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Welcome to Azov Weyr, an Alternate 11th Pass PBeM (Play By Email). Here's where you'll find a Weyrleader who is clothing challenged, a Weyrwoman who leans more towards being anal retentive, a goldrider 'curse', and so much more! We're always into torturing our personae, and pouring out the angst by the bucketload. If you're looking for a great place to be unusual, this is it!

Explore the many links we have provided to learn more about our weyr. Direct any questions to the Board of Directors, and come and join the fun!

Important people in the weyr are as follows:

Lisa - Weywoman's Second Tova & gold Torianth - (Drgynsfire@aol.com)
Meghan  - WeyrlingMaster K'rel & bronze Haventh (mmhoolehan@bsu.edu)
Aly - Wingrider R'slen & brown Lunitarth - (green.bayonet@gmail.com)

If you have any questions and are just a little intimdated by Lisa or Meghan, Lynsey is one of several people that will be more than happy to help out or point you in the right direction.
Lynsey  - Healer Remardio (teardi@hotmail.com)

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Anne McCaffrey's Web Site ~ It is to her that we owe our thanks.

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