Website Idea - Savannah Stevens Photos

Summary - This will be a website for my friend who is a photograper. It will be a site were customers can see her library of photos and contact her.

Content - The site will have a little biography and a collection of her photos. I plan on getting these photos from her

Competition - Jostyln Photos: I like the tabs to other pages at the top. The overall layout was easy to use. I didn't like how much scrolling was on the home page.

Lexie Mikayle Photography: I liked the simpicty of her page. I Also like the different pictures that scrolled through on the home page. Easy to use and simple.

Purpose - This site will allow users to see the different pictures that Savannah takes and give them a way to contact her.

Desired Results - The end result will be for users to contact and hire Savannah as their photograper

Target Audience - The site will mostly be used by those in southern Utah. The targe audience will be 18-30 year olds looking for a photograper for any occasion.