WARNING: This is the worst police department in America






Cold Cases







Here are some movies that are literally about the BPD – Bayonne Police Department or “rumored” to be inspired by the “notorious” and “corrupt” BPD Officer’s conduct


Bayonne NJ is “home” to “Hollywood” and the “Movie Studio” System of the 1930s to the 1970s – when 2 movie companies – moved from Bayonne NJ to the Los Angeles area and found “LA” and “Hollywood” – after “mergers” over the decades these 2 studios are now “believed” to be 20th Century Fox and MGM – who “employees” or “owners” are Russian Polish Satanists “referred” as The Temple Taulbed


Bayonne NJ had a Temple Taulbed building. There is “photographic” evidence to “document” their existence in Bayonne – above 30th Streett in Bayonne to 50s – are “believed” to be the “descendants” of the 1920s – Original – Temple Taulbed


It is “now” “generally” “believed” that The Temple Taulbed of Bayonne NJ writes “film treatments” and “scripts” about Bayonne NJ residents and makes “veiled” “disguised” UN-AUTHORIZED – BIO PICS about their “lives” or “activities”.



COPLAND – 1999


About a town full of cops (residential) who are “partners” with Italian Organized Crime near New York City connected by a bridge.

By Sly Stallone


Sly Stallone has “previously” created a Film Franchise with the Rocky movies – based on Chuck Wepner’s mid 1970’s fight with Muhammad Ali


Also, Harvey Kietel played a BPD Detective (and /or – James Sisk) in the movie – Mortal Thoughts – “officially” about and located in Bayonne NJ



These are the “Detective Partners” of James Sisk






BPD Officer




Harvey Kietel


James Sisk

Robert Patrick


John Murray SR

Bald Blond Cop


Thomas Gill SR

Ray Liotta


Mark Moran





Michael Rapport

Super Boy

John “Jack” Ryan



NOTE – John “Jack” Ryan is the only BPD Officer to be indicted and fired by Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office by CRIME LORD – Edward DeFazio – former Head – Prosecutor – in 35 years with the “horrendous” and “notorious” reputation for Police Brutality and Harassment – DOUCMENTED in The Jersey Journal – Bayonne Edition – Police Blotter and Front Page Stories.

It is “also” “rumored” that he was “setup” and “targeted” because he was a “childhood” friend of an enemy of The New Frontier Democrats, Mayor Collins, Neil DeSena SR, Mickey H. McCabe, Donald “Porky The Pig” Ahern, Sisk Family and Harrington Family


NOTE – At the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival at the Apple Store – Soho – Q&A Panel Session – Michael Rapport responded “Yes” to the following question – “Is Copland about the Bayonne Police Department”


CLUE – CopLand is set in Garrison NJ but is “really Bayonne NJ with US Army and US Navy MOTBY Base with Servicemen Barracks (Garrison – Military Term)


CLUE SCENE – Ray Liotta goes to “escape” Copland after the accidental death – arson of his girlfriend. He drives to the edge of town.

He stops at the town border in front of an overpass with a sign above that says

Bayonne NJ RT 169 – 440

And Ray Liotta sits under that sign – in silence – for over 4 minutes

Film at the Cavan Point – Jersey City NJ – Bayonne NJ border by the Tropicana and Budweiser warehouses.





About “life” in the 1980s where the movie is “set” or “located” in Bayonne NJ as a “location” in the movie

About “druggie” “losers” who are involved in murder and coverups.


Allegedly about Nora Fleming Sisk (Ferrante) Cervara and her “BFF” Karen McFadden – “Secret” - Old Lady Bikers of The Eastsiders M.C. Club and The NYC Chapter of The Hell’s Angels.


Ms Fleming is “rumored” to have a Harley Sportster II (Lady’s Motorcycle) and is a ex-wife of Joseph “Joe” Sisk


Karen McFadden has worn a 3 piece suit vest (Biker Old Lady) for over 30 years – every day (or night) of her life along with “associate” Theresa Zimmerman.


Karen McFadden is “now” “allegedly” “under suspicion” for the “murder” of The Diablo Biker in The Eastsider M.C. “Crib” on 22nd Street in the 1990s along with Nora Fleming Sisk (Ferrante) Cervara.





About “Cop Groupie Girls” who are “extorted” “sex slave” “like” females who will do “anything” for a cop in uniform


BPD Officers have a “number” of Cop Groupie Girls as “sex slaves” and “spies”


NOTE – It is “believed” and “rumored” and “alleged” that “members” of The Temple Taulbed of Bayonne NJ and Hollywood California “sell” “movie scripts” or “film treatments” to the “associates” in Los Angeles


NOTE – John Murray SR, Thomas Gill SR, John “Kojak” Kelly and Anthony “Tony” Timpanaro – all had “Cop Groupie Girls” sex slave DNIs in Bayonne NJ as BPD Detectives.




About Cops who “hunt” and “stalk” and “kill” patrons of Discos, Dance Clubs and the Art Scene in Miami or Manhattan


Allegedly - A composite portrayal by William “Bill” “Bull” Napier –Harrington and Brian Bracken


Nick Nolte “stars” as the “evil” “cop” who likes like Brian Bracken with pale white skin and jet black hair with a “porn star” mustache but he is “big” stocky and chubby like William “Bill” “Bull” Napier –Harrington – who have “allegedly” been stalking this “artist” around Manhattan and the rest of the country in cities like Miami or Los Angeles for 3 decades.


William Napier is “rumored” to be a Russian Satanist – Sleeper Agent


Brian Bracken is “believed” or “rumored” to be a - Ardin Forest Gypsy (2nd Generation) from - The Ardin Forest in Germany - here in America – working “secretly” with KBB and NAZI ODDESSA - some look “Scottish” and some look “Spanish – Italian”

Many “pose” as “Police Officers” due to the “All American” or “Scottish” “appearance” – Black Forest Gypsy “pose” as “Italians” in the Mafia





Believed to be about the Illuminati “Underground” of Secret Vieled Society of Satanits and “practitioners” of The Dark Arts of Old Europe in New York City area – written by The Wachowski Brothers (Russian Polish Jews – Temple Taulbed) “portraying” a “super” “secret agent” “Superman” of the Illuminati – Eduardo “Junior” “Eddie” Ferrante – who was “recruited” or “blackmailed” by James Sisk to “secretly” work for him as a BPD Detective – working with James Mahoney – who was also a Mafia Capo Soldier in the Bonanno Crime Family of Bayonne NJ but is “really” a Spanish Vampire Gypsy of The Black Forest of Germany – 2nd Generation – born in America – who has “occult” like “super powers” – Super Speed – High Volume Voices – over 200 decibals – some are “rumored” to “float” up to 5 stories like Chris Angel.


The Smiths are “rumored” to be “brothers” who are “cop like” or loyal Americans in Bayonne NJ – who have been “fighting” the Satanists and Illuminati or KGB-NAZI ODDESSA Sleeper Agents – also – rumored to have “mystical” Viking Warrior – like “super powers” – Super Strength, Super Speed, Ultra Fast Reflexes and Expert Street Fighters – “some” of whom working on Wall Street and wore suits, ties and business suits like the “Federal Agent” like Smiths. (NO CONNECTION to BPD Det Mark Smith)


CSI New York – TV Series


Used BPD Police Headquarters – East Side of the Buildiing – Exterior shot as NYPD Police Station of Gary SineseExectuvie Producer and “special” friend of Mark Smith


OTHER MOVIES about Bayonne NJ – Veiled – Disguised – Bio Pics


Wall Street – portraying David Parks as Gordon Geecko w/ Peter Redling

Who allegedly worked for many Stock Trading Firms such as Nomura Securities who had a MBA from Wharton

Peter Redling an “associate” from the Veteran’s Housing Project on 1st Street where they both grew up is SHORT CHUBBY and WEARS GLASSES like his “assistant” in the movie.

The “identity” of Bud Fox is believed to be “another” Bayonne resident who is an “arch enemy” and not a “employee” or “associate” of DAVID PARKS of MOMOUTH BEACH NJ and /or THE ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS

Who is the BUSINESS PARTNER of PATRICK BOYLE formerly of 6th Street – “Spy Block” – Newman + Humphrey - with the BEEBES, KILNERS, SERPES and MCFADDENS in “fake” “business” SPEER LEEDS & KELLOG “allegedly” sold to NAZI ODESSA – SPY FRONT – GOLDMAN SACHS



Working Girl – portraying Nora Fleming of The NYSE + David Parks

Who went to Pier 11 in New York City from Brady’s Dock via NY Waterway Ferry


The Matrixportraying Spanish Vampire Gypsy – Eduardo “Eddie” Ferrante and his “Occult” powers…

in the Satanic - Illuminati Underground of NYC – with the Zion Computers of Wall Street and the “underground” tunnels of Bayonne NJ and Manhattan as NEO – CODE for “The Neapolitan” – Metro Italian



Mortal Thoughts – based in Bayonne NJ but allegedly portraying Nora Fleming Sisk (Ferrante) Cervara and her Bi BFF Karen McFadden – who are “secret” Biker Old Ladies with the Bayonne Eastsiders, Pagans of South Jersey and NYC Chapter of the Hell’s Angels.


Rescue Me – with Dennis Leary portraying - on the books - “no show” BFD Fire Fighter – Joseph “Joe” Sisk and his “deranged” drug addict - violent behavior – rumored and alleged – HITMAN, FIXER and DRUG DEALER and No 3 SGT of ARM – The Eastsiders M.C. – revealing the “dirtbag” lives of Fire Fighters along with the “mysterious” Lou – un-identified Bayonne Resident and “enemy” of Joe Sisk.


ZOOLANDER – Is now “believed” to be MICHAEL WALDRON of the Bayonne Fire Department who is a former MALE PRINT MODEL, Chippendale Waiter and Chippendale Calendar Model – 1985 + 1987, ACTOR – HBO’s Oz + War of The Worlds MOVIE – Nicorette Commercial - that “features” “associate” of DANNY + MARK HARRINGTON – “Suspected” Russian Satanist Sleeper Agents associated with DRUG DEALING, MURDER FOR HIRE and FTW Anarchist Biker Gangs – The Eastsiders, The Pagans and the Hells Angels along with DAVID PARKS, ROBERT PARKS, PETER REDLING, RICHARD “DICK” JOYCE, THOMAS GILL, BRIAN CHRISTIE, THOMAS “TOMMY” KANE and JAMES “JIMMY” KANE.

Of the “Rumored” and”allegedand”suspected” RUSSIAN + GERMAN – SLEEPER AGENT – COMPOUND – The Veteran’s Housing Project of 1st Street in the 1960’s and 1970s.

A rumored “BISEXUAL” GAY BODYBUILDER and known “stalker”and believed to have “committed” ATTEMPTED MURDER with a ELBOW KUNG FU – ATTACK on Bayonne Resident during a Touch Tackle Football Game in the 1980s with “associates” Vinny “The 2 by 4” Bottino of The Big Apple, James Kane and Joseph
O’Donnell – Suspected Italian Mafia Hitmen and / or NAZI ODESA ASSASSINS.


NEWS - Recently - reported to the MALAYSIAN GOVERNMENT who has “revealed” that MICHAEL WALDRON has been “seen” over 15 times near the PRIME MINISTER of MALAYSIA – Unconfirmed Report




Stakeout Locations

Wrongfully Convicted

Designated Informants

Cop Groupie Girls Cars - Undercover


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