Obituary - JIMMY FERNANDEZ (1965 - 1994)

Publication : New Musical Express

JIMMY FERNANDEZ bass player with THE GOD MACHINE died last week suffering a brain haemorrhage after being admitted to Londonís Royal FreeHospita.

He was taken to the hospital suffering from a severe headache and immediately slipped into a coma, and was put on a life-support machine. He did not regain consciousness.

Fellow band members Robin Proper-Sheppard and Ronald Austin said "To try and sum up one personís life seems impossible to us. He always seemed to know what you were thinking and feeling, just as now we are sure he is standing over us saying "Guys, donít make life so hard on yourselves". That was the sort of person Jimmy was with everyone.

"Jimmy absolutely loved life and had such a positive attitude that made everyone around him so happy to be part of his life. He believed that no matter what tragedy should befall one or what pain lies hidden beneath the surface, you are never alone. This love of everyone and everything is how we think that Jimmy would have wanted to be remembered."

Fernandez was born in Los Angeles and grew up in San Diego where, with childhood friends Sheppard and Austin, he formed The God Machine. The band moved to London in 1990, signing to Fiction Records in 1991, releasing three EPís and an album "Scenes from the Second Storey". They had recently completed a new album which will be released later this year.

Jimmy Fernandezís funeral will takeplace in San Diego next week.

Transcribed by Andy Otter ([email protected])
06 September 1996

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