WARNING: This is the worst police department in America






Cold Cases







Bayonne Police Department has “targeted” several “successful” or “prominent” residents with “false charges” and “false evidence” to gain power over local businesses such as BANKS or take REVENGE against CITY COUNCIL PERSONS or ENEMIES of THE BAYONNE POLICE DEPARTMENT.

Brian Campbell – President of Pamrapo Bank


Setup and “framed” for CHECK FRAUD to “gain” control over the MERGED BCB – Pamrapo Bank for WILLIAM BILL BULL NAPIER –HARRINGTON and BPD who “serve” as “Bank Guards” sitting at BRANCH MANAGER DESKS.


NOTE – BPD Officers “secretly” “control” Bayonne Community Bank – BCB


Anthony Chiappone

Setup and “framed” for CHECK FRAUD to “gain” control over the BAYONNE CITY COUNCIL as ANTHONY CHIAPPONE was a “outspoken” critic of THE NEW FRONTIER DEMOCRATS,, CITY COUNCIL and BAYONNE POLITICAL MACHINE.


NOTE – BPD Officers “secretly” “control” Bayonne Community Bank – BCB


John “Jack” Ryan – Bayonne Police Officer


Believed to be “framed” because he was a “childhood” friend of a Wall Street IT Executive and “genius” who was an OUTSPOKEN CRITIC of THE BAYONNE POLICE DEPARTMENT


Ed Burns – Bayonne Police Detective


Believed to be “fired” because he was “nice” to a Wall Street IT Executive and “genius” who was an OUTSPOKEN CRITIC of THE BAYONNE POLICE DEPARTMENT – who may be a “target” of “Corporate Espionage” by BPD Detective Bureau and Senior Administration such as James Sisk, Frank Polowski, Bob Kubert, Ralph Scianni, Capt, Geisler, Drew Sisk, Drew Niekrasz and “others” such as William Bill Bull Napier –Harrington, Brian Bracken, James Davis, George Farley, James Ashe, and “other” Detectives.


Robert Hanlon – Lawyer – “Special Public Defender”

Who was arrested for Check Fraud – “suspiciously” like Brian Campbell and Anthony Chiaponne (REVENGE STING OPERATIONS + RACKEETERRING by THE BPD) as he was “accused” of writing checks for a Power of Attorney client who “cancelled” the agreement/

But was “formerly” the “Special Public Defender” who represented a Wall Street IT Executive who is being “targeted” and “harassed” who “originally” played along with “alleged” “corrupt” and “harassing” - Judge Frank Carpenter but was “repulsed” by the actions and then fought for his client and gave a fair strong defense against Bayonne Municipal Court + the BPD in later appearances before the Municipal Court.


SEE NJ.com – Article

Bayonne lawyer charged in theft of money from senior client



John J. McMonagle – Wall Street IT Executive and “Genius”

Noted “genius” 5 Time Science Fair Winner late 1970s – CCAT – California Comprehension Achievement Test – “Perfect Score” – Phd IQ Score in 1982.


Who was a “computer” “genius” in the 1980s and 1990s rumored to have invented HTML and Wikipedia like Internet in 1980s as well as XML in the 1990s who was Chase Manhattan Bank’s Special Projects Manager, Internal Consultant + Industry Analyst who “transformed” the company IT from Mainframes to PC Client Server .


Now a “victim” of 10-15 year BPD “campaign” of Police Harassment, Police Intimidation and Malicious Prosecution and Wrongful Prosecution.


As the BPD Detective Bureau has been “conducting” IP Theft, Corporate Espionage and UNAUTHORIZED SURVEILANCE since the mid-1980s and now has “allegedly” stolen ORIGINAL INVENTIONS – ROBOTIC PROTOTYPES from his family home in 2014 during his mother’s probate


He is also rumored to be a “target” of THE COP FIGHTER CODE as he had a self defense - fist fight with JOHN MURRAY SR - former Detective partner of James Sisk.


ALSO - A having a fist fight - self defense – with BPD Detective - John Jack Styles brother – Mark Styles.


Peter Rinaldi - Contractor


Rumored to have been “setup” and “framed” for Extortion because he was coming near former childhood friend who being “targeted” by BPD




NOTE - Organized Crime Figure and former “Police Chief” James Sisk was on the board of 2 Banks – Provident and Parampo Bank along with “power” “broker” and “campaign manager” and “campaign financier” Mickey H. McCabe.


NOTE – BPD Detectives – William Bill Bull Napier –Harrington and John “Jack” Styles “control” and “run” the Security Guards and BCB Bank as ACTIVE DUTY and RETIRED BPD Detectives serves as “Security Guards”

In BCB Branches - sitting at BRANCH MANAGER DESK near the DOORS of BCB Branches





Stakeout Locations

Wrongfully Convicted

Designated Informants

Cop Groupie Girls Cars - Undercover



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