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Contacting John J. McMonagle dba BaySoft Technologies - may prove “difficult” as to many “irregularities” concerning receiving E-Mails from “Silicon Valley” ISP Host or Portal Companies such as YAHOO or – If Possible, Try LinkedIn E-Mail


Strangely, Mr McMonagle, although, one of the brightest minds in Technology, Systems Design and Software Engineering “receives” very few e-mails from E-Mail Account or many private websites over the past 2 decades


A CONTACT FORM will be on this page in the near future


It would be BEST to use the CONTACT FORM because it “can not” be “intercepted” thru PERL-CGI Scripts on a Internet Server or “unscrupulous” Administrators “infamous” from the AOL days of E-Mail Accounts in the 1990s.


E-MAIL – John J. McMonagle dba BaySoft Technologies – Research Computer Scientist








Everyone knows where the real action
is in Technology…


Not in Silicon Alley…


Not In Silicon Valley…


But in The Silicon Peninsula.. Near NYC…


BaySoft Technologies


Employees 1 – John J. McMonagle

Virtual Headquarters and Corporate Campus





Technologies is “really” the DBA – Consulting Name or Nickname for John J. McMonagle


BaySoft is short for Bayonne Software – and IS NOT ASSOCITED with City Hall in town


There is only 1 employee of BaySoft Technologies – John J. McMonagle


BEWARE – There are many “nefarious” individuals who claim to be “John J. McMonagle” or “BaySoft Technologies” (See Firm in India) or “claim” to be “partners” or “employees” of BaySoft Technologies


NOTE – All Software Development is SOLELY done by John J. McMonagle as is Website Development, Graphics or Marketing materials. NO ONE ELSE works for BAYSOFT TECHNOLOGIES.


NOTE - BaySoft Technologies is SOLELY owned or “is” – John J. McMonagle – Research Computer Scientist from Wall Street, Silicon Alley, Silicon Valley and “Washington DC”


NOTE – There are NO INVESTORS or BUSINESS PARTNERS or BUSINESS MANAGERS in / or / for BaySoft Technologies – John J. McMonagle – Beware of Corporate Espionage and Imposters.


NOTE – "BaySoft Technologies is "actually" a SOLE PROPRIOITERSHIP - FREEWARE or SHAREWARE BUSINESS - Not a COMPANY, LLC or CORPORATIONBaySoft Technologies – John J.


NOTE – The "word" VIRTUAL means SIMULATED, FAKE or IMAGINARY as to the phrase - "The Virtual - Software Company of John J. McMonagle" - so "crazied" Internet Trolls, Gang Stalkers + Corporate              Espionagists (BPD) "currently" 'seeking control' of "BaySoft Technologies" understand I AM BAYSOFT TECHNOLOGIES - It's an "ALAIS" not a SOFTWARE COMPANY to "steal" from me





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