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In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful.

I am Tavir Iqbal. I was born in a town named "Qaimpur" situated near Bahawalpur (city in Pakistan) on 28th of november 1967. I have 4 elder brothers, 2 elder and 2 younger sisters. I was fond of playing football in my childhood, I had often used to play cricket, had also collected the match boxes, postel tickets, cruncy nots and Coins. Due to being interested in electronics I had also designed a radio and a tape recorder. During my school life I was cosidered as a good scout and had also gotten a best cadit sheild in my college.

I was totallay an ignorant like so called-muslims although I had born in a muslim family, had doing shave, to wear jeans, smoking, listening music and many more, sometime used to pray "Salats".

At the begining of 1987 it happened to go library for the purpose to prepare examination, there were alot of books to whom I had to studied after being bored to my course books, there for the first time I came accros to the books regarding to the holy prophet Muhammad (saw), the books of "Ahadiths", for the first time I had realized that my life is going to be changed. I had knew that the real attemption is to prepare ourselves for the goal "the life after death".

After being introduced to my real goal, for the three years there was a time that I had spent to going library for studying Qur'aan with its translation and the books of Ahadith, I had also knew that without doing deeds the "Elm" (Qur'aan and Sunnah) has no benifits, thats why the Colours of Islam had changed my own personality in my appearance and inner too.

And had decided to make the truth, the fairness, the wisedom and the love for the couse of Allah (swt), the ingredient and basic elements of my life togather. The lairs and the selfishs were the most hated persons before me. After adopting the new life pattern by making the Muhamamd (saw) as an ideal personality I had decided to not doing the disobey of Allah (swt). Its not possible to be and angel or a man with no mistakes but its possible to recognise and declair our mistakes, like Adem (as) rather than satan and seek firgivness to Allah (swt).

The whole environment of my home was quite sad and disapointed because there were none of any body ready to hear a single word related to the Deen-al-Islam, even no one was ready to being with me, in my family the veil system was too poor, the TV, VCR and music intruments were totallay allowed there. After alot of my father lectures it happened to me to say good bye home, and starting to live with one of my friend in his hostel. Except the true feelings of love I hremain in touch with my parents and others, during those days I had met with alot of works like a sales man, poltiry shop and saled out milk shake and soop.

At the end of the year 1989 I had practicipated in the bettle of Aghanistan, during remained there I had knew that there were super powers in the back of this so-called jihad, and its not a bettle between kufr and Islam but a war to gain the recourses of human need. After that I was in Kashmir but soon came back due to the whole situation had also been going there.

After disappointing all these frads I came back to Pakistan in 1992, and introduce with a skill of keys making. I found it good for earning purposes because of its cheap investment and a work with my own hands.

At the begining of 1993 I got marrige, she was already got a marrige but failed, now, Alhamdulillah we are happy and had promised to never leave alone to each other. Alhamdulillah we are performing our best with a simplicity with out any demand be selected before marriage not also any non-Islamic custums had adopted, even our "Valima" ceremony had took place in a mosque. Now we are parents having 5 boys and 2 girls.

The years were passing but a Muslim inside me was unsatisfied with the whole situation, it was feeling that we are not completing our responsibilities. The most of the living creature had forgotten their promises which they had to make with Allah (swt), and has lost in the colours of worlds. so I decided to call the people to their Lord Allah (swt), I decided to serve none but Allah (swt) alone. I was to the non-believer and mushriks not to disbeleive or not to make partners in Allah's (swt) attributes and His own personality, and to the people which were participating in the Sects (like Hanafi, Shafie, Malaki, Hambali, Shia and Ahlul-hadith etc.) must leave their parties and geographical boundries ( like pakistani, irani, iraqi and saudi ect.) and must join to become an Ummah-tul-Wahida, must be raised the Allah's (swt) falg.

I had also knew that to hope from these country's leader are quite unneccessory because they all are members of "UNO" council (which is an organisation for the rights of kuffars) and had adopted its systems and beleifs in all feilds of the country and their courts as a system of life. The religious scholars and ulamas are fighting to each other because of their self made beleifs, not also we can adopt that Islam as taliban had in the past, because Allah (swt) wanted to us to believe with our own free wills.

Therefore we should follow the way of Allah's (swt) apostle Muhamamd (saw) to whom Allah (swt) has made his personality a Leader and a Symbol of life, Muhamamd (saw) called for the purpose "The oneness of Allah (swt)" the people had become his companions which had been cruled by the Taghoot. Fearing of Allah and the unity of their companians were the elements for breakout a great revolution. Peace and the dreams of sympathy came true.

The promises of Allah (swt) are quite same today, for this right purpose Allah (swt) hepled and unite us with the brother of same beleifs. On Islamic behalf we have organised ourselves, we are totallay separated with any Sects or Parties, and we dont follow any fiqhi-imam, or any religion regarding to this. Alhamdulillah we used to say ourselves "Muslims" only and practice upon it by following Qur'aan and Sunnah "the authority which had revealed". We just want to follow the path upon which Prophet had performed himself and had also told us.

In many countries at the same time our brother and sisters are quick in their Islamic acts, we invite people to listen friday's sermon. we arrange Dars-e-Qur'aan, also have started to meet with the people indiviualy. We also want to arrange lectures for learning purposes separately, also to built schools in which our childrens have to become a good Muslim.

Allah (swt) had created life partners for their living matters, they are helper hands and friends to each others, my wife is a very hard worker lady, she loves to her childrens and his hubby, but she is not a well educated, therefor she cannt help me in my Islamic activities so that I think for a second wife because our prophet had performed marriages for many purposes. I dont like to talk with ladies but only for these matters. Therefore if any sister do agree with my thoughts and want to got marriage must help me in these matters. And I know that Allah chooses to him/her to whom He wants for His own work.

I know that I am not a wealthy but I beleive that I have a true faith on Allah (swt), I am very hopefull to my Lord Allah (swt) that He will help us. When I had left my home there was nothing to have, but now i have my own job, home and a wife and kids, inspite of all this dont forget that the real peace and happiness is to obeying Allah alone not in a wealth and a fame, if it's then the richs and famous persons should not sucide.

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