How Fast Can One Lose Weight?

Everyone that wants to lose weight is keen on achieving their weight loss goals fast. They lack the required patience and as a result they look for the weight loss strategies that offer the fastest results. Some weight loss programs promise that weight loss could be achieved in just two weeks and others in just seven days. The question is whether these promises are real and how long does one really need to lose weight.

We cannot possibly have a one blanket answer that fits for all. Some people would want to lose 30kgs and others just 5kgs and so that weight loss goals of no two people are the same. Moreover, no two people’s lifestyle is the same. The time taken to lose weight therefore varies from person to person. However, what is evident from the experience of many is that one cannot produce sustainable weight loss results in a week or two. So if you are following any fad diets with the intention of losing weight in just two weeks or ten days, you might want to reconsider your choices and get in touch with the best dietician Mumbai has to offer.

You should set interim goals when you are trying to lose weight. If you want to lose 20kgs, you will have to set an interim goal of 2kgs first so that you are able to achieve that goal and feel motivated. Moreover, the time you set to lose that 2kgs should be a reasonable time frame. Set the second interim goal for the next 3kgs followed by the markers of 10, 15 and 20kgs. Instead of thinking of losing 20kgs in one shot, when you break the goals into a number of interim goals, you will be able to handle the entire journey better. You will be able to keep track of your progress and you will also feel motivated as you see yourself progressing.

When you are setting your interim goals, you should consult the best nutritionist Mumbai has to offer so that they could assist you in setting the right time frames for your interim goals. They will also provide you with a customized diet program to follow to achieve your goals. This will be a more scientific approach to weight loss instead of just fixing some random deadlines for yourself and eating some random food. You will have to work regularly on your weight loss goals and wait patiently for your body to respond. This is where many people make mistakes. They try to look for quick fixes and join two weeks weight loss programs. If you want to maintain a healthy weight for your life then you need to take a more stable and sustainable approach instead of asking how fast you could lose weight.

If you take the right efforts and be consistent with your efforts, results will certainly show. Find the right dietician to work with because you will need the support of a weight loss professional.