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AWARD given to John J. McMonagle by Chase Manhattan Bank

PATENT PLAQUE for CHECK IMAGING that AUTOMATED - The Federal Reserve of The United States




B.S. in Computer Science

St. Peterís Univeristy


-          Excalibur
-          2 Apple Awards by Craig Goldman
-          SWAT Award
-          HPD Imaging System
-          Service Stars


-          Check Imaging System
-          Check Image Processing
-          MICR Line
-          Image Display


John J. McMonagle is a -únoted-Ě genius and Computer Scientist from the 1980s and 1990s on Wall Street where hedeveloped and designed many innovative MIS CIS FIS and Document Imaging Systems.


At Chase Manhattan Bank, John J. McMonagle was the Special Project Manager and Company Wide -Internal Consultant working in all major divisions moving the bank from Mainframe Computing to Windows Based PC Client Server Applications -except for Trading and Investment Banking where they are UNIX or Mainframe based systems.


Mr. McMonagle started out in the Applied Technology Group of Chase Corporate Technologies R+D Groups -originally located at 199 Water Street near the Seaport in lower Manhattan just above Wall Street.


He then moved on the Emerging Technologies Group where using his B.S. in Computer Science degree he looked many new or future technologies such as BIOMETRICS, Pen Computing, Tablet Computing, OCR, Barcode, Expert Systems and AI where he worked for MIT Mathematician Frank Capek a expert in Chaos Theory and Fractal Analysis for Data Mining Analytics used in the Credit Card - Divison.


He also developed Software onWall Street that became Commercial Software such as the GUI Interface for the Polytron Version Control Software that was originally UNIX-likecommandswith parameters and was -úfront ended-Ě with Easel Software (HIGH LEVEL Windows Programming Language) and given a Pointand Click Windows Interface.


One area of focus at the Chase Manhattan Bank R+D Groups of Chase Corporate Technology Division was participating in many ALPHA and BETA Commercial Software Trails where he helped define new features for industry software and his R+D Groups were later referred to as SILICON WALL STREET.


John J McMonagle was invited by Microsoft to participate in the CHICAGO aLPHA Program for Windows 95.


Another area of focus was developing High Level Reusable Toolkit routines for RAD (Rapid Application Prototyping) and RAD (Rapid Application Development) to speed up application development and have standardized routines and naming conventions in source code.




In his school days, John J. McMonagle is noted for Science Fair Wins andPresentationsand scoring a -úPERFECT SCORE-Ě on the California Comprehension Achievement Test in thefirst 2 weeks ofHigh School Freshman Year scored a SENIOR IN COLLEGE READING LEVEL a very rare score with the CCAT Test


One of his presentations at the ALL CITY -SCIENCE FAIR was for SOLAR ENERGY using one of the first products to have a SOLAR PANEL which was a TEXAS INSTRUMENTS - CALCULATOR from the mid 1970s.In his whitepaper presentation, John J. McMonagle -úpredicted-Ě that SOLAR ENERGY would free us from ENERGY DEPENDANCY of OPEC and CRUDE -OIL GASOLINE in 20 to 25 Years in 1977.As you know today, SOLAR PANELS are now -úcommon place-Ě on residential homes and used to reduce energy costs and are a -úrevenue-Ě feature of some homes -selling back their surplus electricity to energy companies.


In College in 1983. ENVISIONED andPROTOTYPED - Multi User E-Books on LANs for Schools and Libraries to provide ELECTRONIC COMPUTERIZED Access to Textbooks and Encyclopedias as a PRIVATE wHITEPAPER + WORKING PROTOTYPE (Writtenin MS BASIC) known as -úThe EduSoft Whitepaper-Ě that stands for EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE that included HTML like EMBEDDED HIDDEN TAGS inside TEXT BLOCKS for PAGE DEFINATION andPAGE NAVIGATION and DOCUMENTED Future Enhancements for Hyper Jumps using ITALICIZED WORDS or UNDERLINED WORDS to go to KEYWORD DICTIONARIES or BIBLOGRAPHIES that is -únow believed-Ě to be the VISIONARY DOCUMENT for INTERNET HTML, Wikipedia, Acrobat and KINDLE like E-Books.


In 1982, College Magazine ranked St. Peter's College -Computer Science Department at No. 10 behind top schools like MIT, Berkeley and Stanford.



PRESS ARTICLES for John J. McMonagle -Check Imaging Systems


Information Week -Chase's Imaging Pays Off - 1994


Bank Systems Technology -Chase's Imaging Product Offering Beats Suppliers - 1994


Computer World -Tenex Whitepaper by Thorton May on RAD RAD Methodologies

American Banker Related Article


 PATENTSfor Check Imaging System awarded to John J. McMonagle Ė Chase Manhattan Bank


Patent Number: 6,574,377 - Electronic check image storage and retrieval system

Patent Number: 6,181,837 - Electronic check image storage and retrieval system

Patent Number: 5,940,844 - Method and apparatus for displaying electronic image of a check

Patent Number: 5,917,965 - Method and apparatus for storing images of documents having magnetic ink code line





6th Grade Science Fair Winner -Henry E. Harris -Bayonne NJ

7th Grade Science Fair Winner -Henry E. Harris -Bayonne NJ

8thGrade Science Fair Winner -Mary J Donahue -Bayonne NJ


1977 aLL CITY SCIENCE FAIR -Honorable Mention -Bayonne NJ

1978 aLL CITY SCIENCE FAIR -Honorable Mention -Bayonne NJ


CCAT - California Comprehension Achievement Test -PERFECT SCORE -Senior in College Reading Level as a entering High School Freshman -1978 -Translates to Phd IQ Score


Advance Mathematics Program -Bayonne High School -1979 to 1982






4 Patents - Active -USPTO (Federal IP Agency) for Digital Checking and Check Imaging


Tenex Whitepaper - By Industry Analyst -Thorton May

Focusing on the Chase Toolkit RAD and RAP Mythologies developed by John J. McMonagle -mentioned in ComputerWorld Magazine.


Excalibur - Chase Excellence Award


2 Apple Awards by CIO Craig Goldman -former CIO of the Year

His Award is mostly based on Mr. McMonagle's work and initiatives at CMB.


HPD Award -NYC Housing Department -Corporate Quarterly Tax Filing System

An award for creating a new image based fee revenue generating product for the bank based on his PC Client Server Document Imaging System -originally developed for the Chase Private Bank


S.W.A.T. - Awarded by the Global Service Group -The -úSuccess With A Team-Ě

Award for his development of the Chase ImageStation - Dial Up - Windows - Customer Service Station for Commercial Check Imaging Product.


CTO-CIO Title --úFinancial Systems Architect-Ě by Bankers Trust Company -Global Services Group
Awarded upon exit and completion of his FULL TIME -PAID - INTERNSHIP
Hired 2 Years before College Graduation at 22 Years Old in 1987

The youngest CTO-CIO for a Fortune 500 Company in history.


HEAD advanced Users Group -The FileNet Corporation - Costa Mesa, CA

John J. McMonagle was a -úunpaid-Ě consultant to theFileNet Corporation -GovernmentContractor where he was helping add new features to the system as well as programming constructs and conditional statement features similar to Basic for the WorkFlo Language where he is considered to be at one time -the best WorkFlo Programmer or Software Engineer where created a Paperless Office Environment or Application in 1988 that made the System widely popular and useable by Corporate Research Departments or Intelligence Agencies





Many of John J. McMonagle's Research and Theoretical Whitepapers are -úregistered-Ě at the RAND Corporation whitepaper Warehouse




The PC GUI Whitepaper In 1985 that proposed Multi Windowing GUIs for IBM PCs

PCs only used DOS - a UNIX like command line Operating System

Inspired by the Hi-Memory Utility 'sidekick that featured CALCULATOR and NOTEPAD.


The EduSoft Whitepaper -to create E-Books or Textbooks or Enclyopedias in electronic text on LANS for Schools and Libraries -PRIVATE WHITEPAPER for INVESTMENT PURPOSES ONLY


The Chase Toolkit Methodology to Rapid Application Development and Prototyping


The Naming Convention Standard for SubRoutines and Variable for Reliable Maintenance by Programmers


The Reading Comprehension Whitepaper using the Best Font for Information Transfer and Retention


The Progression of Technology Theory -that purposes that All Inventions and All Improvements in Products will eventually be applied to its use and function by a unknown or future inventor


The Future of Warfare -Envisioning Robot Tanks and UAVs as Initial Strike Forces or Invasion Forces for Military Conflicts





In 1991 at Chase MetroTech Center, John J. McMonagle gave a speech to a mixed audience on CO-OPREATIVE PROCESSING explaining the benefits and uses of WINDOWS GUI FRONT ENDED APPLICATIONS that allow for MULTIPLE MAINFRAMES or HOSTS to be controlled by a single Windows GUI Application -that allows for -úconsolidation-Ě and -úcross referencing-Ě of MAINFRAME DATA.


Mr McMonagle is -úconsidered-Ě to be one of the world's -úbest-Ě Software Engineers

as he is an -úexpert-Ě in:


Basic - Microsoft

Visual Basic -Microsoft

LotusScript -Lotus - IBM

Easel Interactive Images -Burlington, MA -Silicon Alley - Boston

WorkFlo FileNet (now owned by IBM)






Mr McMonagle has attended the following Technology Conferences in the past:



NY PC Expo

New York NY

FileNet - East Coast Users Group

Boston MA

TechEd -2 Attendances

Orlando FL

LotusSphere -2 Attendances

Orlando FL


San Jose CA

Visual Basic

Chicago IL


Orange County CA

Easel Users Group

Palo Alto CA

Easel Users Group

Orlando FL

FileNet Users Group

as Head of the Advanced Users Group

Orange County CA

Chase Technology Fair -1993 -Presenter

MetroTech Center











Interactive Images


Burlington MA


Office + Imaging

Burlington MA



Burlington MA














E-Commerce Conference

New York City NY

LAN Services

LANs administration

New York City NY


STOR/QM -Designer

New York City NY

Chase Manhattan Bank

R+D Groups


Applied Technology

Emerging Technology

Document Imaging Technology

Workflow Technology -HEAD


Y2K Information DB -HEAD

Chase ImageStation -HEAD

New York City NY

Sigma Imaging

Data Entry Assisted DM

New York City NY




PC Expo

Technology Conference

New York City NY

NY Tech Expo

Technology Conference

New York City NY















Palo Alto CA

Private Consulting - 1990

Easel Consulting

Berkeley CA

SiteBuilder Conferences

Web Site Development

San Jose CA













FileNet Corporation

Document Imaging - WorkFlo

Costa Mesa CA

FileNet Conference

Head of Advanced Users Group

Orange County CA

Emerald Tape

Data Conversion

San Diego CA

Commercial Bank Conference

Bank Technology - Presenter

San Diego CA













Tech Ed

Tech Conferences

Orlando FL


Tech Conferences

Orlando FL


Users Group Conference

Orlando FL










Mr. McMonagle's work (although not mentioned -úspecifically-Ě for -úsecurity reasons-Ě) has appeared in the following magazine and tech publications



Bank * Systems Technology

American Banker






Mr. McMonagle has only -úappeared-Ě onTV once at the Drexel Burnham Lambert - Bankruptcy Auction in 1990 interviewed by CNBC


However, You may have -úspotted-Ě him in front of the NBC Today Show in the crowd having his morning coffee with the visiting tourists of NYC.


Chase Manhattan Bank had offices across the 30 Rock Plaza :)





iRobotWorld -The Online Magazine for Robotics

was published by John J. McMonagle for many many years on the web beginningin the Year 2000 with articles written on robotics topics, trends and futurist innovations to come in the field.


NOTE -His initial article was -úThe Future of Warfare-Ě where is described using Robot Tanks and UAVS as Initial Invasion and Strike Forces in upcoming wars and even described a PREDATOR UAV armed with a HELLFIRE MISSLE before it was used by the U.S. Airforce.


This magazine was read by every military base, every spy agency in America, every major university and think tanks including the European EU MITRE.ORG according to visitor log records of HitBox






Al Gore did not start -úpromoting-Ě the INFORMATION SUPER HIGHWAY (The Internet or WWW) until BANKERS TRUST COMPANY -BTNY Inc. of Harborside - Exchange Place Financial District also known as WALL STREET -WEST moved to his home state of TENESSEE in the early to mid 1990s.


John J. McMonagle -úinterned-Ě as a FULL TIME EMPLOYEE who -úautomated-Ě the Global Service Group - Division with MAINFRAME DATA downloads into PC Based Databases such as dBase II/III using EBICIDIC to ASCII data conversions andIMPORT / EXPORT features creating over 90 Applications and also created a MULTI-LEVEL CONSOLIDATING Lotus 123 Spreadsheet Applications that was the FINANCIAL REPORT -QUARTERLY- Profit and Loss Reporting System of the GSS Group manyyears before Lotus 123 had the -úmulti-level-Ě spreadsheet feature.


He was HIRED after being believed to be -úhacking-Ě into the POLARIS Mainframe Application on a Saturday when the system was down and to reveal to BT Management that he was -útesting-Ě MS Basic and created a MAINFRAME -úsimulation-Ě of CISC 3270 on a IBM PC AT that was -únearly-Ě identical to the -úreal-Ě mainframe.


After talking down his manager from calling police to have him -úarrested-Ě, He was hired FULL TIME with an OFFICE the following day.






Bill Gates at the Win32 Conference in California in 1998 arrived for the opening banquet with John J. McMonagle


In 1993, Herny E. Kissinger requested a meeting with the -úauthor-Ě and -úinventor-Ě of the Chase ImageStation Commercial Checking Product and was -úturned down-Ě by Chase Manhattan Bank and -úvarious-Ě elements of the U.S. Government or USIC.

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