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Tanauan backs into cityhood

Macario Laurel

CUENCA (Batangas, Philippines).
Some time in 1999, when four multipurpose vehicles left over from Lally Trinidad's public-works projects were distributed in Cuenca, Batangas, Rep. Macario Laurel was content to sit on the side lines and yield center stage to the former congresswoman, his younger sister.

He told Batangan Publisher Renato Tiangco that his bill to make Tanauan a city had cleared the committee stage in the House of Representatives faster than it had taken to win endorsement of the Provincial Board of Batangas.

Congres approved Laurel's bill and a Senate counterpart measure on Dec. 19, 2000 as Republic Act No. 9005 known as "The Charter of the City of Tanauan."

On February 2, 2001 President Gloria Arroyo signed it into law.

Text of Rep. Act No. 9005 was published in Batangan's newspaper edition of February 11, 2001.

On March 10, 2001, a Saturday, the charter was approved by a referendum in Tanauan that drew 8,890 or 16% of the 55,453 registered voters.

Two ballots were either spoiled or blank.

The "yes" had it over the "no" by a landslide, 7,026 to 1,961.

According to cityhood advocates, quoted in reports reaching Batangas on Sunday, the turnout was two times better than previous conversion-to-city exercises.

Still, 16% was 16%.

It suggested that 84% of Tanaueños were in any of the following states regarding cityhood :

  1. They were not aware of what was going on.
  2. They were aware of the cityhood plan and were indifferent to it.
  3. They were aware, were in favor of the cityhood plan, but were too lazy to take part in the plebiscite.
  4. They were aware, were against cityhood, and voted by their feet.

Laurel drops plans for Santo Tomas cityhood
In his 1999 chat with Batangan in Cuenca, Rep. Laurel said he had dropped plans for cityhood for Santo Tomas.

In light of Saturday's referendum turnout, that seemed wise.

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