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In the late 90's Charm City Suicides emerged as one of
the most celebrated and hardest working combos to come
from Baltimore, Md.'s underground scene. While it
would not be wholly innaccurate to describe their
sound as hardcore, garage, or punk, their effort came
together not in reverence for any specific tradition,
but rather from a dedication to minimalism and an
urgent need to express their most honest feelings
about romance, food, nature, and physical fitness.

The music of Charm City Suicides defies placement in
time, sounding neither retro nor modern, yet flirting
with both. If comparisons are neccesary their music
certainly has something to do with The Locust and
Arab On Radar, The Shaggs and The Seeds, The Stooges
and Black Flag. It also has alot to do with Baltimore,
the politics of lust, and the changing of the seasons.

Charm City Suicides, above all, loved to bring their
explosive and unpredictable live show to as many
people as possible with an emphasis on all-ages and
benefit shows. CCS shared the stage with bands ranging
from Mastodon to The Convocation Of..., from
Superchunk to Love Life, from Page 99
to Arab On Radar.

The Suicides had all known each other for about eight
years and had all been playing in bands in the
Baltimore, Md. area for about the same amount of time
prior to forming CCS.

In the 5+ years of their existence the group played an
incalculable number of shows within the mid-east coast
area of the U.S.(Maryland, Pennsylvania, D.C.,
Virginia, NYC, and in New York state).
Later they immortalized their self-described
'Basement Violence' approach to music and performance
through a series of extremely raw home recordings, and
two national tours. The first of these tours occurred
in the summer of 2000 and lasted a month and half,
while their second and last tour happened over a month
long period during the summer of 2002. Between and
before these two treks the band experienced sporadic
line up changes which greatly halted progress in both
their ability to record/write new material and
maintain a consistent touring schedule.

Due to creative differences Charm City Suicides split
up in November 2002 leaving in their wake a slew of
outrageous live shows, powerful vinyl/c.d. recordings,
and loyal fans and supporters through out the
d.i.y. music community.


Though Charm City Suicides are gone for good memories of their unique Basement Violence spectacle endure, so consequently CCS lead singer Mike Apichella and CCS roadie Cory Davolos started the Baths Of Power label with the intent of keeping the band's output availible thru posthumously releasing and promoting records by CCS as well as releases from related groups within the Baltimore area d.i.y. scene, and the work of artists from outside this scene who have close ties to it.

Far from being "burnt out" by the years touring and performing with CCS, all the ex-members of Charm City Suicides (except for bassist and FOUNDING member Walker Stump-Coale) have formed new projects since the break up of CCS. All of them play in styles similar to, and/or influenced by their earlier Basement Violence material. These include Human Host featuring Mike Apichella, Ecomomist featuring (last CCS bassist) Brad Smith, both Double Dagger & Boyfriends And Girlfriends featuring Brian Dubin (last CCS guitarist), Equus featuring Chris Johnson (2nd CCS drummer), The Dawning Fears featuring John Browning (1st CCS drummer/creator of the name 'Charm City Suicides'), The Miss featuring Damir Marusic (4th CCS drummer), and the rapping of Bow And Arrow(a.k.a. Mickey Freeland - 3rd CCS drummer).



'Green Blood' 7" e.p. on Baths Of Power - January 2000

'Blood Beat' compilation 7" e.p. on Blood Beat
featuring one CCS track - February 2000

'The Supersonic Sounds Of The Fuck You Movement'
compilation c.d. on CNP Records featuring one CCS
August 2001

'(self titled)' vinyl l.p. on Vermin Scum
October 2001

'(self titled)' c.d. on Youth Attack Records
(this is the c.d. version of the Vermin Scum release
and features vastly different art than the vinyl
version, but all the same music) August 2002

'II' c.d. on Baths Of Power - November 2002

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