The government considers the price of Bitcoin to be too high.

Hence the law was issued to regulate the prices.

Now you can buy and sell Bitcoin at the official price of $1000 using this official exchange:


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Rules to be applied:

  1. All Bitcoin exchange operations within the country can only be performed via this official exchange.
  2. To perform any exchange operation you need to register with your passport or government issued ID.
  3. Any peer-to-peer exchange operations (even between relatives and close kin) will be prosecuted by fines and prison sentence.
  4. Import and export of Bitcoin to/from the country is illegal and will be prosecuted (fine or prison sentence).
  5. Every Transfer of Bitcoin within the country is only possible with government permission letter - submit the form at your local city office.
  6. Non-approved transfers will be prosecuted.
  7. Keep the invoices for all operations. Posessing Bitcoin without valid purchase invoice is considered illegal and will be prosecuted.