WARNING: This is the worst police department in America





Cold Cases





BPD Officer Gricelda “Grace” Joynt ILLEGALLY FOLLOWED a Wall Street IT Executive from his former Grand Parents home while site seeing and reminiscing in a “stop” followed by a “hostile” confrontation with BPD Officer Robert Wierbicki – who “refused” to ID himself - called from her Patrol Car - near family home 2 blocks away from previous incident to ask his 79 year old Mother if was taking his “medication” when he NO LONGER LIVED AT THE RESIDENCE and then called in 7 to 10 Officers to ATTACK, ASSUALT and ARREST this man in front of his family home. SEE - Brodomowski Assault


BPD Officer Gricelda “Grace” Joynt followed a Wall Street IT Executive to a doctor’s office and then called for back-up to “falsely” arrest him and “collect” and /or “steal” BAIL MONEY – as he just cashed his check

Investigations reveal THERE NEVER WAS A WARRANT – and the police arrest was SOLELY TO STEAL – 800 Dollars – never refunded..


BPD Officer Gricelda “Grace” Joynt - “falsely” identified “prank” phone caller and made FALSE POLICE REPORT as to TERRORISTIC THREATS against her and her family from a call to Thai O’Briens Restaurant – NO THREAT OF VIOLENCE was made by caller

BPD Officer Gricelda Joynt – only spoke to this suspect or alleged caller ONLY TWICE for 30 Seconds


BPD Officers David Baccurella and Amato chase out a Complainant after “checking” in with Italian Mafia Associate and Mafia Capo Godmother – Genny Michone – Court Administrator – who then later “reversed” the charges with “former” POSTMASTER – Terry Ruane and Postal Carrier – John Ward – Terry Ruane was then “rewarded” with a “seat” – appointed by COP MAYOR – MARK SMITH.


BPD Officer Labruno sat idly as 2 Spanish Gypsy Female EMTs of McCabe’s Ambulance killed a man in YMCA BFCC by DEPRAVED INDIFFERENCE and PROVIDING NO AID – Repeatedly checking the man for life or a pulse – by shaking his leg – every few minutes – for over 10-15 minutes – LaBruno watched and did nothing at the doorway – Occupant “Bob” of Room 367


BPD Uniformed Officers “eat” regularly at INDEPENDENT – ITALIAN HERITAGE OWNED “Pizzeria’s” – 16 in Bayonne + Pizza Hut – Dominos rumored and alleged to be MAFIA SIGNALING STATIONS and WATCH TOWER BOOTHS such as:


Pizza Masters

Up to 3 Patrol Cars are seen at 9:00pm – Dinner Break

Papowski or Popalowski


Among many others


Pompei Pizza

James Mahoney

Eduardo “Eddie” “JuniorFerrante – “Secret” Detective

James Ashe


Tony’s Pizza

BPD SGT Bilotta – seen having lunch and dinner – EVERY DAY



In the 1980s, SGT Kevin Quinn ‘off duty” pulled out his service revolver and struck in the mouth of a young woman and said “I don’t want to hear any sh[email protected] out of you…”


BPD Detective Peter Dugan and BPD Detective James Sisk “acquired” the land of the NJ Transit Trestle Bridge to Elizabeth NJ ? by “unknown” means believed to be EXTORTION


BPD Detective Mark Smith “acquired” or “bought” a private home on an exclusive private street off of Avenue E in Bayonne NJ for 75,000 when the house was worth 250,000 to 2 Million Dollars – from a Jewish Person – believed to be “brokered” or “forced” by EXTORTION – 19 Schyuler Place?


In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Anthony “Tony” Timpanaro was the BPD Officer stationed at BHS where OVER 2,000 Underage Girls were ‘raped” in BHS Inner Gym Office of BHS Gym Teacher and Football Coach – Bethany Chappelle


According to “sources” Allegedly - James Sisk at the scene of a “mob hit” at a convenance store and walked away with a briefcase full of money.


Anthony “Tony” Timpanaro “framed” a 16 year old as a “drug dealer” – because he stopped on the corner to say “high” – NOW BELIEVED to be an “elaborate” setup to slander this minor


Anthoney “Tony” Timpanaro - “arrested” Robert V. Piacente for selling Marijuana – in Henry E. Harris Schoolyard – 1980? 1981? Son of Bayonne NJ – Italian Mafia – “Godfather” – Frank Piacente SR – who “escaped” to DENVER CO and FRESNO CA with “no records” – CRIMINAL or RESIDENTIAL of his “time” or “criminal record” in the State of NJ – who now “secretly’ resides in OCEAN NJ under “Bob Piacente”.



P.O, Michael Hurley JR arrested for SELLING KETAMINE – DARE COP



In the 1990s, Captain Hurley beat up Timothy Tim Boyle – OFF DUTY


Det. John “Kojak” Kelly was “known” for having “Cop Groupie Girls” as his Designated Informants – DNIs


John Murray allegedly had Eric Lebright as a son by Carol CoookieLebright as she was “Cop Groupie Girl” to BPD Detectives – John Murray SR, Thomas Gill SR, Anthony “Tony” Timpanaro and Italian Mafia Capo – “Frank” aka “Frank The Gypsy”

Terrence Joynt “tried” or “attempted” to break the arms of a man in custody where he had his arms behind his back – handcuffed and then tried to lift arms behind back – to break arms at YMCA BFCC in 2008-9


Kilmer – tried to “start” a fight at a “crank call” by calling the man “vile” curse words and insults – and harassed man – flashing a light in his face – over and over again – and began to begin “shadow” box and stretch at the YMCA BFCC in 2013



Stakeout Locations

Wrongfully Convicted

Designated Informants

Cop Groupie Girls Cars - Undercover



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