WARNING: This is the worst police department in America






Cold Cases







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PHOTOS  were sent to BPD, JCPD, HOBOKEN PD and NJ Transit PD – HCPO Tipline + HCPO Ester Suarez





Many of the DNIs appear to come from or “live at” (RENT FREE) at the YMCA BFCC.

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Tall Thin Greyish White Hair – Russian Polish – Goatee

Since 2006 to present, Russian Street Spy from the benches on 18th  Street and 19th  Street and Broadway for 10 years on the “bench” and pretending not to speak “english” – bumming “cigarettes” from a Wall Street IT Executive – Semi-Retired using Office Space and Computers at the Networking Café


Was seen “suspiciously” from 7:00am to 11:00pm on Broadway – all day and nite until he “disappeared” into a parking lot south of the Avenue C – 7-11 – now “mysteriously” in Hoboken NJ + Hoboken TRAIN STATION during the day


NOW SEEN – “Regularly” at the Park across from The Hoboken Library between 7:30am and 9:00am – South West – Park Bench - apparently “watching” the library for the BPD Detective Bureau.



NOW – On “assignment” in Hoboken with the “rest” of Street Spy DNIs

-         Hoboken Train Station

-         Hoboken Library – Across the Street in the Park – Watching Front Door – Southwest Area of the Park

-         8th Street Shelter – Usually “dropped” off by BPD Detective


Attacked Wall Street IT Executive in Hoboken near Library – was beaten up – in self defense by IT Executive – he was assigned to stalk – 8 year near Networking Café – now stalking him in Hoboken NJ



Juan Melendes – HCCC – Hudson County Jail – Corrections Officer – D1-West


Believed to be a DNI or “operative” for the BPD – Bayonne Police Department – as he “stated” in 2012 he would visit or talk to BPD =  About a former Wall Street IT Executive – who was writing to Hudson County Court Judges and Prosecutor’s Office – regarding BPD Police Brutality, Harassment, Intimidation and Corruption


NOTE – Juan Melendes came to America allegedly from Puerto Rico at 19 years old – Believed and suspected of being FALN

NOTE – Juan Melendes and A. Brown – HCCC C.O.s – were transfers from Secaucus Youth House – where they had a “?reputation” or “allegations” of Phyiscal and Sexual Abuse of underage inmates



“Debbie” of the Newport Mall


Now “cabaled” or “enslaved” by the BPD Detective Bureau – ROGUE – Retired and Fired Detectives – William Bill Bull Napier –Harrington, Brian Bracken and Mark Smith…


Who is now at NJ TRANSIT STATIONS and NJ PATH STATIONS “stalking

Wall Street IT Executive who “befriended” her in the Newport Mall


And Hoboken Shelters – 8th Street and 3rd Street


Rumored to be the “babysitter” for the Bayonne – Sisk and Gill BPD Cop Families…



Billy The Bum – Room 218 – YMCA BFCC – now Hoboken NJ - during the day


Assigned to Hoboken Shelter

Assigned to 8th Street – Hoboken Shelter

Arrives “late” – Often seen “dropped” off by Bayonne Police Detectives

Often seen at McFadden’s Bar on 21st Street and Broadway are in Bayonne NJ – where he is “suspected” of being an “assassin” or “serial killer” of 60 Missing Patrons of McFadden’s Bar – now “empty” except for Billy and his “associate” Danny O’Brien of the YMCA BFFC – “suspected” KBG NAZI ODESSA – Spy Bunker

ALSO – Seen at John’s Tavern in Mid-Town on Avenue E in Bayonne NJ

NOTE – Appears to have “plenty” of money for “food”, “coffee” and “cigarettes” although is “appearing” “regurally” at Hoboken Shelters and then returns to Bayonne NJ at nite



Mike The Herion Junkie – Ex Con – YMCA BFCCC – now Hoboken NJ

Wears Head Phones – Mustache – Tall – Thin – Greyish White Hair – Long – Russian Looking – late 40s – Early 50s

Baseball Cap..

Rides Bicycle – Often Seen – Chainng Bicycle to fence at YMCA-BFCC


Assigned to Hoboken Shelter

Assigned to 8th Street – Hoboken Shelter



Rachel and Carol – Her “Retarded” Sister

Since 2012 to present…


Assigned to Jersey City Motels


Assigned to NJ PATH TRAINS

But “spend” All Day in Bayonne NJ near Mount Carmel?



David Healy

A Jewish Herion Addict from Bayonne NJ who was “assisnged” and “placed” into HCCC – Hudson County Jail – Kearny in a ILLEGAL STING REVENGE OPERATION and Illegal UNAUTHORIZED SURVEILLANCE in “co-operation” with Video Surveillance Department(s) of HCCC under the ‘direction” and “co-operation” of Lt. Matos – Day Shift Manager and Captain Yurecko – Head of HCCC – “rumored” and “alleged” – FTW Anarchist Biker – believed to be with the Mongols or Warlocks in Bergen or Essex County.

Recently seen in May 2017 in Jersey City – Holland Tunnell area at a 7-11 – reverse stalking a Wall Street IT Executive who uses convenance store while staying a nearby motel – hotel.




“Jason” – HCCC – Hudson County Jail - C3-West and now Newport Mall area

A Spanish Nicaraguan - Drug Addict from HCCC – Hudson County Jail – Kearny now being used in the Newport Mall area in an ILLEGAL STING REVENGE OPERATION and Illegal UNAUTHORIZED SURVEILLANCE

Following and stalking a Wall Street IT Executive at Pavonia Newport Mall and NJ PATH STATIONS and following on Light Rail Trains.



Timothy “Tim” Reed of North Street – Bayonne NJ and HCCC – Hudson County Jail – A1-West Tier

Allegedly a BPD DNI in a Rogue Sting Revenge Slander Operation for the Cop Fighter Code - and / or - Corporate Espionage was sent to A1-West to be a cell mate of a Wall Street IT Executive

Reed is apparently “mentally” ill and drug addict and possibly a heroin drug slave of the BPD Detective Bureau

Who may be a homosexual as well

LAST SEEN – On June 29th, 2017 - at 9:30pm at the 32nd Street Light Rail Station – Reverse Stalking – this Wall Street IT Executive


Billy The Biker – Who rides a Bicycle…

From HCCC – Hudson County Jail – Tier A1-W Medical Tier – DNI in BPD – HCCC – Revenge Sting Operation

Associate of “Lumpy” – Lead of the Eastsiders and Pepe LaScala SR of Bayonne NJ and Kearny NJ


Assigned to Hoboken Shelter

Assigned to 8th Street – Hoboken Shelter

Assigned to Washington Street – 8th to 3rd Street


In June of 2017, Verbally Assaulted a Wall Street IT Executive in Hoboken NJ on Washington Street – between 3rd Street + 4th Street with GAY SLURS – HATE CRIME and TERRORIST THREATS of VIOLENCE and MENANCING – Approached with fists clenched – raised above his waist – in a “threatening” manner of impending physical violence – about the head and body of this Wall Street IT Executive – However, he backed down to this person when he stood up to him with taunts – “You all talk huh? This is all for show? For the people on the Street? Go ahead.. A throw the first punch – You little Punk Fag NAZI Biker – Piece of Sh*t”



Russian Bicycle Scout – Small – Goatee – Military Fatigues

Since 2009 to present…


Assigned to LeFante Way near Seaport Express – Car Export Business

Assigned to Bayonne  Town Center

Assigned to Mount Carmel Church Area



 Carlos Montenaro aka Louie “Bottino” – Senior Housing Center


Assigned to Newport Mall – Mornings

In March of 2017 -Assaulted a Wall Street IT Executive in the Vibrator Chair Lounge on the 2nd Floor of the Newport Mall…

In April of 2014 – Followed a Wall Street IT Executive to his mother’s Funeral Mass at St. Andrews Church – Followed him on foot down Broadway and waited outside the church for the service to end and then followed him back to mid-town – Town Center area.



Billy Sisk aka “Mikey from Jersey City”

Winter – Spring of 2017…


Assigned to Hoboken Shelter

Assigned to 8th Street – Hoboken Shelter

Train Stations – Grove and Hoboken NJ Transit

Believed to be “control agent” for all DNI Street Spies from Bayonne NJ for NAZI ODESSA



Frank Halecki – YMCA BFCC – Ideal Windows – formerly The Networking Café – now Bayonne Library


Since 2006…


Assigned to Networking Café

Seen “frequently” at nite after 6:00pm at Mafia Signaling Station – Pompei Pizza – talking to Mafia Capo – Godfather – Vito Aeillo.

In April of 2017 - was allegedly involved in a “failed” “hit” in the bathroom of Delta Storage in Bayonne NJ

LAST  SEEN – June of 2017, Now a frequent visitor to the Bayonne Public Library – now that the Wall Street IT has returned to the Bayonne Public Library

NOTE – Is seen leaving the YMCA BFCC at 4:00AM or after to go “job” at Ideal Window Factory on 7th St


Thomas “Tommy” Kane

Since 2014 to 2015 to present


Assigned to Broadway – Bayonne Town Center

“Ally” and  Best Friend” to Joe O’Donnell



Paul Hartnet JR

In Fall of 2006 – “mysteriously” pulled up in a car as a Wall Street IT Executive approached 22nd Street and Avenue E near YMCA

INSISTED on going for “PIZZA” at an INDEPENDENT – Italian Pizzeria

Believed to be EXTORTED ASSET of BPD and / or ITALIAN MAFIA


Later seen at Hymart Convenance Store – Exxon Gas Station – 21st and Avenue E – repeatedly

And then “talking” or “befriending” this Wall Street IT Executive’s “apparent” new friend – along with many “nefarious” and “infamous” individuals or “organizwed crime” figures or drug addict – alcoholics from the 4th Street and Kennedy Boulevard or Bergen Point areas.


Later slandered this Wall Street IT Executive and “former” friend as a “drug addict” – when there was never prior drug use.



James “Jimmy  Kane

Since 1980s…

On 6/27/2017 at 12:30PM, Stalked and Harassed Wall Street IT Executive by sitting next to him at Bayonne Library on

Recently seen in June 2017 at South Cove Commons Mall – “observing” a Wall Street IT Executive from his – Silver Honda SUV – “reporting” on a cell phone to “unknown” persons


Assigned to Wall Street

Assigned to Harborside – Exchange Place – Jersey City

Assigned to Hymart Gas Station

Assigned to Bergen Point Bayonne NJ


Was a member of Geraldi’s Touch Tackle Football Team under the “leadership” of Italian Mafia – Organized Crime Figure – Vincent “Vinny” “Vinny The 2x4” Bottino along with Michael Waldron and Jason O’Donnell.


Was seen in a Bar fight Assassination – Aggravated Assault or Attempted Murder of Texaco Employee at Cavanaugh’s Bar now the Starting Point in Bayonne NJ in October of 1974 with David Parks, Thomas Gill, James Kane and Robert “Gork” Mueller – UNSOVLED CRIME – COLD CASE and possibly Thomas “Tommy” Kane.



Mike of 123 Ave C – former StockBoy – Manager of C-Town

Since 2006…


Assigned to Networking Café



Joe O’Donnell

Since 2006…


Assigned to Networking Café

Assigned to Bayonne Library



Elizabeth “Liz” Curucci

Since 2002…


Along with “BFF” Ms Michael Whitney of BFD


Assigned to Keanan’s Deli

Assigned to Broadway – Town Center



David JiJi


Since 2000 to 2015, Working with Bayonne Police Department, Italian MaFia and Russian Mafia in ILLEGAL STING OPERATION, CORPORATE ESPIONAGE and ATTEMPTED MURDER by Hydrochloric Acid Poisoning (Common Russian Mafia Method) in his coffee.



Toni Ann Bottino


In 2014 to 2015, Wife of Vincent Bottino – Day Manager of The Big Apple Restaurant and former 4th Street Shop Rite – Courtesy Booth – allegedly suspected of “poisoning” a Wall Street IT Executive at lunch – with “flour” in bar pizza’s using Hydrochloric Sulfuric Acid – in conjunction or in parallel with “poisoning” by Hydrochloric Sulfuric Acid in coffee at next door – The Networking Café – where this Wall Street IT Executive was “renting” office space and computer time on Internet Workstations.


ALSO – “Suspiciously” seen commanding a “seat” near the doorway using a laptop computer while this Wall Street IT Executive – (Retired) was playing pool

Believed to “practicing” SILENT SATANISM like attacks using “hidden” X-Ray or EMR equipment under the floors –

Suspected of being a Russian Satanist or member of The Temple Taulbed or acting on behalf of the Bonanno Crime Family aka Spanish Vampire Gypsies – NAZIs – who “pose” as Italian Mafia – Organized Criime figures


Vincent Bottino


In 2007 to 2009, Was seen almost always in The Big Apple Restaurant going under the bar towards the rear – under the pool table – and disappearing for over an hour or more – while a Wall Street IT Executive was playing pool in the afternoons – between 1:30pm and 4:30pm – It is “believed” he was “practicing” SILENT SATANISM – doing “unknown” ELECTRONIC or ELECTRO MAGANETIC or X-RAY “assaults” thru the floor – while this individual was playing pool.



Whitey’s Cab – Drivers – Rumored to be “DNI – Secret Police” of the BPD


In Summer and Fall of 2015, A Whitey’s Cab was frequently seen “staking” out positions at the South Common Cove Mall and 21st and Avenue E – observing a Wall Street IT Executive.

Man – Thin – 40s – Narrow Face – Baseball Cap



Al Sullivan - The Bayonne Community News and Hudson Reporter


In 2007 and later multiple attempts, Believed to be “instructed” by City Hall Officials – Joe Doria or Dr. Ryan or BPD Administration – Mark Smith or Drew Sisk to NOT PRINT a PRESS RELEASE for 2 Additional Patents by a Wall Street IT Executive.

He DEMANDED an “interview” regarding his career at a major Wall Street Bank – before “printing” the press release – A prior press release dicussed 2 patents issued in 1999.

Al Sullivan is Editor and Author of The Between The Lines – POLITICAL GOSSIP COLUMN that VIOLATES – COMMUNITY NEWS PAPER – Standards – as it is POLITICAL PANDERING and PROMOTION of HCDO, BDO and The New Frontier Democrats – making it a NEWSPAPER – Not a Community News – Press Release Weekly.

Al Sullivan is “believed”, “rumored” and “alleged” to be using a PEN NAME and is a Russian Jew.



Pizza Master – Day Manager – Kidnapping and Extortion


In the early fall of 2015, Who “appeared” to be “working” for the BPD Detective Bureau or The Italian Mafia or KBG NAZI ODESSA by using a Wall Street IT Executive’s nephew as “bait” making him “pretend” to be a “pizza delivery” boy who came to the front counter from the “back room” or “hallway” when he went to the counter to pay his bill.

3 Attempts where made in 2 week period.

Nephew “suddenly” appears – grabs pizza boxes and heads “immediately” to the “back” ‘hallway” that has a “back door” to the “lane” alley – east of Broadway.



Richard Buxembaum – Kelly Parkway and 2nd Street

In 2014 to 2015, Believed to be CORPORATE ESPIONAGIST and / or RUSSIAN MAFIA (had “yellow” “orange” hair) showing up at Networking Café to “engage” Wall Street IT Executive in small talk and conversation.


Claimed to be “Contractor” – House Painter for Rich Clients in Manhattan with ILLEGAL MEXICAN IMMIGRANT WORKERS  dba  Accentuated Walls “LLC”


Even “mysteriously” followed him to Harborside – Exchange Place – Financial District – “Wall Street – West” for “unknown” reasons.



Bayonne Go Cart – Owner

Was “frequent” visitor to Networking Café – reasons unknown – personal friend – Jewish



Mongol M.C. Biker of YMCA BFCC and Bayonne Library

Since 2012, Thin Long Grayish White Hair – Shoulder Length – Hell Angel Goatee Style Beard


Assigned to Bayonne Library

Assigned to Big Apple Restaurant



William “Billy” Kilner – Postal Carrier - USPS


In 2006 to 2008 and beyond, Whom for years was “reverse” stalking a Wall Street IT Executive going to the Bayonne Library in the mornings – met him EVERY MORNING.


John Ward – Postal Carrier – USPS


In 2006 to 2008 and beyond, was stalking and harassing Wall Street IT Executive in Bergen Point – on  and off duty – involved in filing FALSE CHARGES along with POSTMASTER TERRY RUANE – TERMINATED for CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR in filing FALSE CHARGES and being “rewarded” by MAYOR MARK SMITH with a  “seat” on THE CITY COUNCIL



Mike Murger


In fall of 2015, German Jew who was “frequently” at Bayonne Library



Mike The Satanic Gypsy - Guitar Player


In 2002 to Present, This “strange” ITALAIN MAFIA or BLACK FOREST GYPSY who is small mustache with black hair and wears a “bedazzled” “sequined” dungaree jacket was “often” seen passing between 4th Street and Avenue C and Broadway



Michael Waldron – Actor – Chippendale Waiter – Lifeguard (Speedo) – Male Print Model – “Fire Fighter”


Seen near a Wall Street IT Executive for “many” “decades” and then “started” to appear “regularly” EVERY DAY for OVER 10-15 YEARS at Bonnie McGrath’s ILLEGAL – Babysitting – Day Care Operation along with “enemies” Cathy Cotter and Fire Fighter Keven Fitzhenry – “rumored” Satanist – Followers of the Hermitic Dawn – or another “satanic” sect that “worships” The Archangel Satan


The movie – Zoolander is “rumored” and “alleged” to be based on Michael Waldron as he is “suspected” of being a Sleeper Agent – 2nd Generation for Russian – South African Special Forces aka The New Frontier Democrat “organization” that took over Bayonne NJ in the late 1960s and 1970s.


Zoolander – refers to the Wild Animal Continent of Africa


RECENT NEWS – The Malaysian Embassy and Consulate have been “notified” as to the “possible” identity of the REAL - ZOOLANDER – Michael Waldron “allegedly” “depicted” the Ben Stiller Comedy.


WEBSITE – Mick The Stick – http://www.instagram.com/mick_the_stick/

To read about the “REAL” Zoolander and his “mentally” “ill” and “criminal” “stalking” behavior and murder attempt in the 1980’s.


Norman Reedus – Spec Optical


From 2006 to 2017, Is often “seen” walking south on Broadway when a Wall Street IT Executive appears on the lower end of the Town Center on 21st and Broadway – in his white lab – doctor’s coat and glasses


Believed to be a BPD DNI or member of The Temple Taulbed – Satanic Sect or member of THE RUSSIAN MAFI going to “signal” to others.


Whom in January of 2017, VERBALL ASSUALTED this Wall Street Executive because he “caught” SPEC OPTICALs of “committing” FRAUD regarding EYE EXAMS and PRESCRIPTIONS citing “state law” requirements when they DO NOT EXIST.


Joseph “Joey” Matisadus


A strange looking and “acting “person” who is ALLEGEDLY SEVERELY MENTALLY ILL and LEARING DISABLED (as many Bayonne Police Officers and Residents in Bayonne NJ) as well as DRUG USER who sent by BPD Police Detectives to “harass” and “defame” a Wall Street IT Executive.

In 2008, apparently sent by BPD Detectives from the “stake out” location at Story Court Library – Sent a HIGHLY INTOXICATED or DRUGED – Joey Matisadus to HARASS a Wall Street IT Executive on a bench in front of St. Andrew’s Church making MENTALLY ILL COMMENTS to him.  Rumored to be “sent” by FAMILY FUED – BPD Detective – William Bill Bull Napier –Harrington and / or “partner” Brian Bracken – “verbal” “assault” was WITNESSED BY BPD Police Officer directing Traffic – in front of St. Andrews and DID NOTHING.


In October of 2015, Verbally assaulted this Wall Street IT Executive in front of Fratelli’s Bar at 7:00AM in the morning – after being told to get – GET AWAY – YOU ARE UNDER A – CEASE & DESIST ORDER – VERBAL – Witnessed by a tenant who lived above the bar or next door.


Some residents are known to refer to him as a PUNK BITCH – F*G BOY and DRUG ADDICT LOSER of the Bayonne Police Department – Gay Male Groupie…


But these “rumors” are un-confirmed.


ALSO - a FTW Anarchist Biker – NAZIs – Supporter as he is EMPLOYED by the HOBOKEN M.C. as their “webmaster”



Michael Ransom – 8th Street – Former – Battalion Chief of BFD


Stalking and harassing a Wall Street IT Executive on Broadway – possibly with a twin brother with a “buzz” cut hair style.


Known to be a “rabid” supporter of Criminal Overlord – Satanic Gypsy – Joe Doria aka The Big Giant Head (of Evil)


Known to be the “arch enemy” of El Protector – rumored Citizen Activist on Bayonne BB’s


For “demaning” citizens “reveal” their “idenitites” with Ted Connolly so they can be “harassed” or “killed” by The Bayonne Political Machine



Robert V. Piacente – “Lawyer” and “alleged” + “rumored” GodFather of Bayonne NJ from “California” Bases


Recent reports have the BPD Detective Bureau using this Bonanno Crime Family “Godfather”(actually a “Spanish Vampire Gypsy – NAZI) who “allegedly” “secretly” “controls” Bayonne NJ via 5 to 8 Pizzerias he “owns” that are “really” MAFIA SIGNALING + REPORTING STATIONS (EXTORTED ASSETS) and WATCH TOWERS – “GUARD BOOTHS” for “information” regarding a former childhood + high school friend who they are “targeting” in a REVENGE STING OPERATION and CORPORATE ESPIONAGE



Jenny of 23 West 4th Street – Board of Education – Secretary


Since 2002 to 2012, Who was seen for OVER 10 YEARS leaving the house “at the same time” as a Wall Street IT Executive – 3 to 5 times a day…


Apparently leaving in her car to the “report” of his movements…



Craig McCudden – of Millington NJ


Strange FAKE IRISH person “believed” to be a Russian Jew and / or part German Jew who came to Bayonne NJ the day Wall Street IT Executive resigned from Chase Manhattan Bank in January of 2000




Also, Believed to be “run’ by the BPD Detective Bureau as he had “sensitive” information about legal cases.


Strangely, never goes to bars or restaurants – ever – even with “friends” for which he has none – hides all night long in the YMCA.


Was in an apartment then “moved” to the YMCA after this person was harassed and forced – illegally evicted by the BPD and “co-erced” in the YMCA – although he never “really” lived there and was in Manhattan and Jersey City most days and nights.


Was the clerk of the HyMart Gas Station Convenance Store with Russian Jew – Rich of Fort Lee NJ – who “attacked” this individual TWICE.




Stakeout  Locations  

Wrongfully  Convicted

Designated Informants

Cop Groupie Girls

Cars - Undercover


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