Before a church can be revived.....


7 Signs We Need Revival


1.  We have lost our first love.  We are going through the motions of what we are supposed to be doing, but we have lost our passion.  We do it because it is expected of us not from a heart of love for God.


2.  When we are apathetic about the things of God.  When the church does something new and we speak negatively about the change.  “We tried that before and it didn’t work.” Or “it’s just another program.”  If try and fail was a litmus test, then we would never have another sermon or song service either.  I am sure there have been times they failed. 


3.  When we regret sinning, but don’t repent from sin.


4. When we no longer have an urgent sense for evangelism. (unknown reference source)


5.  When we no longer read our Bibles or Bible study becomes boring.  We need to have a hunger and a thirst for the Word of God or else we need revival.


6.  When the world can’t tell that we are Christians, because we live like they do.


7.  When we are content with things the way they are and don’t want change.  We are content and don’t want to change the status quo.



Before a church can be revived, the individuals in the church must be revived.  Before a nation can be revived its people must be revived.  This means you and I must experience revival prior to our church or country getting revived.  Revival is all about you making your life all about Him! 



We can always look at others and say how do we get them to do something in the church, but first we need to examine ourselves.  When starting a fire do you try to light a large area at first or do light different spots and allow the fire to spread to the large area?  As we seek God’s fire of revival, let’s each commit to being the starting points.






2nd Chronicles 7:14


“If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways.”


Haggai 1:5 “Now therefore thus saith the LORD of hosts; Consider your ways.”


1.  Humility

2.  Pray

3.  Seek God’s face

4.  Repent from sin.



‘Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up.’

We must get rid of our pride and our selfish desires.  Before we will ever get revived ourselves we need to humble ourselves.    Humility involves laying aside our desires to remain comfortable.  “He must increase, but I must decrease.” John 3:30


 I have heard people say that there are people in this church that are apathetic.  Apathy to the things of God is not good.  God wants us to be either hot or cold, but not lukewarm. Rev 3:15,16  I think if we all get hot with the fire of revival, then that is the best choice.  People are naturally resistant to change, but change is what God requires before He will bless. 


·        Abraham had to leave his home in Ur, before God would bless him

·        Moses had to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt

·        Noah had to move into an Ark out of a house


We must be willing to allow God to change us.   We must allow God to live the Christian life through us.  “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13 the other side of that is “without Him I can do nothing” as the song says.  The Bible tells us to not quench the Holy Spirit. I Thess 5:19  As each of us in this church seeks God to start the revival in them, let’s not be the one who quenches the Holy Spirit.  If we humble ourselves before God, then we will let Him have full control of us and that requires us to change.




True revivals are preceded by prayer. 


Five young college students were spending a Sunday in London, so they went to hear the famed C.H. Spurgeon preach. While waiting for the doors to open, the students were greeted by a man who asked, "Gentlemen, let me show you around. Would you like to see the heating plant of this church?" They were not particularly interested, for it was a hot day in July. But they didn't want to offend the stranger, so they consented. The young men were taken down a stairway, a door was quietly opened, and their guide whispered, "This is our heating plant." Surprised, the students saw 700 people bowed in prayer, seeking a blessing on the service that was soon to begin in the auditorium above. Softly closing the door, the gentleman then introduced himself. It was

none other than Charles Spurgeon.”[4]


The Second Great Awakening was preceded by the Haystack Prayer meeting.  The Great Awakening was preceded by prayer, also.  Great revivals come as God’s people humble themselves and pray.


Seek God’s face


We must seek God’s face.  When we see God for who He is, we will see how far we fall short.  When we compare ourselves with God’s Holiness, we see ourselves for what we truly are.  The shortcomings in our lives become evident and we see our need for repentance. "Can two walk together, except they be agreed?"—Amos 3:3.  If we want to walk with God, then we must be in agreement that He is the Lord and we are His servants.  He is our Master.





Revival starts with repentance; a humbling of ourselves and totally committing to Christ the Lord.  Since revival starts with repentance let’s look at what we are repenting or turning from.  The one thing that keeps us out of the will of God is sin.  And repentance from sin is the starting point in our walk with God.  Whether it’s repentance at salvation; when you repent of sin and place your faith in Christ or whether it is when after falling out of favor with God you repent from sin.  Repentance from sin and asking God’s forgiveness starts a new and a fresh walk with God.  God does not bless sin.


“Repentance is not only remorse.  It is a change of mind and heart about sin and righteousness and about Christ.”[5]


“then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”


Promises if we do the first four things, then God will


1.  Hear from heaven

2.  Forgive our sin

3.  Heal our land


If we want God to bless America or our church, then we need to pray that God sends revival to our hearts first.







[5] John Piper, Brothers, We Are Not Professionals, (Nashville: Broadman & Holman Publishers, 2002), 119.



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