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Fond Ceiling Bentonite PowderFond Ceiling Bentonite Powder a unique type of clay called bentonite has the unusual properties of cohesion, binding, sealing, and thickening. It typically has a grey hue and, after processing, becomes a fine Paper Bentonite Powder with a texture akin to cement or flour.
 When bentonite is used as a waterproofing membrane below grade, it hydrates with the moisture that is naturally present in the soil and creates an impermeable barrier that absorbs and expels water as well as the majority of chemicals, including acids and salts.
Fond Ceiling Bentonite may swell up to 18 times its dry volume and can expand and contract an endless number of times. It can absorb seven to ten times its weight in water. However, it is crucial that this barrier maintain a continuous minimum pressure of 30 to 60 pounds per square foot in order for High Bentonite Powder to work well as a waterproofing barrier (PSF).
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Bentonite Powder ApplicationThere are various types of Bentonite Powder Application
1. Absorbent
Bentonite is used to absorb pet waste in a range of pet care products, including cat litter. In addition, it is used to absorb grease and oils.