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The best specs on the cheap HP laptop

To get a cheap laptop, we should do a comparison of all the specifications on offer. This is done to help us get a laptop that has the best quality. Moreover, some vendors are starting to provide the best hardware specs at a cheaper price. Of course this will increasingly provide many options for us. HP is one of the vendors that provide many options laptops cheap laptops. In fact, at this time we can consider the Pavilion G6-2248CA as cheap HP laptop. The modern design and impressive appearance will certainly give a better. In addition, we will also get a very ergonomic keyboard layout. This will provide better comfort while we do a lot of work.


HP completes this cheap laptop with a variety of impressive specifications. Although included in the cheap HP laptops, but the Pavilion series has had the power of an AMD A4-4300M. This processor will produce speeds up to 2.5 GHz. This support will certainly provide comfort to us when using a lot of software or a particular application. To complete the whole power of these processors, HP also offers a memory capacity reaches 6GB of RAM. This memory will usually be required to use the latest software requires better rendering speed. The combination of both of these specifications will enable us to maximize the many features on Microsoft's Windows 8 platform. Moreover, it requires some new software platform.


Convenience is an important part of a given HP laptop through this. So at cheap HP laptop  we will get AMD Radeon HD 7420G. This graphics card will help us get a better graphics experience. In fact, we also will feel the maximum resolution up to 1366 x 768 which will be given on the screen size of 15.6 inches. The resolution on the integrated graphics card that will certainly give better detail and impressive. To get this laptop, we need cost about $ 470.