WARNING: This is the worst police department in America






Cold Cases







Bayonne Police Department is “suspected”, “rumored” and “alleged” to be “involved” in a number of attempted murders or murders of Bayonne Residents.


“Parishioners” of St. Andrews Church


Residents “report” a “strange” drop in Church Attendees in Bergen Point – Bayonne NJ – West of Avenue C since 2005 or later


Almost no people come from West of Avenue C in Bergen Point – Bayonne NJ to go to church at St. Andrews Parish – when previously

Hundreds of people were seen on Sunday Morning crossing Avenue C on 4th Street and going into St. Andrews Parish


NOTE – Since BCB Bank Corporate Headquarters and Branch was built in 2003 – These St. Andrews Parishioners HAVE VANISHED.


NOTE – It is “believed” that BCB Detective Bureau and / or Russian Mafia or Italian Mafia “partners” of the BPD Detective Bureau killed these Bergen Point Residents after they opened accounts at BCB Bank and had their Checking, Savings and Mortgages STOLEN or GRIFTED and then they were “disposed” of and the home re-sold to cover up the evidence.



Men in their 50’s – Statistical Anomaly – Bayonne Men dying of Massive Heart Attacks at 53 Years Old – 53 to 58


According to the Obituaries in the Bayonne Edition of the Jersey Journal, MANY MANY MEN in Bayonne NJ die of a MASSIVE HEART ATTACK at 53 years old.

According to the biographies in their obituary, these Men have retired from major corporations and may have substaianal saving accounts, pensions, life insurance and property – full paid mortgages

Rarely do Men from Bayonne NJ who work for the Cityof Bayonne – Police, Fire, Public Works, Public Housing or City Hall – die of Heart Attacks.



George Weingartner – Bayonne Detective Bureau – BPD


It is “widely” believed that the he was murdered by James Sisk or his associates as to “cover up” the “mob hit” of John D’Gilio

According to “reports” and family members, they believe that James Sisk was “in the car” with George Weingartner when he allegedly shot John D’Gilio – Mafia Capo



2 Federal Witnesses in Police Custody


These 2 individuals “allegedly” committed suicide” by hanging in the Bayonne Police HQ – Holding Cells areas.

Later, A FEDERAL INJUNCTION only “temporarily” banned BPD from holding prisoners overnight before transfer to County Jail in Kearny NJ



Diablo Biker – Eastsider Crib

A North Hudson County Diablo M.C. Biker was found shot with a .22 Caliber in the 22nd Street – “Biker Crib” (Abandoned House) of The Eastsiders M.C. – that result in a FEDEAL INJUNCTION of having COLORED wearing M.C. or FTW Anarchist Bikers (NAZIs) in Bayonne NJ


Shooter is possibly and allegedly “related” to the Sisk Cop Family of BPD

A cousin or “wife” of Sisk may be the shooter according to reports – A Biker “Old Lady” (Girlfriend) shot the Diablo with a “girls” gun - .22



Bartender – 1990’s - Kanecko’s bar – (NAZI Lodge Bar – Private Club Bar)


According to reports by BFD – Bayonne Fire Department, the Bartender in the late 1980s and 1990s was found “tied” to a wooden chair and “burned” to death.


The bar was “run” or managed by Joseph “Joe” Sisk – nephew of James Sisk and “cousin” Deputy Chief Drew Sisk – along with a Danny Sexton of The Eastsiders M.C. Club – FTW Anarchist Biker Gange – NAZI Biker Gang.


The bartender was “suspected” in the drugging and kidnapping by Joseph “Joe” Sisk of a Wall Street IT Executive from Kanecko’s to the front of Hoppe’s Bar – where he “beaten” to death – later revived in the Ambulance – Responding BPD Officers – Brian Bracken and Richard Fifer – reportedly now with the Hudson Prosecutor’s Office under Edward DeFazio – Brian Bracken wrote on the police Report – “Perp (Victim|) refused to co-operate” – (Although he was reported to be unconscious with no heart beat by EMS Technicians)


NOTE - Before arriving at Hoppe’s Bar – Joseph “Joe” Sisk “allegedly” according to his own accounts and the account of the victim – went upstairs to buy cocaine from Drew Sisk – now Deputy Chief of the Bayonne Police Department.


NOTE – Many residents in Bayonne “suspect” or “alleged” it was Joseph “Joe” Sisk who killed the Bartender by arson to cover up his attempted murder of this Wall Street IT Executive



Father In Law - of “Kippie” of Harrington’s AutoBody


A senior mechanic at Harrington’s Auto Body – his Father In Law was found “dead” shot on his toilet in his bathroom of his home.


Unsolved Murder – believed to have been “committed” by “Kippie” The Mechanic – However, It was never “prosecuted” or “investigated” due the “political” “influence of Dorothy Harrington – 1st Ward – Council Person and former “Head” of BOE – High School Dropout – and her “alliance” and “support” of former Mayor Dennis Collins of The New Frontier Democrats – A “local” (almost unheard of) “political party” that took over Bayonne NJ in the 1960s and 1970s – with Hogan, Foye, DeSena, Harringtons, Halecki, McAleer, Ahern, McCabe, Hughes, Finnerty, Dugan and Burroughs among many others



Teddy Lindowski or Rindowski


Whom with Patrick “Pit” Gallagher and another “un-identified” male harassed a 14 year old on skateboard out of a car near Newman Avenue and 4th Street in 1978? Or 1979?


“Died” days later of an apparent “drug overdose” – Suspicious Death.



C.O. Smith – HCCC – Hudson County Jail - from Bayonne NJ – D1-West Tier – Weekends

Whom “died” early and was friendly with Irish American inmate from Bayonne NJ and read many his legal documents regarding Police Brutality and Corruption by BPD – Bayonne Police Department

Was last seen talking to Irish American inmate near Italian Mafia Signaling Station – Pompei Pizza before his death

Believed to have been killed – because of friendly-ness toward Irish American inmate by Italian Mafia and / or BPD Detectives.



“Mike” – Vietnam Veteran – “Mysterious” Death with BPD Officers at YMCA BFCC


Who was seen talking to a large muscular Endomorphic BPD Officer in Uniform on 3rd Floor Hallway near the Elevator in the Fall of 2015

Saying “Mike… Are you Ok… Mike… What happened to you You have blood on your face near your lip”

Who was in a chair in the hallway with BPD Officers but apparently “died” during transport or at Bayonne Medical Center

BPD Patrols cars parked in the North Parking Lot of YMCA BFCC with another BPD Officer responding – entering the building – while the Large BPD Officer was with the victim

Reportedly now “subject” of a Wrongful Death – Lawsuit against BPD + YMCA



William “Billy” Campbell


Son of Parampo CEO + President Brian Campell. Billy Campell right before his death appeared in the Jersey Journal – Bayonne Edition – Police Plotter - for being arrested and kicking a car door off a BPD Patrol Car.


Weeks or months later, He was found dead – washed up in Battery Park – Manhattan – New York City – “suggesting” he was killed in Bayonne NJ and dumped into the water and was “taken” by “the tide” of New York Harbor and ended up in Battery Park shoreline.



John “Jack” Ruestle – “Chipper Dove – Drummer”


A Resident of a Condo Apartment Buidling at 33 West 32nd Street who was “allegedly” recruited to be a DESIGNATED INFORMANT – DNI for the Bayonne Police Department - Detective Bureau who was given an INFRARED FLEER CAMERA to “spy” on a Wall Street IT Executive below him


It is also believed a INFRARED BASED “Roomba” like robot, drone or droid was also used in the apartment to “harass” the Wall Street IT Executifve below as it “automatically” used “random” patterns across the floor to “locate” the occupant below.


John “Jack” Ruestle “died” in “sister” “spy town” of Port Jervis NJ-PA of “undisclosed” causes as many Bayonne “Satanists” or Spy Infiltrators “actually” live and reside in Point Pleasant NJ, Brick Township, NJ, Allenwood NJ, Dunellen NJ, Lavellette NJ, Ortley Beach NJ, Toms River NJ, Waretown NJ, Cranford NJ and The Poconos NJ-PA


Mr. Ruestle was also a “wanna be” “rock star” with the band – Chipper Dove who was in “consultation” with EMI Records with “spy” “infiltrator” MICHALE CLANCY – CFO – EMI Records – Husband of Carol Parks of Chase Manhattan Bank - “alleged” SPY INFLITRATOR of the 1st Veteran’s Housing Project on 1st Street along with the “other” SPY INFLITRATOR FAMILIES such as KIRBY, REDLING, JOYCE, CHRISTIE along with their “allies” KANES, GILLS, SOCHAS, VERVERKAS, BROWNS, MURRAYS and HARRINGTONS and possibly the BEEBE, KILNERS, SERPES, MCFADDENS and BOYLES of 6th Street and Newman + Humphrey Avenues.





Elizabeth Norton


Bartender in Tribeca New York – Resident of Grove Street – Jersey City NJ “died” of a Drug Overdose. Related to Wall Street IT Executive – “cousin” by marriage.



Sharon Reilly Zahn Weber


Sharon Reilly of Huntington NY and Long Island City, NY - Allegedly “died” of Renal Failure in 2011. Cousin of Wall Street IT Executive.



John Olsen


A “notorious” and “infamous” “criminal” who allegedly assaulted and caused “brain damage” to 3 individuals by stomping on their head along with Michael “Mike” Sari


These 2 individuals “bragged” about a “loop pole” for “killing people”

According to his obituary in The Jersey Journal he had AIDS and committed suicide by putting his “head” on the tracks of a passing train and was “crushed” in the skull.


SUSPECTS – 3 “undercover” BPD Detectives who used to visit Parente’s Bar in the 1980s – who “claimed” to be MOTBY Base “employees” or DIA – Defense Intelligence Agency

DESCRIPTION – 2 men tall 6’1 with long black shaggy unkept hair shoulder length with mustaches + beards and 1 individual 5’9 with a shaggy mop top with sandy blond hair parted in the middle – rumored to be Wiley, Martinez and Hernandez of the BPD Detective Bureau – last seen in Spring of 2016 “posing” as INS Agents.


These 2 bearded shaggy long shoulder length hair individuals “resemble” the “friend” of the Irish Brothers in Boondock Saints I

(II not recommended – parody of 1)



Michael Boyle


He was found on railroad tracks with his “head” crushed by a passing train – 1990s


Believed to be killed to “frame” a resident – in the future



Wall Street IT Executive - To Be Named – Later


Joseph “Joe” Sisk along with Drew Sisk – BPD and Timothy Lynch - BPD along with John Jack Munro, Elizabeth “Liz” Currucci, Thomas Cotter, Michael Lejewski, Michael Tank Salinski – suspected of being involved or cospirators after the fact – of a Wall Street IT Executive “drugged” and “kidnapped” from Kanecko’s Bar to Hoppe’s Bar and then “staged” beating resulting in the “temporary” death – revived in Ambulance of a Bergen Point resident who worked on Wall Street – UNPROSECUTED



John Carney


Former BPD Police Officer – 1983 – who “stalked” and “followed” Wall Street IT Executive 3 to 5 even up to 8 times a day – in the 21st Street and Avenue E areas and Town Center areas – “pretending” to play Lottery Tickets.


John Carney is also from the “alleged” – Russian + German – Sleeper Agent Compound – The 1st Street Veterans’ Project with the The Parks, The Kirby, The Redlings, The Joyces and The Christies.


John Carney “claims” to work for the Bayonne Board of Education but does not “appear” to have a “job” or “retired” in recent years.



Jim Sullivan – YMCA BFCC – “KBG NAZI ODESSA” Spy Bunker


Assigned to Story Court Library – 2002 to 2007

Claimed to be going to “AA” (NAZI ODESSA Spy Ring – Unauthorized Surveillance – based on “Group Therapy” information Sharing)

Recently seen in Hoboken NJ in the early morning’s near 8th Street and Washington Street – along with “many” “many” other YMCA BFFCC “residents” (NAZI ODESSA Street Spies + Assassins)



Howard “Howie” Simmons


Found dead in his car near Brady’s Dock – 2010s



Randy Stack


Found dead with a hypodermic needle in his arm – “apparent” drug overdose – 1990s



Bobby Stack


Found dead at YMCA – BFCC of apparent “heart attack” or “drug overdose” - 2012



Richard “Dick” Joyce


Apparently died of “liver” disease – but “suspicious” death – 1990s



Thomas “Tommy” Burke


Apparently died of “liver” disease – but “suspicious” death – 1980s



Rusty Krycinowski


Allegedly died of a “drug” overdose – Suspicious death – 1980s



Melnick Brothers – Names Unknown


Associates of Rusty Krycinowski, who died of “drug” overdoses – unconfirmed – mid to late 1980s



Edward “Eddie” Shakey


Allegedly was “hit” by “lighting” on a beach in Florida – where he re-located and was working as a “Chef”.



Kenny Weaver


Died of a reported “accidently” “electrocution” cleaning or settting up his backyard above ground pool.



Todd LeConte

Allegedly died of a “drug” overdose – Suspicious death – 1980s



Leon – Mixed Breed – German Shepard – Tan w/ Black Nose


Rumored to have been “poisoned” by the BPD Detective Bureau – Allegedly done by Mark Smith and James Mahoney…


For Revenge, Spite and Hatred by these “alleged” and “rumored” Latent Homosexual Bull Queer Mentally Ill – Serial Killer Police Officers - also “rumored” to “torture” young men in Gay Leather – Sex Gear


James Mahoney is a child – sex criminal with a sexual assault on a 12 year old - Austic Girl – neighbor - who spent time at Juvenile Detention Center in Secaucus NJ in the late 1970s.


Mark Smith is “rumored” and “alleged” to be a Gay Character Assasssin “hired” by James Sisk – who “employs” Gay – Gun Photo Extortion to control his “police officers” and “residents” – believed to be SEVERELY MENTALLY ILL – Sociopath – Slanderer – Psychotic – Deranged and Demented.



NOTE – Many if not all were “friendly” to a Wall Street IT Executive – who grew up in Bayonne NJ and is a “real” American Citizen – who is a “noted” genius – intellectually “gifted” with Science Fair Wins and Perfect IQ Scores - in the “suspected” and “alleged” ISLAND PENINSULA “SPY BASE” CITY for Satanists, The Temple Taulbed, KBG who took it over from NAZI ODDESSA or The NAZI PARTY as well as “rumored” Russian – South African Special Forces – Sex Occultists (To Traumatize, Blackmail and Enslave) – Sleeper Agents or Satanic Sect.


Russian – South African Special Forces are “rumored” to be from South and West Africa above the “formal” country of South Africa – in Russian Satellite States such as Zaire, Zambia and Angola – who appear to be “Irish” or “German” looking – many with “reddish” “brown” or “yellow” “orange” hair.




Stakeout Locations

Wrongfully Convicted

Designated Informants

Cop Groupie Girls

Cars - Undercover


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