October 23, 1327

(1) These reprobates dare to affirm that that which we read in the Gospel of St. Matthew (xvii. 27) how He paid tribute to Caesar when He bade them give to those who demanded the half-shekel the coin taken from the fish's mouth, He did not out of condescension and pious liberality but under compulsion of necessity; in flat contradiction to the teaching of the Gospel and the doctrine of our Saviour.

(2) These sons of Belial presume to affirm that the blessed Apostle Peter had no more authority than the other Apostles had, and was not the head of the other Apostles: and, further, that Christ appointed no head of the Church, nor made anyone His Vicar; which is entirely contrary to evangelical and apostolic truth.

(3) These sons of Belial fear not to assert that, as respects the Emperor, the Pope has no authority to appoint him, or to depose and punish him: which is clean contrary to all law.--Further let those plaguey fellows read the approved histories and tell us of any Catholic Pope having ever been instituted by the Emperor. We believe that they will never be able to find one.

(4) Those vain, or rather lying, talkers say that all priests, whether pope, archbishop or simple priest, are by Christ's appointment equal in authority and jurisdiction; that, in so far as one has more than another, this is according as the Emperor has conceded to one or another either more or less; and that as he concedes to one, so he may withdraw it, such doctrines as these are contrary to the truth, and smack of heretical pravity.


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