddings in India.



Organizing a destination wedding can be one of the most exciting experiences couples and their families go through. The idea of having a romantic, exotic wedding is often the dream for many soon-to-be-married couples. However, with India being such a large and diverse country, planning an affordable destination wedding in India can become quite a challenge. To make this task easier for you, we have put together a list of helpful tips to help you plan an affordable destination wedding in India:


1. Research Destination Weddings –

Start your research by learning about all of the popular wedding destinations within India. Read up on each city’s climate, amenities, and attractions to find out which cities best fit your budget and vision for your perfect wedding.


2. Choose Your Venue –

After you’ve decided on the city or region where you’d like to host your destination wedding, start searching for available venues that fit both your needs and budget. Many venues may provide packages or discounts if booked in advance, so keep that in mind while researching!


3. Get Advice from Wedding Planners –

You don’t necessarily need to hire a full-service planner but getting advice from professionals is always helpful when it comes to staying within budget. Reach out to experienced local planners who have experience working with Indian weddings and find out what options they suggest based on your price range and several guests expected at your ceremony.


4. Consider Using Local Vendors –

If you decide against hiring a full-service planner, then use local vendors who are familiar with the region you choose for your destination wedding. Hiring local businesses not only keeps costs down but helps ensure the event will run smoothly without any surprises.


5. Keep Track of Expenses -

As the planning progresses be sure to track all of your expenses carefully so that you don't get overwhelmed come time to pay all bills at once at the end of it all. Take into consideration unexpected expenses as well so that no surprises occur on the day of the big event.

Following are more options while planning a destination wedding in India.

Consider planning your wedding away from peak tourist seasons. This can help find better rates for accommodation and other services required. The best time to organize a destination wedding would be after the monsoon season (October-March) when hotels provide better discounts as the travel season has ended. It’s also beneficial if you select a location where both domestic and international tourists frequent often, as it would make getting great deals much easier.


You should start booking venues early – ideally at least one year before the big day. Keep in mind that even though certain locations may seem out of reach, some attractive package deals may turn up while making inquiries, so don’t forget to ask around! Before settling on any particular venue, try and check out what kind of service quality is being offered, such as food, decoration, lighting and music systems, etc. This will ensure that you get all these services without having to splurge too much money later on.


The wedding invitations should be sent at least two months before the ceremony – this allows plenty of time for everyone invited to confirm their attendance. There are some amazing digital platforms available now that can help save a lot of money by sending digital invites rather than opting for printed versions – plus there’s always room for customization! Furthermore, before ordering things like crockery and décor items en masse online or offline stores, research thoroughly to get good discounts or deals that can lower overall costs significantly.


When deciding on the menu options available, have fun with the local cuisine instead of choosing dishes that your guests may not even enjoy or appreciate fully. Ask caterers to keep meals vegetarian-friendly as most people prefer them due to religious reasons and it’ll also be cheaper than non-veg dishes. If you are looking for an alternative way of having drinks then look into wine barrel hire companies as this way you won’t have to pay extra charges associated with alcoholic beverages consumed overnight time entertainment etc.


Finally, if you wish for something special without going overboard on expenses then enlisting a personal event planner would be beneficial as they can advise and arrange almost everything according to what suits your budget best.




Organizing an affordable destination wedding venue in Nagpur, India requires quite a bit of research but once all factors are considered carefully along with exploring several options available locally, couples will be able to realize their dreams without having to worry about finances becoming overwhelming