Welcome to the hideout of the Capone's Eagles Mafia.

Disclaimer: This is not a real mafia. This is a mafia primarily based in the Roblox game Jailbreak.

Important News: The Capone's Eagles Mafia is at war. Read more below.

War is declared. We are fighting a war against a Roblox player called knightguard30. We are going all out to make his life absolutely horrible and hopefully forever extinguish him from the Roblox platform. He has a couple of friends who were with him when I declared war. Their names are Urban86Panthers and IMTHAILISA_BTS555 . The IMTHAILISA person seems to be a little better than knight, she broke me out of handcuffs that he put me in multiple times. However, wage this war. Make knight and his friends' lives miserable. Make the Capone's Eagles proud. And most importantly..., tell him we sent you. He dismissed our threats to him in game, so please do make sure he knows that they were real threats and that we are going to stop at nothing.

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