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  Web 1.0 Hosting - is a project that makes it possible to access static websites from old devices such as retro computers, old operating systems, palmtops, and cellular phones as part of an initiative to save the old web. Hosting of modern websites and the use of modern technologies are also permitted.  



  • 3rd level domain name for, short and
  • 100 Mb of space for free, 500 Mb for community users, extra space for donation
  • Possibility to access website by IP or http://[2a01:4f9:4b:1e30::3]/~yourwebsite without DNS
  • Your website is also published within the Yggdrasil network - a free worldwide decentralized overlay peer-to-peer network accessible as YourSite.wh.ygg (using ALFIS blockchain DNS) or using Yggdrasil IP without DNS as http://[300:a056:404a:1329::80]/~yourwebsite that allows to avoid any local internet access restrictions in the country without VPN and publish your content wherever you are
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Hotlinking is allowed: you can publish your static content such as photos, videos, scripts, etc, and include them at other websites hosted apart from the Web1.0 Hosting
  • All the content accessible by HTTP and HTTPS using IPv4 and IPv6
  • Web file listing: autoindex is on, any directory without index.html file shows the list of the contained files and directories like it is a web FTP
  • FTP and FTPS for the file upload
  • Web file uploadercode, and WYSIWYG editors for modern web browsers
  • SSI (Server Side Includes) allows you to reuse your code and makes working on a static website as convenient as possible: edit the headers and footers just once and include them into other pages of your website
  • Predefined scripts to have feedback from your website visitors, such as contact formguestbookchatvisitors counter, and likes which are supported by old browsers as well as in modern
  • Ability to order hosting using very old devices that support Internet connection and HTML
  • Suitable for WAP site hosting for mobile devices