HCCC – Hudson County Corrections Center

Hudson County Jail – Kearny NJ

Abuses and Criminal Behavior





Immigrant detainee's death prompts protest outside jail

Hudson County jail population dropping under bail reform

Freeholders to county jail inmates: No smart TVs for you

Jail inmate busted with 'LeBron James' cocaine in his shoe, authorities say

Kearny man released after phoning threats from jail, cops say





Hudson County Jail is a CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION under Capt Yurecko and Lt Matos and their report Lt D’Andrea, Lt Turner and Lt Monteleone


500 Guards are “reported” to be on the payroll

However, only 125 Guards report to Kearny NJ Jail.

Un-Accounted for C.O.s are believed to be a Video Surveillance Operation or in jail undercover as “prisoners”


35% to 40% Guards are Puerto Rican or Spanish from Union City, West New York, North Bergen and Guttenberg

NOTE – Many if not All – Puerto Ricans “practice” SANTARIA VOODOO – SILENT SATANISM against AMERICAN WHITES + BLACKS in America – They ARE NOT – SPANISH CATHOLICS as many people believe or perceive them to be.

NOTE – Many if not All – Puerto Ricans are SUPPORTERS or MEMBERS of FALN – Freedom from America Liberation Network – A Separatist – Terrorist Group who “bombed” Frances Tavern in the early 1980s – It is “believed” that FALN is “controlled” by THE KGB


Under Day Manager – 1st + 2nd Shifts - Puerto Rican – Lt. Matos


Many other guards are BLACK – African Americans


The Jail Population is 85% Black – from Jersey City NJ – arrested on Martin Luther King Drive, Ocean and Jackson Avenues in Jersey City


10% is INS ICE Detainees.

5% Spanish

1% White


HCPO takes 6 months to INDICT Detainees at Hudson County Jail with 99.9% Indictment Rate

Grand Juries are ALMOST NEVER SEEN at Hudson County Court House + Administration Building


HCCC is a SUPER MAX PRISON DESIGN used as a County Jail

With STEEL DOORS and 2 person Cell Occupancy.



A prior lawsuit in 2008 revealed the HCCC – Hudson County Jail – Kearny SPENDS 17 CENTS – PER MEAL for INMATES






·       NOTE - NO VRU SYSTEM – with No Voice Mail for most employees


Puerto Rican and Black Guards HARASS White Prisoners on a regular on going basis.


NOTE – Many HCCC Corrections Officers “claim” to have “police powers” of investigation and arrest

FALSE – The gun is only for self-defense


CALLING of SERGEANTS for Prisoner’s

Many if not All Corrections Officer’s REFUSE to call SERGEANTS to resolve disputes or file grievance in VIOLATION of HCCC Rules + Procedures.



C.O. Resendes

C.O. Melendes

C.O. Gomez




Many if not ALL SERGEANTS and / or Lieutenants




Medical Department

Suspected of being “Agent of Foreign Government” Spy Base

All Nurses are IMMIGRANTS believed to be ILLEGALS




Dr. Sanchez – Mexican

Dr. Garcia – Philippina

Dr. Malcom – Russian Jew – American

Dr. Itoop – British East Indian – “Contractor” – Medical Doctor


NOTE – Medical Department – PC’s often display BRITISH FLAGS as “backgrounds”


ISSUE – Medical Department, Dietary Dept and Kitchen INSIST on SERVING – WHITE RICE to DIABETICS


White Rice raises Blood Sugar – Glucose 60 Points per serving


Dr. Itoop – Conspiracy – Cover Up

Refused to order X-Ray to confirm Broken – Cracked Ribs of White – Irish American from Excessive Force and Aggravated Assault in Video Court by C.O. M Williams

For 5 Months – REFUSED

X-Ray was ordered eventually by Weekend Doctor



Current Offenses – Outstanding


In 2016 ran an UNAUTHORIZED SURVEILLANCE OPERATION and MAIL THEFT RING in HCCC – Hudson County Jail with Capt Yurecko (RUSSIAN – URKANIAN – “FTW Anarchist Biker”), Lt. Matos (PUERTO RICAN – “FALN”), Lt. Turner (BLACK – “DOMINICAN”) and Lt D’Andrea (ITALIAN) and their Corrections Officers including C.O. Peralta (ITALIAN), C.O. Sebastanio (ITALAIN), SGT Elkholy (BRITISH EAST INDIAN), SGT Drew (BRITISH), SGT Estevez, C.O, J. Infrissini (ITALIAN), SGT Kalb (GERMAN – “NAZI”), C.O. Resendes (“RUSSIAN”), C.O. Melendes (Puerto Rican – “FALN”), C.O. O’Brien (POLISH – RUSSIAN), C.O. Richburg (BLACK), C.O. OQuendo, C.O. Zambrano (ITALIAN), C.O. Solis (SPANISH – ITALIAN), C.O. Ramiriez (Puerto Rican) – MALE and others


In Co-operation with Bayonne Police Department – Detective Bureau – Running an ILLEGAL STING REVENGE – ENTRAPMENT OPERATION as well as CORPORATE ESPIONAGE that included CELL SEARCHES for INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY nad PATENT DRAWINGs along with MAIL THEFTs from HCCC Mail Boxes – that were ALL VANDALIZED by HCCC Guards where every this PRISONER moved to inside the prison – D1-West, C3-West, C1-West –C3-East, MEDICAL and A1-West,


MANY ITALIAN believe to be Italian Mafia – Organized Crime members or soldiers such as Lt. D’Andrea, C.O. Peralta, C.O. Sebastiano, C.O. Zambrano and C.O. J. Infrissini of Bloomfield NJ and C.O. Academy - and / or Puerto Rican believed by FALN supporters or members including Lt. Matos and C.O. Juan Melendes under the “command” of NAZI – FTW Anarchist Biker – Capt Yurecko.


Placing “DNI”s listed in DNI Page on this website as “undercover” snitches and informants to create FALSE POLICE REPORTS.



BCB Bank and BPD Detective Bureau – Bonanno Crime Family – Drug Dealing Division

HCCC – Corrections Officers are now “employed” as “Security Guards” along with BPD Detectives – Active Duty and Retired + Hudson County Sheriff’s Officers at BCB – Bayonne Community bank – An “alleged” Russian Mafia like Identity Theft and Bank Fraud operation run by the BPD Detective Bureau - under Organized Crime Figures – William Bill Bull Napier –Harrington and John “Jack” Styles so they can “influence” and “control” the Hudson County Jail and the Hudson County Courthouse.


Italian Mafia

Superior Officers like Lt Monteleone, Lt D’Andrea and C.O. J Infrissini are “believed” to be “made” guys in the Italian Mafia.

Lt. D’Andrea “admitted’ to be “life long” friends with Bayonne Criminal “Emmanuelle” who is the runner for Organized Crime Figure – Tommy Fortunada – formerly of Tony’s Pizzeria in Bayonne. As well as “Tough Cakes” – who DNI informants on C3-West Tier.


FTW Anarchist Biker Gangs

Employs Lt. Michael “Mickey” Ripp of The Eastsiders M.C. of Bayonne NJ – who are “banned” by Federal Indictment – for the “unsolved” murder of a Diablo biker of North Hudson.

Night Manager of HCCC


Capt Yurecko – Bald with many MULTI-COLORED ARM Tatoo’s (as many C.O.s at HCCC have…) believed or “rumored” + “alleged” to be a Mongol or Warlock from Bergen or Essex County.

Many of these Spanish Guards – believed to be Puerto Rican – have Multi-Colored Tattoos on their forearms and upper arms – indicated they may FTW Anarchist Bikers

And may belong to Spanish Biker Gangs such as

·       Banididas

·       Sons of Satan

·       Diablos


Capt Yurecko – Criminal Conspiracy to Commit Murder – against a prisoner

Capt Yurecko REFUSED to a prisoner in PROTECTIVE CUSTODY (with Lt. Turner of D1-West) after he complained about ABUSIVE TREATMENT by Juan Melendes and his prisoner tier workers – who became a “prison” gang – under Juan Melendes – who later Assualted by C.O. Resendes, SGT Drew + SGT Elkholy, C.O. Peralta and C.O. Sebastanio – in separate incidents – besides many attempted assaults by Juan Melendes’ prisoner tier workers



Lt Matos – Conspiracy – Working with BPD – Civil Rights Violations


Lt. Matos in front of a white C.O. instructed a prisoner not to write legal motions to his Judge Frank Carpenter – as he “received” phone calls from the Bayonne Police Department “falsely” claiming “threats” to the Judge – when the motions were - MOTIONS for CHANGE of VENUE, MOTIONS to RECUSE and MOTIONS to DISMISS.



Lt. Matos is believed to be a LATENT or CLOSTED HOMOSEXUAL – wearing “tight” fitting clothing and may be a BULL QUEER – MENTALLY ILL – GAY MAN..


NOTE – The Spanish Culture practices “Machismo” that means never reveal that you are GAY or BISEXUAL as a SPANISH PERSON.



Lt Turner – D-Block Supervisor - Corruption + Cover Up

Whom had meetings, memos, letters, complaints + IA Grievances about the “crazied” “racist” and “criminal” behavior of C.O. Juan Melendes – and DID ABSOLUTE NOTHING




Lt D’Andrea – C-Block Supervisor – Un-Authorized Surveillance, False Imprisonment, Conspiracy + Assault

Italian – Lt. D’Andrea - Whom directed his C.O.s and SGT Elkholy to harass and abuse a white prisoner – Irish American

Whom claimed to “know” people from Bayonne – un-identified as well as being “life long” friends of “Emmaneulle” and “Tough Cakes” – Black Inmate DNI (Designated Informants) Snitches – who were “directed” to ask or insist this White Irish Prisoner was “associated” with the Italian Mafia.

Repeatedly met with OQuendo and Solis on the Tier – while angrily staring down at the White – Irish American prisoner

Personally “arrested” with HEARING SGT and sent to Detention Block “falsely” accused after a Female – Puerto Rican Guard “claimed” he was the “aggressor” in fight with another prisoner – when it was only a heated argument – and no violence occurred.

Came frequently on the C3-West Tier with “bodyguard” and “thug” SGT Elkholy.



SGT Thompson – Medical Transport – Supervisor – Racism + Intimidation

Black – African American – SGT Thompson refused to “re-assign” or “discipline” an Italian American C.O. who “chemically” “assaulted” a prisoner with “perfume” – because he “daringly” or for “racist” reasons – claimed the prisoner smelled

Italian C.O. sprayed prisoner for over 2 minutes – from head to toe with perfume

In another encounter – used Police Intimidation and Terrorist Threats of Violence – to bring or “escort” a prisoner to Medical Department from C3-West Tier in Summer of 2016

NO REASON for his use as an C.O. Escort to Medical – Deemed for PERSONAL RACIST REASONS for HARASSMENT.



SGT Estevez – D-Block – Shift Sergeant

Whom did nothing about complaints of DOMINICAN + BLACK SOCIAL WORKERS who “refused” to talk to a white prisoner or provide supplies like envelopes

One Social Worker – Dominican – DISAPPEARED for OVER 2 MONTHS – because she didn’t want to give envelopes to white prisoner

One Social Worker – Ms Sally – harassed and refused to give letters to senior officers at HCCC for a white prisoner.

A “Bodybuilder” with fitted tailored shirts to “accommodate” is “muscular” physique



SGT Dille - HEARING SGT – HCCC – Theft, Fraud, Conspiracy - Corruption

Had a “kangaroo” court hearing on the C.O. Resendes + SGT Drew assault – that resulted in the “permanent” damage to his left arm and rotor cuff – 50% loss of mobility – un-repairable even with surgery

Would not allow prisoner to speak

Interrupted repeatedly with “phrase” I guess you shouldn’t have hit SGT Drew – when no punches were thrown at SGT Drew - who grabbed prisoner by the shirt after say “I don’t give a fuck what you say…” regarding C.O. Melendes – lying to C.O. Green about prisoner who wanted to go Internet Library.

Prisoner only grabbed SGT Drew by his shirt and pinned him to a nearby table – until a Spanish Prisoner grabbed him from behind and pulled on to the floor – where then – C.O. Resendes – pulled his arm over his shoulder 15 or more times – saying “Stop Resisting Arrest…” falsely to cover up his “excessive force”

Never reimbursed prisoner for stolen or “confiscated” and never returned Radio(s) – 2 and Art Pencils.

Watched as C.O. Dela Cruz – roughed up and pushed up the hallway a white prisoner and said nothing – was part of the escort in the hallway



Lt Monteleone – MEDICAL + MEDICAL TRANSPORT - Believed to be Mafia Capo – Godfather at HCCC – Hudson County Jail as well as Outdoor Assignment to THE MODS -

Who “employs” the evilest nastiest C.O.s such as Juan Melendez, Gracia, Hoffman, T. Jackson, OQuendo and others for Medical Transport Assignments

It is “believed” that they can use their “smartphones” during work to receive “instructions” from the Italian Mafia and Organized Crime

Refused to Schedule Medical Transport for Orthopedic Therapy for Dislocated Shoulder of White – Irish American – Sent Once – NEVER AGAIN


C.O. Juan Melendes – Abusive Guard – D1-West – RACIST against Whites + Blacks

C.O. Juan Melendes under Investigation by HCCC IA and Grievance Department WRONGFULLY TOOK PRISONER TRANPSORT ASSIGNMENT for a prisoner had filed MULTIPLE GRIEVANCES and IA Complaints against him - with C.O. T Jackson and harass and abused a prisoner – not allowing to take valuable LEGAL DOCUMENTS and DRAWING and PERSONAL EFFECTS back to Hudson County Jail –

Juan Melendes a IMMIGRANT from Puerto Rico who came to America at 19 is believed to be a LATENT GAY BULL QUEERY MENTALLY - ILL MAN who HARASSES American Whites and American Blacks at the D1-West Tier that he is assigned.

Juan Melendes is a BELIEVED to be A RACIST and Support or Member of FALN – Puerto Rican – Separatist and Terrorist Group who wears a Colonel’s Baseball Cap and Military Boots at work.

Juan Melendes is ALSO BELIEVED to be a member of FTW Anarchist Biker Gang – NAZIs

Juan Melendes is also “reported” to have been an abusive guard – “sex crimes” and “physical abuse” of detainees at the Secaucus Youth House prior to his hiring at Hudson County Jail.

Juan Melendes was with C.O. A Johnson who also had a terrible criminal reputation


NOTE – Juan Melendes has been “observed” or “caught” looking at Joe Weider – Body Building Magazines during his shift at his desk on D1-West – hiding the magazine in the log book.

NOTE – Juan Melendes has been “observed” or “caught” going to the corner of D1-West – hiding behind a pole and ILLEGALLY using his SMARTPHONE for “text” messaging.



C.O. Juan Melendes – Terrorist Threats - Medical Unit

Juan Melendez – Wrongfully took a Medical Transport Assignment from HCCC Medical Tier to JCMC for a prisoner who had MULTIPLE GRIEVANCES and IA Complaints against him

Prisoner refused transport by Juan Melendez

Juan Melendez threatened prisoner saying “I’ll slap this shit out of you…”

And then had other RACIST C.O.s join in the INTIMIDATION and THREATS with C.O. Galloway – BLACK and C.O. Gracia – Puerto Rican - making RACIAL COMMENTS and THREATS



C.O. Juan Melendes – Civil Rights Violations – Cruel + Unusual Punishment – Solitary Confinement – Medical Unit

Put a prisoner in Psych Op Observation – Solitary Confinement - REPEATEDLY for up to 3 ½ Months for NO REASON – who was always “released” by the Weekend Psych Staff.


He also put in any BLACK PRISONERS on the Tier – D1-West in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT as “punishment” for being “friends” with the WHITE IRISH AMERICAN.



C.O. Juan Melendes – D1-West

Conspiracy- Aggravated Assault - Attempted Murder

Allowed Deranged “Charles Manson” like Inmate- believed to be a NAZI – Austin Interfrissini – to attack a White Irish American inmate FOR 5 HOURS – without speaking, intervening or “locking in” this crazed RACIST Inmate.

Who screamed “I WANT TO KILL IRISH PEOPLE” and charged then ran away repeatedly



C.O. Juan Melendes – D1-West – Terroristic Threats – Harassment – Intimidation


In 2016, Winter – Spring - Repeatedly THREATENED White – Irish American inmate about using Keefe Kiosk – Tablet Touchscreen Computer System for Reporting I.A. Grievances



C.O. Juan Melendes – D1-West – False Imprisonment

In 2016, Winter – Spring – Had one of his “Prison Gang” Tier Workers – Rany Vidal close the cell door on White – Irish American inmate and then FALSELY CLAIMED that the RELEASE BUTTON on his CONTROL PANEL was BROKEN

Reported to a Sergeant who DID NOTHING

Released after AUTOMATIC – RESET after 1:30PM – Lock Down



C.O. Juan Melendes – D1-West – False Imprisonment

In 2016, Winter – Spring – Locked in White – Irish American prisoner for talking back to a SPANISH – BLACK “Prison Gang” Tier Worker – who threatened him at meal time distribution.

Released by C.O. Resendes on 2nd Shift



C.O. Juan Melendes – D1-West -

In 2016, Winter – Spring - Repeatedly THREATENED White – Irish American inmate about using Keefe Kiosk – Tablet Touchscreen Computer System for Reporting I.A. Grievances



C.O. Juan Melendes – D1-West

Conspiracy – Prison Gang Leader – Aggravated Assault + Harassment

Created a “prison” gang on his Jail Tier – with Spanish + Black Prison workers – who were allowed to physically attack and harass inmates – especially those in “lock in” isolation status with:


Austin Interfrissini – “Blue”

Lester Smith

Randy Vidal


Whom allowed them to his desk – behind red lines

Whom “fist” pumped them before 1:30pm Lock Down

Whom entered cells with them for “meetings”


C.O. Juan Melendes – D1-West – Corruption + Conspiracy with BPD

In 2012, Juan Melendes on friendly terms before 2016 Harassment, Assualt, False Imprisonment, Terrorist Threats – was shown Word Documents regarding the corruption and harassment of a Wall Street IT Executive – RETIRED from Bayonne NJ and Juan Melendes then “announced” his “intenton” to go to or visit BPD – Bayonne Police Department and “speak” with them regarding the “criminal” harassment of this inmate

He was warned not to go to BPD HQ, but insisted his was “on the job” (FALSE BELIFEF by CORRECTIONS OFFICERS because of the BADGE No and GUN – for SELF DEFENSE – ONLY) but he continued to state his “intention” of “speaking” with BPD – Bayonne Police Department



C.O. Batista? + C.O. Gracia Medical Transport – Racism, Harassment, Terroristic Threats

Whom may threatening remarks after a White – Irish American prisoner “paused” and looked a dinner cart in the hallway on the way back to his hospital bed.



C.O A Gonzales – Medical Transport – Racism, Harassment, Terroristic Threats

The partner of C.O. Cruz who at Jersey City Medical Center refused any request from a White – Irish American inmate and repeatedly pointed and yelled at inmate




C.O. Ramierez – MALE – Un-Authorized Surveillance – Entrapment

Claimed to be from Bayonne NJ and worked out at the NYSC on the 169-400 Mall – South and tried to “extract” information from a white prisoner – regarding the YMCA – BFCC – on C3-West Tier under Lt D’Andrea.

Who actually lives in North Bergen – and a Jersey Journal – North Bergen Edition is found on his car seat every morning in the HCCC Kearny parking lot



C.O. Ramierez – FEMALE w/ glasses – Verbal Abuse and / or Terrorist Threats

Who ignored complaints by a white prisoner and responded only by yelling “FUCK YOU” loudly 3 Times – on C3-West Tier under Lt D’Andrea



C.O. A Johnson – Terrorist Threats, Bias Intimidation

Was called onto C3-West Tier by a C.O. Ramierez – FEMALE w/ glasses – after she verbally abused and / or threatened a prisoner by yelling on the Tier to a White Prisoner – FUCK YOU” Loudly Angerily 3 Times – who then threatened this White Prisoner incrouching him – breaking the 3 foot – personal barrier – falsely accusing him of saying the “n-word” to provoke a “physical” confrontation and “excessive force” incidents by C.O.s - on C3-West Tier under Lt D’Andrea



SGT Elkholy, C.O. Peralta and C.O. Sebastanio – C1-West under Lt D’Andrea

ILLEGAL TOOK BY FORCE a prisoner who was “excused” or “exempted” from DIABETES TESTING – 4:00pm Evaluation – Handcuffed and roughed up out of the cell to the elevator

Prisoner tried to explain that he was “exempted” and this was not allowed but SGT Elkholy – right hand man under Lt D’Andrea (rumored Gay Bi Sexual “Bodybuiler”) and “rumored” bodyguard – during inspections of C1-West – refused to listen – who days early tried to provoke an “excessive force” incident by cutting directly in front of the prisoner on the tier – harassing the prisoner for Lt D’Andrea (Italian) – known to come to the tier and angrily stare down this prisoner who was IRISH AMERICAN.

Prisoner was “banged up” or “roughed up” by slamming him – repeatedly off the walls of an elevator – as he “forcibly” taken to Medical – in handcuffs – by SGT Elkholy who switched “positions” with Lt Peralta or C.O. Sebastanio – so he can “personally” rough up the prisoner – and waited until they were inside the elevator so they were no witnesses or cameras.


Lt D’Andrea also refused to discipline a “fellow” Italian American – C.O. Solis for ANTI-IRISH RACIST COMMENTs and HARASSMENT.

SGT Elkholy also STOLE radio from prisoner and refused to return it or admit theft



C.O. J Infrizzini – Harassment + Violation of Civil Rights – Right to Privacy

Italian American from Belleville NJ – Who helps run the C.O. Academy - Rumored to be Italian Mafia – Organized Crime figure.

Who during a Medical Transport – mocked repeatedly and laughed in the face to an Irish American prisoner at Jersey City Medical Center

Who then showed his picture and arrest record to Jersey City Police Officers in the Emergency Room – violating HCCC Policies and the prisoner’s Civil Rights – and mockingly discussed his life with them – ironically JCPD stood up on behalf of prisoner.

Also – was seen on C-3 West Tier – searching for prisoner and then saw him and turned around and left – violating HCCC policies – of Police Intimidation + Harassment



C.O. Resendes and SGT Drew – Aggravated Assault against a Prisoner + Racial Incident – British against Irish


Illegal Attacked and Assaulted a prisoner

C.O. Resendes - Dislocating his shoulder by pulling his left arm over his shoulder over 16 times – until is was ripped from the socket and tendons torn away – saying “Stop Resisting Arrest” – Over and Over again during the assault to “criminally” cover up his actions – a new technique by police and prison guards – while he struggled with SGT Drew – who attacked and grabbed the prisoner after refusing to hear complaints about C.O. Juan Melendez saying “I don’t give a fuck – what you have to say about anything.

SGT Drew then MACED a handcuffed prisoner prone on the ground for REVENGE and HATRED.

C.O. Resendes is “believed” to be a RUSSIAN AMERICAN using a fake name.





C.O. Resendes – False Imprisonment

After C.O. M Williams “assault” in Video Court – locked in White Irish American prisoner for OVER 2 ½ WEEKS – without charges

Every Sergeant was “asked” why was prisoner in “lock in” isolation – they responded – have “no idea” – but did not release prisoner.



C.O. R Ortiz – MAIL THEFT – US Mail Boxes outside of Jail Tier – C1-West


Seen taking U.S. Mail – outgoing – from a US Mail Box – outside Prison Tier – Detention Block – C1-West on 7/13/2017 at 4:00pm – using a flashlight

As ALL HCCC Mail Boxes were VANDALIZED for a ROGUE STING OPERATION for the BPD – Bayonne Police Department in a REVENGE STING – ENTRAPMENT OPERATION as well as CORPORATE ESPIONAGE as the prisoner is a “noted” genius and inventor and famous Computer Scientist.


NOTE – One of 5 – USPS – Inspector General – MAIL THEFT Investigation – related to the Italian Mafia, Bayonne Police Department – BPD and the HCCC – Hudson County Jail.



C.O. Richberg – Black Female – Excessive Force – Police Intimidation - Harassment

Who works under Lt. D’Andrea on C3-West Tier was seen ON CAMERA repeatedly trying to “bump” into a prisoner – to create an “excessive force” incident – so the prisoner could be “beaten up” by Corrections Officers at Medical Unit at night – 4:00am – during DIABETES TESTING – Repeatedly came out of Security Bubble to pass or cut across in front of a prisoner.



C.O. Rosario – Puerto Rican – Medical Transport – RACISM + HARASSMENT

Refused any and all requests from a white prisoner at Jersey City Medical Center

Verbally Abusive as well



C.O. OQuendo – Cuban - Excessive Force – Police Intimidation - Harassment

Who works under Lt. D’Andrea on C3-West Tier was seen ON CAMERA repeatedly trying to “bump” into a prisoner – to create an “excessive force” incident – so the prisoner could be “beaten up” by Corrections Officers

Stole RADIO off a prisoner – who was put into DETENTION BLOCK.


C.O. O’Brien – “Polish American” – Excessive Force – Police Intimidation – Harassment

Called in “excessive force” – prisoner “arrest” after a “valid” complaint – to a MENTALLY ILL NURSE – who “refused” to talk or treat a prisoner – who ended up “falsely” imprisoned – in DETENTION BLOCK – C1-West

Verbally abused a prisoner with “Mr. Big Shot” comments.


SGT Kalb – Receiving Department - Abusive Behavior – Harassment

Believed to be a NAZI GERMAN or NAZI ODESSA – Control Agent “secretly” running HCCC from RECEIVING DEPARTMENT that “served” as a “command center”

Repeatedly verbally abused a prisoner calling him an ASSHOLE


Repeatedly made threats to send a prisoner to DETENTION BLOCK

Was “friendly” with ITALIAN MAFIA – Organized Crime Figure – Bayonne Police Department - SGT Bilotta of Tony’s Pizzeria - who slandered and lied about a prisoner

Refused to INFORM or CONFIRM to BPD Officers that White – Irish Amerian inmate had DISLOCATED SHOULDER and needed “special handling” and / or be “cuffed” from the front - not behind

·       BPD Officer DeNoble (ITALIAN + GERMAN) made “scarcastic” comments and “roughed” up White – Irish American prisoner in Municipal Court – Dragging him around by LEFT – Dislocated Arm

·       Whom also “revealed” in holding cell – his was “best friends” with Angelo Scianni – Ralph Scianni’s son.

·       Made Threats to send White – Irish American prisoner to HCCC Detention Block – during Transport



C.O. M Williams – Video Court – Aggravated Assault- Free Speech - Civil Rights Violations

BLACK – AFRICAN AMERICAN Corrections Officer - Attacked a White – Irish American prisoner from Behind – Punching him in the head – from behind - repeatedly 5 Times and slamming him against the walls of the video court booth – for speaking to the Hudson County Court - CJP Arraignment Judge + Prosecutor + Public Defender

Struggle ensued and was pinned down by 9 HCCC C.O.s

Received broken – cracked ribs and bloody lip



C.O. J Cureba – Receiving Department – Video Court

Excessive Force – Violation of Free Speech – Due Process

Working in Video Court – forcibly removed a prisoner for speaking to a Judge – Frank Carpenter – violating his Civil Rights of Free Speech and Right to a Fair Trial

Worked for SGT Kalb in RECEIVING DEPARTMENT - most days.



C.O.Collins – Video Court - Violation of Free Speech – Due Process

Works in Vido Court – Shut Down a Video Court Session because prisoner was answering questions from Judge Frank Carpenter of Bayonne Municipal Court

Also Verbally Abusive and Insulting

Collins is a BLACK FEMALE rumored to be “friendly” with SGT Kalb



C.O. Dela Cruz – Receiving Department

Excessive Force – Roughing Up a Prisoner – RACISM

Who worked as a “special” “assistant” under SGT KALB – believed to be a GAY MAN who “roughed” up a prisoner – escorting him back to his jail teir from Receiving Dept – witnessed by the HEARING SGT – SGT Dille - because he was WHITE, AMERICAN and was not liked by SGT Kalb – a “rumored” NAZI ODESSA – Sleeper Agent – “controlling” the jail from Receiving Department

Wears “special” “stylized” eye wear – glasses



C.O. DeCarvolo – Special Ops – “SWAT” - Assualt, Police Brutality and Terroristic Threats

In a Medical Transport after a confrontation, C.O. DeCarvolo along with his partner C.O. DeFazio brought Irish American prisoner to Medical – where DeCarvolo “announced” his was Mayor James Davis’ son – and insulted this prisoner mental health and appearance – calling him a “crazy weirdo on meds with no teeth (or bad teeth)” and then bragged how he was a bar fighter beating up over 33 men (with his “friends” – allegedly FTW Anarchist Bikers and “associates” of Joseph “Joe” Sisk – bartender of The Wonder and he announced several other bars where he “beat up” people with his “friends (AGGRAVATED ASSUALT) and then THREATENED to HUNT DOWN INMATE with HIS FRIENDS “BIKERS?” and / or MAFIA SOLDIERS?” – AFTER INMATE WAS RELEASED FROM JAIL – and then “insulted” his brothers and “little” punks – when one brother is 6’5” 235 and the other is 6’3” 265

Also mentioned he was a ONE PUNCH – KNOCK ARTIST – FIGHTER – “Derange-ly” and “Disturbing” – NOT TRUE

NOTE – Is the GRANDSON of Alleged Godfather of Bayonne – Pepe LaScala SR




“INS” Agents

3 persons appeared in Receiving Department as White – Irish American prisoner was transported to Bayonne Municipal Court – going and returning

Were “posing” as INS Agents with a prisoner

Seen 30 years earlier – who “posed” as DNI Agents from MOTBY Military Pier in Bayonne NJ at Parente’s Chatterbox – every Saturday afternoon for 4 ½ years.


5’8 – Sandy Brown Light Hair – Thick Shaggy Cut – Parted in the Middle

6’2 – Black Hair – Long Past Shoulder - Scraggily Beard – Medium To Thin Build

6’1 – Black Hair – Long Past Shoulder – Scraggily Beard – Medium To Thin Build

Believed to be BPD Detectives – Morales, Diaz and Cotter – Un-Confirmed


Video Surveillance

In 2016, HCCC allowed to “observe” a white- Irish American prisoner whom is a noted “genius” and Research Computer Scientist on prison tiers – from
Video Surveillance Center(s)


Mail Theft Ring and Operation

Had HCCC C.O.s - vandalize US Mail drop boxes – outside prison tiers – to steal correspondence, legal documents, Intellectual Property, Patent Drawings and Original Art Drawings of a new under development - Comic Book.

Had Mail Department and Jersey City Post Office – Daniels – send back VALID MAIL as RETURN TO SENDER to prevent “outside” communication.

Also Had same operation at TPH – West Trenton NJ when prisoner was sent for a Legal Competency Evaluation – illegally and unnecessarily ordered by “harassing” Judge Frank Carpenter of Bayonne Municipal Court.


DNIs – “prisoners” conducting Un-Authorized Surveillance + Entrapment

Sent in a number of Bayonne residents and “prisoners” and DNI’s (Designated Informants) to “spy” on conversations, phone calls on prison tiers

See DNIs on Home Page.

“Billy” – FTW Anarchist Biker

Associated with The Eastsiders M.C. Club and Godfather – Pepe LaScala SR

Friendly with “Lumpy” and “Fast Eddie” – Leaders of The Eastsiders M.C.


David Healy

Jewish – Heroin Addict



A Black – African American from Bergen Point NJ who was “associate” of Alleged Serial Killer and NAZI – Michael Sari aka Charles Manson of Bayonne NJ


BCB Bank Guard – “Employment” as “Security Guard” – Graft, Corruption – Kickbacks

Employed HCCC Prison Guards thru BCB Security Office under BPD Detective – William “Bill” “Bull” Napier –Harrington –Adopted and John “Jack” Styles to gain “influence” and “control” over HCCC Hudson County Jail and Court House Admin Building with Sheriff’s Officers.


William Bill Bull Napier –Harrington is an Organized Crime Figure from BPD and The Harrington Crime Family – associated with the Eastsiders M.C., NYC Chapter of The Hell’s Angels and Pagans M.C of South Jersey - involved in Murder, Kidnapping, White Slavery, Home Invasion, Drug Dealing – in Seaside Heights NJ – at Motels + Bars – EJ’s, Riggers + Captain Hooks – “secretly” owned by The Harringtons – to attack vacationers from the States of IL, OH + IA – to “create” KBG NAZI ODESSA – BASE CITIES

NOTE – Daniel “Danny” Harrington JR was arrested in late 1980s or early 1990s with Charles Currucci for dealing cocaine but turned “state’s evidence” against Currucci – NEVER CONVICTED or SERVED TIME

NOTE – Gregg Harrington – Drug Dealer – left Bayonne NJ and went to Los Angeles to become a LA Chapter – Hell’s Angel and then returned to East Coast to become a Pagan M.C. of South Jersey – Tom’s River, Seaside Park, Asbury Park and Long Branch NJ – who is “rumored” and “alleged” to be No. 2 of The Pagans and works as a “bartender” on the boardwalk of Seaside Heights NJ – EJ’s on the Boardwalk as well as Riggers.

NOTE – In the 1970s and 1980s, Seaside Heights NJ – ONLY ADVERTISED in THE MID –WEST – NOT IN - Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City or Boston – ONLY Advertised in Chicago IL, Columbus OH, Canton OH, Cincinnati Oh and Indianapolis IA – Major Cities – that is “now” “known” as JERRY SPRINGER LAND – Home of the WHITE TRASH – DIRTBAG NAZIs – who you see on his show JERRYS SPRINGER SHOW and STEVE WILKOS SHOW


FTW Anarchist Bikers


Lt Mickey Ripp of The Eastsiders – in Bayonne NJ and Hilton Head NC

CO DeCarvolo of The Eastsider and / or Wonder Bar in Bayonne NJ


Italian Mafia


CO DeCarvolo – of Bayonne NJ

Lt D’Andrea – of Bayonne NJ

NOTE – There are other Italian and Spanish Corrections Officers - UN-Confirmed





C.O. Smith – from Bayonne NJ – D1-West Tier – Weekends

Whom “died” early and was friendly with Irish American inmate from Bayonne NJ and read many his legal documents regarding Police Brutality and Corruption by BPD – Bayonne Police Department

Was last seen talking to Irish American inmate near Italian Mafia Signaling Station – Pompei Pizza before his death

Believed to have been killed – because of friendly-ness toward Irish American inmate by Italian Mafia and / or BPD Detectives.



British East Indian – Inmate – D1-West

A British East Indian “mysteriously” died in his cell – after speaking and befriending a White Irish American and noted genius and Research Computer Scientist in D1-West Tier

Who revealed that East India (India) is a LAWLESS - GODLESS - SATANIC STATE where you have to “kill” to survive every day much like Mexico or Brazil – along with many Rats and 6 foot wingspan Vampire Bats

You are hunted down and killed by knives – mostly – trapped in a building, hallway or alley – for your wallet, credit cards, jewelry and shoes.


NOTE – British East Indians “practice” or “worship” the DEATH GOD – Kali and are considered SATANISTS like British, Italians, Russians, Russian Jews and German Jews who “practice” the Dark Arts of Old Europe – SILENT SATANISM.

NOTE – See Movie – Indian Jones and The Temple of Doom

NOTE – See TV Show – Amazing Race – India Episodes – See Hunters on Scooters + Bikes

NOTE – See “Seinfeld” TV Show – Indian Parents Episode – “Never Go To India – It’s a Horrible Horrible Place”




Here are some “jokes” about the HCCC and their Corrections Officers


S.P.I.C. – Stupid Pricks in Corrections or Stupid Puerto Ricans in Corrections

Referring to the dumb criminal racist Puerto Ricans who “rule” Hudson County Jail.


Gracia – The Stupidest Puerto Rican – In The World

He doesn’t know how to spell his own name – Garcia. (Not Gracia)


HCCC - Hudson County Jail
The Pulp Fiction Training Academy for C.O.s

(Gay Tatoo’d – with Buzz Cut Hair Styles – Sex Criminal – “Bull Queers”)


Super Villians of HCCC


The Unbearable Dolt – Lt. Turner – The do nothing buffoon of HCCC

The Quizzler – Lt D’Andrea – The Gay Riddler of HCCC

The Punk Bitch – C.O. O’Brien – as the “gay” “12 year” “girl” of HCCC – Also “Gay” Riddler

El Machismo – SGT Estevez and his “tight” “custom” “fitted” work shirts

E-Hole – The Evil Asshole – SGT Elkholy

Big Bitch – C.O. Richberg – the “gay” 2 tone Weave (blond) – wearing “gay” female guard

Col Berlin – SGT Kalb

Agent KBG – C.O. Resendes

Professor Druid – SGT Drew – British – American Spy School – Sleeper Agent

El Sloucho – Lt. Matos and his “poor” posture and “machismo” “fake” “toughness”




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