Outer Limits (5.10b/c) Cookie Cliff; Yosemite
Doug Sprock on Red Zinger (5.11d) Cookie Cliff, Yosemite
Climbing at Cookie, Yosemite

Yosemite/Tuolumne Page
Bouldering: The Hulk; Sad Boulders; Bishop, Ca
Shelley leading Exasperator (p1: 5.10a, p2: 5.10d)

Shelleys Page
Smith Rocks: Oregon

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I find it funny when I hear people classify rock climbing by trad, sport, bouldering or whatever. For me its about the experience of moving over rock, the smell of the pine trees, the sights from the routes and the jokes among friends. I remember the smells of the pines on my first climbing trip 27years ago. I now call Yosemite home, but after 3 years of driving into the Valley, I never get tired of the views and the sights.
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