The Early Women Writers of Science Fiction

Here are some rather early women writers of science fiction
I guess you could say it all started With Mary Shelley!
Hmmm...or was it "just" Gothic? You decide!

MARY SHELLEY, Frankenstein (1818); The Last Man (1826)
"Transformation" (1824); "Valerius: The Reanimated Roman" (1819);
"Roger Dodsworth: The Reanimated Englishman" (1826); "The Mortal Immortal";
and other short fiction

Jane Loudon, The Mummy: A Tale of the Twenty-Second Century (1827)
Mary Griffith, "Three Hundred Years Hence" (1836)
Lady Mary Fox, Account of an Expedition to the Interior of New Holland (1837)
Betsey Chamberlain, "A New Society" (1841)
Jane Sophia Appleton, "Sequel to the Vision of Bangor in the Twentieth Century" (1848)
Jane A. Ellis, A Vision of our Country in the Year 1900 (1851)
Sarah Josepha Hale, Liberia: or Mr. Peyton's Experiments (1853)
Elizabeth Stuart Phelps, The Gates Ajar (1868);
Elisabeth "A Dream within a Dream" (1874); Beyond the Gates (1883); The Gates Between (1887) Mrs T. Corbettt, "My Visit to Utopia" (1869)
Cora Semmes Ives, The Princess of the Moon: A Confederate Fairy Story (1869)
Annie Denton Cridge, Man's Rights; or, How Would You Like It? (1870)
Rhoda Broughton, "It Was a Dream" (1873)
Florence McLandburgh, "The Automaton Ear" (1873)
Marie Howland, Papa's Own Girl: A Novel (1874)
Mary E. Bradley Lane, Mizora. A Prophecy (1881)
Mrs. J. Wood, Pantaletta: A Romance of Hesheland (1882)
Henrietta Dugdale, A Few Hours in a Far Off Age (1883)
Polly Cabell, "A Trip to the Moon" (1884)
Mary Theresa Shelhamer, Life and Labor in the Spirit World, Being a Description of the
Localities, Employments, Surroundings, and Conditions of the Spheres (1884) Lillie Devereux Blake, "A Divided Republic: An Allegory of the Future" (1885)
May Kendall (with Andrew Lang), "That Very Mab" (1885)
Marie Corelli, A Romance of Two Worlds (1886); The Soul of Lilith (1892);
The Young Diana. An Experiment of the Future (1918); The Secret Power. A Romance of the Present (1921) Florence Claudina Carpenter Dieudonne, Rondah; or Thirty-Three Years in a Star (1887)
Anna Bowman Blake Dodd, The Republic of the Future; or Socialism a Reality (1887)
Elizabeth Waterhouse, The Island of Anarchy: A Fragment of History in the 20th Century (1887)
Elizabeth Corbett, The New Amazonia: A Foretaste of the Future (1889)
Mary H[anaford] Ford, "A Feminine Iconoclast" (1889)
Eveleen Laura Knaggs Mason, Hiero-Salem: The Vision of Peace (1889);
An Episode in the Doings of the Dualized (1898) Catherine Helen Spence, A Week in the Future (1889); Handfasted (1984)
Pauline Carsten Curtis, "In the Year '26" (1890)
Lady Florence Dixie, Gloriana, or, The Revolution of 1900 (1890);
Isola, or the Disinherited (1903) Mrs. M.A.Weeks Pittock, The God of Civilization: A Romance (1890)
Margaret Barber Stone, One of `Berrian's' Novels (1890)
Minnie Finkelstein, THE NEWEST WOMAN: the destined monarch of the world (1891)
Anna M. Fitch, Better Days; or, a Millionaire of Tomorrow (1891)
Ruth Ellis Freeman, "Tales of a Great-Grandmother" (1891)
Agnes Bond Yourell, A Manless World (1891)
Elizabeth G. Birkmaier, Poseidon's Paradise: The Romance of Atlantis (1892)
Mary R. P. Hatch, The Missing Man (1892)
M. Louise Moore, Al Modad; or Life Scenes beyond the Polar Circumflex.
A Religio-Scientific Solution of the Problems of Present and Future Life (1892) Mrs. Alice M. Diehl, Dr. Paul's Theory: A Romance (1893)
Fayette Stratton Giles, Shadows Before, or a Century Onward (1893)
Helen Harper Goode, "By Act of Parliament. 6 and 7 Edward 15th, Anno Domini 2041" (1893)
Alice Ilgenfritz Jones and Ella Merchant, Unveiling a Parallel: A Romance (1893)
Charlotte, Rosalys Jones, The Hypnotic Experiment of Dr. Reeves and Other Stories (1894)
Lois Waisbrooker, A Sex Revolution (1894)
Alice W. Fuller, "A Wife Manufactured to Order" (1895)
Margaret W. Hungerford, The Professor's Experiment: A Novel (1895)
Amelia Mears, Mercia, the Astronomer Royal (1895)
Coralie Glyn, A Woman for Tomorrow: A Tale of the Twentieth Century (1896)
Abigail Scot Duniway, Bijah's Surprises (1896)
Mabel Fuller Blodgett, At the Queen's Mercy (1897)
Fiona Wait Colbern, Yermah the Dorado (1897)
Charlotte O'Conner Eccles [Hal Godfrey], The Rejuvenation of Miss Semaphore: A Farcical Novel (1897)
Rosa Graul, Hilda's Home: A Story of Woman's Emancipation (1897)
Katherine Kip, "My Invisible Friend" (1897)
Elizabeth Thomasina Meade with Robert Eustace, "The Blue Laboratory" (1897);
"The Brotherhoood of the Seven Kings" (1899); "Where the Air Quivered" (1898); The Sanctuary Club (1900); "The Talk of the Town" (1903) Lillian Francis Mentor, The Day of Resis (1897)
Zebina Forbush, The Co-opolitan (1898)
Clara Holmes, "A Tale of the X-ray" (1898); "Nordhng Nordjansen" (1898)
Mary Platt Parmele, Ariel; or the Author's World (1898)
Anna Adolph, Artiq: A Study of Marvels at the North Pole (1899)
Elizabeth Bellamy, "Ely's Animated Housemaid" (1899)
Margaret Dodd, "Color of Heaven" (1899)
H[arriet] E. Orcutt, The Empire of the Invisibles (1899)
Eloise O. Richberg, Reinstern (1900)
Sue Greenleaf, Liquid from the Sun's Rays (1901)
Cara Dupuy Henley, Man from Mars (1901)
Ethel Watts Mumford "When Time Turned" (1901)
Winnifred Harper Cooley, "A Dream of the Twenty-first Century" (1902)
Laura Dayton Fessenden, "2002": Childlife One Hundred Years from Now (1902)
Pauline Elizabeth Hopkins, Of One Blood; or, The Hidden Self (1902-3)
Eva L. Ogden, "The Cold Storage Baby" (1902)
Mabel Ernestine Abbott, "The Fatal Filaments" (1903)
Edith Allonby, Jewel Sowers: A Novel (1903); Marigold: A Story (1905)
Agnes Castle (with Frederick A. Stokes), The Star Dreamer: A Romance (1903)
Edith Money Maturin, "Her Animated Flat" (1903)
Sara Weiss, Journeys to the Planet Mars or Our Mission to Ento (1903)
Elizabeth Whitely, The Devil's Throne (1903)
Mrs. Muirson Blake [as Jean Delaire], Around a Distant Star (1904)
Rosetta Gilchrist, Tibby: A Novel Dealing with Psychic Forces and Telepathy (1904)
Violet Guttenberg, A Modern Exodus: A Novel (1904)
Martha Foote Crow, The World Above: A Duologue (1905)
Anna D. Evans, It Beats the Shakers, or a New Tune (1905)
Lena J. Fry, Other worlds (1905)
Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain, "Sultana's Dream" (1905)
E. Nesbit, The Story of the Amulet (1905); "The Five Senses" (1909); "The Pavilion" (1915)
Margaret Montague Prescott, "The Great Sleep Tanks" (1905)
Bessie Story Rogers, As It May Be: A Story of the Future (1905)
F[lorence] E. Young, The War of the Sexes (1905)
Florence Edith Austin, "A Missile from Mars" (1906)
Zona Gale, Romance Island (1906)
Dorothy Hilton, "The Professor's Mistake" (1906)
Kate Murray, The Blue Star (1907)
Margaret L. Woods, The Invader (1907)
Nettie Parrish Martin, A Pilgrim's Progress in Other Worlds;
Recounting the Wonderful Adventures of Ulysum Storries and His Discovery of the Lost Star `Eden' (1908) Edith Rathbone Brainerd [E.J. Rath] with Chauncey Corey Brainerd, The Sixth Speed (1908)
Irene Clyde, Beatrice the Sixteenth, Being the Personal Narrative of Mary Hatherly, M.B.,
Explorer and Geographer (1909) Christabel Coleridge, The Thought-Rope (1909)
Katherine Fay Dewey, Star People (1910)
Lottie F. Ambrose [L.D. Biagi] The Centaurians (1911)
Mary Austin [Gordon Stairs] Outland (1911)
Beatrice May Butt, The Laws of Leflo (1911)
Cora Minnett, The Day after Tomorrow (1911)
Edith Nesbit [Bland], Dormant (1911)
Mabel W. Knowles [Lester Lurgan] A Message from Mars (1912)
Lillian Chester, The Ball of Fire (1914)
Inez Haynes Gilmore, Angel Island (1914)
Bertha Von Suttner, When Thoughts Will Soar: A Romance of the Immediate Future (1914)
Clotilde Inez Marie Gareb [as Richard Dehan], "Lady Clanbevan's Baby" (1915)
Charlotte Perkins Gilman's Herland (1915); Moving the Mountain (1911);
With Her in Ourland (1916); "A Cabinet Meeting" (1895); "A Woman's Utopia" (1907); "A Strange Land" (1912) Eva Harrison, Wireless Messages from Other Worlds (1915)
Mary A. Fisher, Among the Immortals (1916)
Lillian Jones, Five Generations Hence (1916)
Anna Ratner Shapiro, The Birth of Universal Brotherhood (1916)
Theodora Wilson, The Last Weapon: A Vision (1916)
Gertrude Barrows Bennett's The Cereberus Heads (1919);
"Friend Island" (1918) and many other stories Martha Bensley Bruere, Mildred Carver, USA (1919)
Anna De Bremont, The Black Opal (1918)
Alice Earl Chapin, "When Dead Lips Speak" (1919)
Greye La Spina [Fanny Greye Bragg], "The Ultimate Ingredient" (1919)
Rose Macauley, What Not. A Prophetic Comedy (1919)
Florence L. Barclay, Returned Empty (1920)
Mary Ann Johnston, "Sweet Rocket (1920)
Jeanne Judson, The Stars Incline (1920)
Ada Barnet, The Man on the Other Side (1921)
Mrs. Leonard Cooke [Joan Conquest], Leonie of the Jungle (1921)
Martha Kayser, The Aerial Flight to the Realm of Peace (1922)
Jessie Douglas Kerruish, The Undying Monster: A Tale of the Fifth Dimension (1922)
Ella M. Scrymsour The Perfect World; A Romance of Strange People and Strange Places (1922)
Isabel Griffiths, Three Worlds (1922)
Gertrude Atherton, Black Oxen (1923)
Laura Shellbarger Hunt, Ultra: A Story of a Pre-Natal Influence (1923)
Mrs. Harriet Alfarata Thompson, Idealia, a Utopian Dream; or, Resthaven (1923)
Sarah Norcliffe Cleghorn, "Utopia Interpreted" (1924)
Lady Dorothy Mills, The Arms of the Sun (1924)
Violet Lilian Perkins ["Lilian Leslie"] with Archer L. Hood, The Melody from Mars (1924)
Rena Peterson, Venus (1924)
Lenor Chaney, "White Man's Madness" (1925)
Hannah Coron, Two Years Hence? (1925)
Berenice V. Dell, The Silent Voice (1925)
V[iolet] T. Murray, The Rule of the Beasts (1925)

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