3 Ways Smoking Weed Can Improve Your Relationship

Are you looking for a way to improve your relationship? Smoking weed can be a great activity for couples. If both you and your partner are adventurous, it’s definitely something you may want to consider.

By CannabudPost - Online Dispensary Canada  


Although smoking by yourself can be very relaxing and fun, you should consider the option of smoking with a partner. Weed and romance are a really great mix, and this herb can really bring your relationship to another level. You can try anything from smoking different strains with your partner to gobbling down some edibles and watching a movie together. You’d be surprised at just how amazing the entire experience can be.


It’s so amazing that many people have recommended it. If you are on the fence about sharing this experience with a loved one, here are 3 ways that smoking weed can improve your relationship.

#1. Less Stress

With so many financial, work and familial obligations floating around us every day, it can be difficult to relax. Stress in relationships is a common phenomenon, and it can rear its ugly head through conflicts and hurtful words.


Many people who are dealing with stressful events in other parts of their life may bring the stress into their relationships, and this is where weed comes in handy. Instead of having tense conversations from a stressful, anxious day, weed can really bring your stress levels down, so you have more of an ability to enjoy the time that you spend with your partner. 


By smoking pot together, you’re both much less likely to sweat the small stuff, and will be able to put other things aside when having quality time together.

#2. Better Conversations

Have you ever noticed that you feel a lot more open and chatty when you smoke weed? A lot of marijuana smokers will claim that they’ve had some of their best conversations while high. And, do you know what brings relationships closer? Good conversation.


Smoking weed can enhance your creativity and lower your inhibitions, so you can have much better and more insightful conversations that make you feel a lot closer to your partner. You might be willing to ask and answer some personal questions that can really help your partner better understand you as a person.


Studies have also shown that smoking cannabis can really encourage some intimate talk therapy in the bedroom. Many couples will feel like they are able to talk about the things that are bothering them without taking them too seriously. And, let’s be honest here. A lot of people crave that deep connection and intimacy. Smoking weed can really help bring romantic partners closer together and break down barriers and obstacles that were previously in the way.

#3. Heightened Sexual Pleasure

Last but not least, new studies have indicated that smoking weed may really help heighten sexual pleasure and spice things up in the bedroom, so get ready for the best sex that you’ve ever had in your life. Good connections in the bedroom will naturally lead to better connections outside as well.


But, how does marijuana do all this? It makes your body a lot more sensitive to stimuli. Some studies have also suggested that this miracle drug could be nature's aphrodisiac, so it can be a natural remedy for those who may be struggling with low libido. 


In fact, these studies have shown that 50% of participants experienced aphrodisiac effects after smoking weed. 70% of participants reported enhanced sexual pleasure and satisfaction. With that said, we don't know exactly how cannabis is able to achieve these toe-curling results. It's likely a combination of psychological, neurological and biological systems working together.


Another thing to note is that it can also increase post-sex relaxation, which really brings everything together. It just makes everything feel a lot better. Best of all, it doesn’t matter what cannabis strains you smoke. Different strains will have different effects on one’s body. It really depends on your physiological state. A strain that works for you might not necessarily work for your partner, so if you don’t think that a certain marijuana strain was able to give you that toe-curling effect that you dreamed of having, try again with some else. 

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