fractal music sequencer basic startup guide

  • Open a parameters settings file in ZynAddSubFx. A good one to try is from myzynpatches/settings3.xmz

    fractal sequencer

    You need something like this to draw explorers in so he is pink at 1. start

    1. start( hit start in the masterbpm control

    2. turn on the metro banger the left one goes to the 4 notemakers the one on the right goes to the drum sequencer

    3-12. in the note maker

    (A)select a channel(I use the outside ones for drums ch 10.

    (B)Select pattern(s) for markov rest no checks=no note allchecks=alwayson

    (C) select drum mode for the drum notemakers

    13th level

    select room and click pd room once in the room you can hit ctrl+e and drag the yellow canvas to control the music

    Alternatively you can unselect room

    and open pdapplet/mandelbrot.html and click inside the fractal to control the music or just drag the big yellow sliders

    you can leave pd room open and watch the orbits

    adjust scale to extend or shrink melody range , adjust offset to raise or lower

    adjust scale to extend or shrink melody range , adjust offset to raise or lower

    here are the original instructions

    the modulators control parameters of ZynAddSubFx, the top ones shouuld be standard and work with other synths

    The iterator you can control MAG and numits. jon=julia(not working) bxon=burningshipx byon=burningshipy


    BeatReset checked=reset on numits or bailout

    BeatChange checked=changebeat on numits or bailout

    uncheck BeatChange and put yor own beat in the checkboxes

    BeatBox should be self explanatory(bug)- uncheck beatchange and beatreset to turn off completely

    Here's a youtube video of some of my fractal music … ture=plcp. to hear more click on my name and check out the burningship vids. all were done with pd and zynaddsubfx.

    I uploaded my fractal music maker patch if u get the time to try it out, it just outputs midi, the bpm control is global and works for syncing if u want to chain from a recorder, i use the 2 outers as drums and u dont get no sound till u hit start and select channels and toggle the rests - all 3 equals no rest(markov) if u turn on the room and go in(pd room) hit ctrl e to drag c around or whatever edit mode is on your machine.. … oh yeah the most recent is fractalmusic.pd except i have one that works with udp and a javascript fractal i'm still working on zooming and switching fractals. julia is not julia yet but bshipx and bshipy are.

    oh yeah underneath start are 2 thingamjigs that send metro , the left is for everything but the far right dmachine. the right is for dmachine(unselsect the 2 yellow toggles above dmachine to turn it off all the way) u can send the 4 channels out to your hardware synths. I wouldn't mess with the dmachine at first till you get everything going, I don't like it with this stuff anyways but it's there.