Cami Elizz Freee Burd Design

Introduction to Freee Burd Design

cami elizzHello, I am Cami Elizz of Free Burd Design. I am the one who is free. A young burd, an old burd a woman. Welcome to my portfolio. I am a graphic designer of all sorts. I made this web page to present my skills. First, take a look at my web design skills. This page in not just some template. I crafted each page to showcase my graphic design and HTML5 abilities. I love this stuff. I have experience working with graphic design in many different ways. As a graphic designer for a real estate agency, I worked from concept to roll out on many marketing campaigns and advertisements. Zone specific mailers, creating the postcards, social media ad campaigns, events for clients, holiday gifting, presentation packets, social media content, photographing the properties, video slide shows of the properties, google business, SEO for our web page, google ad campaigns, as well as sign and banners. I also managed the social media content for the organic following for an Orthodontic office. I implemented a photo booth in the office using our hashtag to enter to win a prize. Also, for google reviews they were entered to win a prize. We had iPads and gift cards for the winner. The person who won got a spotlight on our social media. We joined parades and sponsored local schools. With the insurance agency I made employee presentations for our weekly team meetings. I made an incentive plan to win trips when goals were reached. I made their logo and produced merch with that. The merch was hats, stickers, balloons and shirts. We held health fair events and passed out balloons to all. We also gave merch packets to people who signed up. I created social media content for our organic following. To gain more following I made a Facebook group advertising local business to create more networking. Graphic design and marketing go hand in hand. The field of creativity is the ability to wear whatever hat is needed at the time. In the purely graphic design sector, I have made logos for construction company, carpet cleaning company, photographers and a music artist. The construction company wanted t-shirts for their employees. The music artist also asked for a t-shirt design to sell at concerts. I have done napkins, menus and packaging for a sandwich company. I have done so many different things and they all are based off my foundation in art. I am at my heart an artist. I have an eye for design of all kinds. So go enjoy my portfolio. Tell me what you think. Bonsoir!