These are some of the best Rotary pages I have found on the net!

  • Information, Forums, and Communication for Mazda Rotary Pickups

  • RX-7 Club Forum Very large forum.

  • Mazspeed First Gen club.

  • RX-7 and Rotary forum.

  • The REPU Guru Great REPU page.

  • Rx5 CENTRAL Great Cosmo page.

  • FELIX'S PLACE! Felix Miata's great rotary resource.

  • Rotary Engine Illustrated Blake Qualley's nicely put together site.

  • Atkins Rotary Home of the Camden Supercharger for the rotary engine.

  • Yaw Power Products Great porting info. Modified carbs.

  • 20B powered Cosmos!

  • Mazdatrix

  • Racing Beat

  • Hurley Engineering Ltd

  • Craig's Rotary Page This site has some of the best rotary engine info on the web, if not the best! The mirror site sometimes goes down from too much traffic, but it's where the pics are kept. Try it if you need to see Craig's rotary pics.

  • Rotary top 150 (your site may still be able to get listed here).

  • The Rotary Top50


  • Magnus Berglund's Home Page 20B

  • The RXX-7 Homepage 20B

  • Rob's 20B powered HB Cosmo Sedan 20B

  • Rotary Hydrogen Engine

  • Rotary Engine Applet (java)

  • Reuleax Triangle (java)

  • Howstuffworks "How Rotary Engines Work"

  • Rotary Combustion Engines (this page makes my computer lock up sometimes).

  • MazWag's Mazda and Rotary Web Pages RX-323

  • The Round & Round Not Up & Down Page

  • Mazda Rotary Webring

  • MG12a Project

  • Rotary-MG_Home 13B 6-port GSL-SE Mazda Rotary Engine installation into a 1965 MG Midget

  • Datsun 510 Rotary Engine Conversion

  • Aircraft Rotary Engines Pretty cool, and don't forget to read this article: The incredible Mazda wankel rotary aircraft engine.



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