This is the official Johhny Abbot's Sexy Adventures (the remake) project homepage. Here at Bulma we've decided to remake all the old games using the new engine so the games, which had a strong plot and an envolving game play, have a good design level also. On first stages we only wanted to remake JASA 1 because the original never was released and we considered interesting for the players to know the very beginning of the story, but now we've decided do convert (and finish!) JASA 2 so it has sound and music and better graphics.

1. The Remaking Team
2. What will change?
3. How do we work
4. Working In Progress
5. Latest Screenshots
6. Download Section

The "remaking team"

Well, I dunno if I must call it "team":

  • Clarita: Plot, Code, Gfx, Music and Sound
  • JJ: English translation, beta testing.
  • Nathan: G.U.I. and font routines.
Would you like to join the team? Email me.
What will change?

The graphics are completely being reworked and some "actresses" have been replaced. The main replacement has been done with María, in fact, I decided to remake the games 'cause I didn't like the girl which was "playing" maría in the game at all.The new maría is much more attractive, I think:

This is María in the original JASA1
And this is the new "actress"

Compare these screenshot (from the original JASA1 and from the new one). They're showing the same situation. Note the difference? (and... do you understand why I never released this one?)...

This is the Hotel Soho Main Hall in the original JASA 1

This is the reworked Hotel Soho Main Hall (maybe you saw it in Suds Demo)

And this is the Central Salon in the original JASA 1

And here you are the brand new workout

Another thing added is sound and music support. The new engine uses VOCs and MIDis to create a better athmosphere.

Also this game includes the G.U.I. coded by nathan, just like Talez and JASA 2 Part 2 old.
How do we work

We are doing remakes. This is easier than doing a complete game from scratch 'cause the plot (a very difficult part to make) is written yet. So all I have to do is:

  • Look for girls in my library and choose the most appropiate pics for each character
  • Convert the pictures (crop, resize, mount, cut... etc etc etc) so they can be used in the game.
  • Draw the backdrops.
  • Look for MIDI and rearrange them and/or compose MIDIs from scratch.
  • "Generate" the sound efects ;-).
  • Plan the game logic on paper:

This mess is just game logic on paper ;-)
  • Code the game.
  • Test the game.
  • Repair the ten thousand bugs.
  • back to top.
Working in Progress
  • September 25, 2001: JASA 1 The remake finished. I'll upload it tonight. JASA 2 remake is now at a very early stage of development (I have redrawn 5 pictures! WOW!)
Latest Screenshots
  • September 25, 2001: These are the latest gfx reworked for JASA 2 Part 1 The Remake, one shot of María on the beach and another one in her bedroom:
  • September 24, 2001: We still have to solve a few issues before we release JASA 1 The Remake. Until then, here you are a nice screenshot:
Download Section

Click here to download Johnny Abbot's Sex Adventures I (The Remake)


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