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Mixed Climbing: Shagadelic (M7)  in Haffner Creek, BC (which gets easier every year due to abuse.)
The ice climbing in Canada is like rock climbing in Yosemite; mecca. The ice is big, diverse and beautiful. It can be sheets of ice as wide as football fields, or pillars of ice requiring the delicate touch of a dancer, or discontinuous smears of ice and rock. The ice tends to be technical with chandeliers and sometimes sun-baked after a Chinook. Some of the best places (in my own uninformed opinion which may change with more trips in the upcoming years) to go are the Ghost, Ice Fields Parkway or just a fun day of mixed cragging at Haffner Creek . But  looking out at the Stanley Headwall it looks like a place I'd like to explore in upcoming trips.
Swimming for dropped gear
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