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Hello and welcome to Beautiful-Sound, Ashley and Jessica's fanlistings collective. This is the place where we list all the fanlisting that we own as well as those that we have joined. Please bare with us, this is a work in progress. All fanlistings here are approved by The Fanlistings Network.


19 August 2007

We have closed 5 fanlistings. We're really sad about it but we just couldn't maintain them anymore. Go to the closed section to see which ones. We skipped the whole adoption process so if anyone wants to run them please go to The Fanlistings Network and apply.

1 January 2008

We are just full of news today!

The new layout is up, yay! We think it's super cute. We hope you like it. The Dave Annable (actors) and Jubebug (movies) fanlistings have recently been open, so go check them out if you havn't already. We have one new upcoming fanlisting, Julianne Hough from Dancing with the Stars. And also, we just noticed that the contact form on the site has not been working properly. If you contacted us through that form and have not recieved a response that means we probably did not recieve it. So please, please, please send us another one. The problem is now fixed so it should work. We are so sorry for any inconvenience. Happy new year people. Be blessed.

30 November 2007

We have two new upcoming fanlistings: Junebug (movies) and Dave Annable (actors). We're super excited that we got approved for them! Be on the lookout for their official opening.

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