Website Idea - Brook's Buddies Kids Club

Summary - This website is purely a representation of DSU Athletics' kids club. As athletics focus more and more on our younger fans this website will be a more exciting, convenient, and exclusive website to host the Brook's Buddies Kids Club.

Content - This website will contain a summary of the club, a sign up page, social media, it will be kid friendly with kid resources and fun opportunities.

Competition - There is no real competition in terms of a website for a university athletics kids club. Most school athletics, like Dixie, just have a page on their athletics website that has a cute graphic or logo of their kids club with a page full of info about the club itself. Schools generally stick with their school brand colours. Competition is limited as it is down to community involvment and support. if they live locally they are more like to get involved in this type of club rather than support or being apart of a schools kids club further away.

Purpose - Users should care about this website because it is simply for the convenience of our fans and their famillies. As an athletic department we are trying to zone in on certain target audiences and the youth are a big part of our fan experience and giving them exclusive access to games, events, as well as free swag creates a fan for the ages. This website will give kids and/or the parents the idea that we as a department truly care about them as well as elevate their fan experience.

Desired Results - The goal of the site is to traffic users to it to become mebers of the kids club, in turn supporting and helping fund part of our athletics department.

Target Audience - Our initial target audience is for kids aged 1-12, but also their parents as well as they are the ones who will be required to thouroughly use our site to learn more information and sign up.