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In my career, I’ve run across a lot of UNQUALIFIED – IMPOSTERS with ENGLISH and HISTORY DEGREES who got IT – VP Management Jobs and Project Manager Jobs who should have NEVER BEEN HIRED as they had NO EXPERIENCE AT ALL and NO KNOWLEGDE of Computers or Software Development.


But most HR Departments on Wall Street are JEWISH and FEMALE and “Gay” :))


Here are some interesting “quotes” from “supposed” IT Executives on “Wall Street”



Barclays Bank – 1980s

Wharton MBA and Psychology Major

Jewish working for British at Barclays Bank


“C will be the DOMINANT SOFTWARE LANGUGE of the future…”


I replied “That’s ridiculous… BASIC will be the LANGUAGE OF SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT… C is not the right language to develop application


NOTE – Visual Basic arrived in 1990 and DOMINATED THE MARKETPLACE and CHANGED SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT and IS STILL “SECRETLY” USED TODAY – VB40032.DLL Runtime is still “secretly” run and is supported by MicroSoft – Although the ended the Product Line for “mysterious” reasons.




“What’s a Bubble Sort?...” :)




Had EMERGENCY OVERNIGHT – “Software Development” 24 Hour Drills.. Unbelievable !!!


And “evaluated” and “profiled” us like “lab rats” with his Psychology Degree





Chase Manhattan Bank – VP of Applied Technology Group – Early 1990s

British Ex-Pat working for Jewish Banking VPs


“No will want to run more than one window on Microsoft Windows…”


A statement so “preposterous” and “ridiculous” I didn’t respond

(Because he might have shot me with his Walter PBK issued by Mi6 or Russian – South African Special Forces”

NOTE – Today, Many users have 3 COMPUTER MONITORS to run AS MANY WINDOWS SCREENS or APPS as possible…




“Because I SAID SO!!!”


NOTE – An “English” EX-Pat yelling at an AMERICAN IRISH PERSON from “The Boroughs” (Tavern Tough Guy) pointing his “finger” at me…


Frankly, I’m surprised his car never exploded after ignition :)






Chase Manhattan Bank – VP of HONG KONG – 1990

Chinese Dirtbag from Hong Kong


After being introduced by Jonathan Vaughn

He said “Big Deal! I can get 100 of guys like him for 10K HONG KONG DOLLARS” in a heavy broken English Accent


NOTE – This fall, I will be travelling to Hong Kong on my private jet with my Executive Protection Team to “re-introduce” myself to the “rather rude”, ”stupid” and “insulting” person and “demonstrate” by Boxing, Street Fighting and Black Belt – Akido skills and maybe perhaps – sharp shooting or target practice - gun range skills.. :)


Fight Record - 90-0-0 :)

Can put three darts in the red dot - bulls eye on dartboard – throwing darts backwards like a throwing knife – everytime1


Get the hint! I will find him again… Someday soon… :)





Chase Manhattan Bank – VP of Data Architecture Group – Early 1990s

ITALIAN working for RUSSIAN FEMALE VP “Super Hottie” might be “KGB Control Agent”


“I don’t know how to actually program this stuff like MCMONAGLE???!!!”


NOTE – Didn’t work one day or one project his entire career at Chase Manhattan Bank





FileNet Corporation

Jewish Woman working for “Evil Spy Corporation” where the U.S. Government was there No. 1 Customer


McMonagle… He programs just like the text books… He’s fantastic”


NOTE – She went on to stalk me for the rest of her career – committing Corporate Espionage and stealing my software The Funds Transfer Research System – Multi User – Work Distribution – Research Application “allegedly” stolen and re-sold by FileNet to The National Security Agency – NSA


FileNet had “dailed-in” access and just “downloaded” the code to their computers


Also, I had to “take away” COMPUTER ROOM ACCESS KEYS because the FileNet Saleswomen were always showing up and toking over the computer room.


I had THEM FIRED! :)





Chase Manhattan Bank – 1990s

Jewish Ex-Teacher from NYC School System who lived 2 years in Russia - Teaching English

(Hopefully wasn’t Gun – Photo Extorted and Blackmailed by the KGB)


“What’s a database sort work? PC Databases can be automatically sorted?” (Think dBase III)


NOTE – Ron is allegedly a “famous” person from Woodstock Festival whom the POP ICON – Wavy Gravy still “suspects” today… He was the “Evil” KGB Agent handing the Brown Blotter Acid.




Chase Manhattan Bank – 1990s

Jewish IT “Executive” who only hired “strange” weirdos so he can look “cool” to upper management

From Johnson + Johnson – Why Chase hired him” Who Knows? Evil Conspiracy most likely


“I just signed The EASEL Company Wide Licensing Deal… I told them where to send the Ferrari…”


NOTE – He created “endless” licensing deals and the software “sat” “hidden” in closets




“Why do you believe in the Chase Image Toolkit – RAD Approach…” one late night working…


NOTE – He “stole” my “concept” + Whitepaper and tried to create a “triple” merger with his friends firm and Eastman Kodak and Wang and destroyed all 3 companies – I REFUSED TO WORK FOR HIM – EVER AGAIN



JONATHAN POWERS aka “Austin Sourers” “CIA Agent”

Chase Manhattan Bank – 1990s

Creepy Jerk “CIA” Type who never had a “real job” or “project” all 7 Years I worked with him


“We don’t need you R+D Guys here at Chase Manhattan Bank”


NOTE – I “transformed” the Bank from Mainframes to PCs – Craig
Goldman “became” CIO of The Year –

When I left The Chase ImageStation - Commerical Checking Product made 50 Million Dollars by 1999.

And this “asshole” “spied” on my at my Ski House at Hunter Mountain – What a LOSER !!! Weirdo !!!




Chase Manhattan Bank – 1990s

Philipino Immigrant with “Diploma Mill” Fake College degree

“I bet you think you are “really cool” with your Win32 Microsoft Conference” Polo Shirt on? Don’t you”?” said nastily and angrily from over the cubicle walls of MetroTech Center.


I replied “Yes. I do - and it’s none of your business you Crazy Evil Little Weirdo Moron”


NOTE – I “failed” to “mention” to this SUPER CREEP of CORPORATE AMERICA who DIDN’T HAVE A REAL POSITION and DID’NT HAVE ONE PROJECT in 7 YEARS that I met Bill Gates of Microsoft at the Win32 Conference and we arrived at Opening Cocktail Party or Banquet – TOGETHER.





Captain Rogers

Bayonne Fire Dept – 16th Fire House – 1990s

PC LAN “Consultant”


Met last year…


Confronted him over his LAN Consulting Business, He started from RFP Design for Lebanthal & Lebanthal I did as a “PAID” Consulting Job recommended by my brother the former CFO.


“In the 1990s, NOVELL Local Area Networks (for Office Automation – E-Mail, Printing – FAX) wasn’t proprietary information or a trade secret.”


NOTE – He started his VERY LUCRATIVE LAN OFFICE AUTOMATION PRACTICE with MY LAN DESIGN DOCUMENT – Complete with DIAGRAMS I guess… Given to him by my brother who became a Bayonne Fire Fighter who left Wall Street and working with Capt Rogers for years and years.











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