Akahori Gedou Hour Rabuge

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24 minutes (12 minutes per show on average)


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Nesshou!! Love-ge Night Fever by Haruko Momoi

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Tondol Baby by Haruko Momoi 


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Information of Anime

Akahori Gedou Hour Rabuge is basically two 15 minutes series in a 30 minute TV slot.  The series are Zettai Seigi Love Pheromone & Sore Yuke! Gedo Otome Tai.  Both series take place in the same city & the same timeline.



Below is a summary of the storyline I have seen.  This section does contain some spoilers.  If you haven't seen the series yet & don't want to be spoiled, skip this section.  If you want to know the story & want to see how I viewed it, read on.

The show is mainly a sit back & enjoy show.  All the main characters from both series are financially poor.

Zettai Seigi Love Pheromone is about a girl duo named Love Pheromone.  The girls' name are Yoshizumi Aimi and Sasajima Kaoruko.  Both ran away from home to pursue their dreams in performing comedy on a Broadway stage.  However, they aren't successful with the poor jokes they perform.  In order to get their name out, they secretly disguise themselves as heroines of justice called Love Pheromone while taking a lot of jobs from their agent.  Although they fight for justice, they tend to make things worse than the crime that was committed.  They use brutal force to fight & end up destroying parts of the city.  This made the people in the city view them as an evil dangerous duo.

Sore Yuke! Gedo Otome Tai is about the Hokke family where five sisters lost their parents when they were young.  Their parents were from an evil organization.  In their deathbeds in the hospital, the father told them to become excellent evil people that he & their mother couldn't achieve.  Before their death, he left them them with a jar sealed with a talisman.  Opening the jar, a devil came out & helps the sisters between excellent evil people upon their father's wish & give them magical girl powers to perform evil acts.  However, every time the sister try to commit evil deeds, it always backfires.  Instead, they make people happy.  Although they are kind-hearted, the Hokke sisters continue their goal in becoming excellent evil people. 

Later on, the Love Pheromone & Hokke sisters manage to work together when the Death Ant Army come invading Earth looking for the ultimate power.  After disposing them & Love Pheromone blows up part of the Earth, the story ends with the Love Pheromone duo managing to get people to laugh at their jokes in their destroyed city & the Hokke sister wanting to become like them since they view them as view.  After the credit roll, a script writer says to the viewers that he may do it again.  In other words, a possible sequel which may not be likely.


My Personal Review

Akahori Gedou Hour Rabuge is basically fanservice almost.  It's mainly created as pure enjoyment with no plots to worry about.  Although we know about the backgrounds of the main characters, I don't believe the show will go into a lot of depth in making it happen.  There is a chance where they will possibly reach their goal, but I'm thinking it won't make a lot of impact in creating a storyline.


The character designs are your typical cute girls with big round eyes.  Add some sexy bodies to them & you get some well developed characters physically.  The funny thing is that Seki Tomokazu, a seiyuu, not only provides his voice in the series, but also himself.  It's kind of interesting to see him get himself in embarrassing situation when he makes an ass of himself, such as being naked or getting punched into the sky.

The colours in this show are pretty bright.  However, they don't clash between the background & characters which is good.  It really has the anime feel to it.

The movements are pretty fast paced & isn't natural at times.  This usually occurs in battle scenes.  It follows the anime rule of not defining the laws of physics.  In other words, you got people flying high in the sky, missiles swaying around the place before it hits it's target, etc.


The sound effects used here give you that anime feel to it with a side of cuteness.  There are quite clean, even with the loud explosions.

The voice actors are good & bad. I like the voices in Zettai Seigi Love Pheromone, but Sore Yuke! Gedo Otome Tai didn't give much energy to their characters.  Although they look lively, they didn't sound like it.  Also, their voices are high pitched & it kind of got to me.

The music is pretty catchy with the silly elements involved.  In fact, it sounded pretty cute.  When in those tense battle situations, the music was cute but still made the situation intense.  This is basically the kind of music you would hear from cute anime children shows almost.


There is no story here.  Just sit back & enjoy the show.  One thing to note is how the two separate shows flow in transition very nicely.  Kudos to the writers on this part.  Only the last two episodes show the two sides joining together to save the Earth.  However, there's still no overall plot.  The only side that seem to have progress in the show is the Love Pheromone duo where they manage to make people laugh.

Overall Conclusion

Akahori Gedou Hour Rabuge should be treated as a side dish.  It's not something that you must watch.  I suggest watching this if you are looking for something to take a break from or need something to laugh about.

Akahori Gedou Hour Rabuge gets a 6/10.  This show is just pure enjoyment with some ecchi on the side.  Although I did laugh at the battle scenes with turns make the wrong turn, massive destruction & friendliness can get repetitive quite quickly.  What makes this show interesting though is how the two series are setting the same timeline & location.  The characters actually met & know one another.  It was nice to see how the two sides will collide when they meet each other in their secret identities & know who their counterparts are.  However, it doesn't do anything special.


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