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Occupational Therapist in ludhiana
Sometimes it is difficult or impossible to cure disability. Then the only option left with individual is to learn to live with disability. Occupation therapy does teach individual with disability to live life fullest. Occupational therapist help individual to learn skills to do daily tasks by managing their disability and improving skills.
Locomotor Disability Treatment in Ludhiana
Locomotor disability means restricted movement of arms or legs. Children with locomotor disability have limited movement due to limited movement of legs. They might have difficult grip. There are large number of causes of locomotor disability. Usually locomotor disability is associated with disease like polio, arthritis etc or some kind of recent injury might have cause it.
Dyslexia Treatment in Ludhiana
Dyslexia is learning disorder which effect your reading, writing, spelling etc. Kids with dyslexia have equal IQ just like normal children but they do have trouble in connecting words and letters to make meaningful sentences. Dyslexia is quite common in children and found in about 10-20 percent of children. For most children symptoms of dyslexia are often mild and parents often oversee it.
Autism Treatment in Ludhiana
Autism is development disorder of Children. Autism is called development disorder because symptoms usually appear with growth of child. Some of the major symptoms of autism are abnormal body posture and abnormal way of talking, delay in speech and understanding others, abnormal behavior, isolation, repetitive movements etc.


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