Ayurvedic Herbal Lassi is a special butter milk that contains invaluable Indian herbs which contain a variety of safe and useful medicinal properties to maintain good health and long life. This herbal lassi is highly refreshing and relishing during hot summer times.

Lassi, as such has very good nutritional value. Lassi is considered to be even better than milk. The lassi with a dose of Indian herbal ingredients will help cure many health problems, if any before they make the body sick. This drink is highly beneficial in the protection of heart and brain by maintaining healthy blood pressure and circulation.

The herbs to be consumed on daily basis through the medium of butter milk are well known to every Indian and used in the Indian kitchen in some form or the other.

The special herbal lassi contains (i) honey, (ii) ginger, (iii) garlic, and (iv) black pepper.

The herbal lassi is truly a special lassi for people like IT professionals and high profile managers whose life time job is more of a brain work which needs continuous free flow of oxygen to brain through uninterrupted blood supply.

The amount blood and oxygen required for brain teasing jobs is normally very high and that really increases the job of heart to pump more and more blood to brain.

In the entire body, it is only the heart, that never takes any rest from day of birth till the day of death. The continuous pumping of extra ounces of blood to meet extra demands of oxygen gradually increases the stress and strain on heart muscles.

The oil rich and costly foods are cause for the formation of plauque on the inner walls of blood vessels thereby narrowing down the arteries and other blood vessels. This plauque formation further increases the resistance to the blood flow and thereby further increasing the pumping load on heart and heart muscles. This leads to greater risk for IT professionals, who always find more time for brain work and less time for physical exrercise.

Those who can drink Herbal Lassi regularly on daily basis can be highly benefited on three counts : (i) stable blood pressure, (ii) optimum blood sugar, and (iii) smooth blood circulation. All these can prolong the life and efficiency of heart, kidneys, liver and eyes.

How to prepare ingredients of herbal lassi ?

(1) Black Pepper Sugar Powder : This powder is made of sugar and black pepper. It is to be prepared by taking 15 spoons of sugar and 150 black pepper seeds into in a small mixy container. Grind the mixure well to make it a fine powder and keep the powder into a bottle for daily use in lassi. This entire pepper sugar powder is to be used for about one month @ half a tea spoon per day in the lassi. This means that we are making sure to eat at least 5 black pepper seeds every day.

Diabetic patients can avoid use of sugar by taking appropriate quantity of fresh pepper powder instead of pepper seeds and sugar.

(2) Ginger Garlic Paste : This paste is made of ginger and garlic. Take 100 gms of ginger and 100 gms of garlic. Remove the covered layers from both ginger and garlic cloves and clean them well. Cut the ginger into small pieces and put the same into a small mixy container along with cleaned galic cloves. Grind them well in the mixy container to make it a fine paste. One spoon of rock salt can be added to this paste while grinding to increasing the taste of lassi and also to preserve it for longer times. Pack this paste into a bottle and store it in a fridge. Use this ready made paste @ one spoon per day in the lassi. This will ensure you to consume about 3 - 4 cloves of garlic along with a half a spoon of ginger per day.

Those who are on fasting may like to use only ginger paste without garlic or go for dried ginger powder.

(3) Honey : Purchase 1 liter of branded pure organic honey from any reputed shop which do not contain any crystal sugar or gaggery. Add one spoon of honey to one glass of butter milk. This will help you to consume honey in therapatic quantities.

(4) Lassi : Take 1 small cup of fresh sweet curd and 3 small cups of plain filtered water into a steel container and stir them well with the help of traditionally used Indian wooden stirrer till it becomes a homogeneous liquid.

How to prepare herbal lassi ?

Take 1 big glass of butter milk and add the follwing to butter milk :

One spoon of honey,
One spoon of ginger garlic paste or dried ginger powder.
Half a spoon of black pepper sugar / pepper powder,

Mix well lassi with all these ingredients with the help of a spoon. Filter out the fibre, if necessary. Drink the herbal lassi daily morning before going for a morning walk. Do it every day and regularly to enjoy good health and long life. Good health is never a matter of chance but it is the result of well disciplined life and healthy food habits.

Benefits of herbs to the body :

Black Pepper:
It has antioxidant properties.
It cleanses subtle channels in the brain.
It enhances free flow of oxygen to brain.
It increases flow of saliva.
It stimulates appetite & enhance digestion.
It helps dialate blood vessels and enhances circulation.
It is antiseptic to lungs.
It helps maintain health of respiratory system.
It helps maintain the health of joints.
It improves performance of the muscle tissues.
It is a medicine for paralysis to toothache.
It reduces stomach and intestinal gas.
It promotes urine and stimulates the kidneys.
It stimulates the activity of the heart.
it is a foremost detoxifier and anti-aging herb.
It helps in bone density issues.
It reduces free radicals.
It stimulates and strengthens the nerves & mind.
It is useful in rheumatoid arthritis.
It is an antidote for fish and mushroom poisoning.
It is used to reduce fevers.
It is used to treat bronchial complaints.
It helps transport other herbs to all parts of the body.

Ginger :
It has a high content of antioxidants.
It contains immunity-boosting abilities.
It is a good remedy for high blood pressure.
It inhibits platelet aggregation & pevents blood clotting.
It improves blood circulation.
It prevents brain stokes & heart attacks.
It protects from kidney and heart damages.
It regulates blood pressure and heartbeat.
It is a remedy for diarrhea & gastrointestinal disorders.
It is an excellent remedy for digestive problems.
It is an antidote for certain types of food poisoning.
It contains magnesium, calcium and phosphorus.
It also contains protein, iron, sodium, potassium.
It is a free radical scavenger.
It has anti-inflammatory properties & prevents arthritis.
It cleanse the colon.
It is highly effective for motion and morning sickness.
It is also useful for dizziness & vertigo.
It fights off and alleviate the symptoms of colds and flu.

Garlic :
It has anti-oxidant properties.
It helps to prevent blood clots from forming.
It promotes better blood circulation through heart.
It allows blood vessels to dilate
It lowers cholesterol and triglycerides.
It lowers blood pressure.
It prevents heart diseases.
It prevents brain strokes.
It promotes body's energy and strength.
It is a powerful disinfectant and kills tough germs.
It promotes production of gastric juices.
It cleans the bowels.
It helps to prolong the life.
It helps to reduce atherosclerotic buildup (plaque).
It helps to regulate blood sugar.
It helps to prevent stomach cancer.
It is a potent natural antibiotic.
It has soothing effect on the nerves.
It is an antibiotic, anti-fungal and anti-viral agent.
It contains rich dietary fiber.
It contains amino acids.
It contains Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C.
It contains allicin, germanium, calcium and minerals.
It contains Isoflavonoids, Phosphorus, Potassium.
It also contains selenium and zinc.
It has de-toxicant power & enhances the liver function.
It can improve the leucorrhea and paralysis.
It enhances the spleen and stomach.
It cures malaria.
It is antidote for snake or insect bite.
It helps cure common cold and upset stomaches.

Honey :
It is a good source of antioxidants.
It is a rasayana as per Ayurveda.
It is one of the Panchamritas as per Hindus.
It is known as nector of Gods and elixir of life.
It promotes feeling of physical rejuvenation.
It is a quick and natural energy booster.
It promotes youthful feeling.
It builds resistance to diseases.
It enhances the immune system.
It has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.
It helps to boost healing powers.
It provides the body with energy.
It promotes higher mental efficiency. It facilitates better physical performance.
It promotes health and longevity.
It raises levels of anti oxidants in the blood.
It protects from several chronic diseases.
It is a scrapping agent and reduces excess fat.
It contains fructose, glucose, sucrose, maltose.
It contains other di- and trisaccharide sugars.
It contains proteins, fats, vitamins, and enzymes.
It contains amino acids, volatile aromatic substances.
It is high in B-complex and vitamins A, C, D, E & K.
It contains beta-carotene.
It contains magnesium, sulfur, phosphorus.
It contains iron, calcium, chlorine, potassium, iodine.
It contains substance needed to maintain life.
It contains Bee pollen which is called a complete food.
It reduces inflammation and stimulates wound healing.
Its iron and minerals composition enhances haemoglobin.
It enhances skin texture.
It reduces excessive body heat and burning sensation.
It is useful in treatment of cough, colds, & soar throat pains.
It improves in conditions of chronic & asthmatic bronchitis
It improves in conditions of allergic rhinitis, and sinusitis
It is useful in treatment of flu, diabetes, and arthritis.
It is usefl in treatment of piles and constipation.
It is useful in improving the eyesight.
It is useful in the treatment of peptic, duodenal ulcers.
It helps recover from alcohol intoxication & protects liver.
It normalizes kidney function.
It destroys the germs in the bladder.
It relieves complains of cholesterol.
It is the best anti-kaphic elixir known to man.

When to drink Herbal lassi ?

Drinking of one glass of herbal lassi before going for a morning walk will be highly beneficial to help detoxify the body through increased sweating.

Drinking of one glass of herbal lassi along with one big size bana or ripe papaya can be a very good breakfast and can save a lot of morning time.

Drinking one glass of herbal lassi after lunch can be highly beneficial for good digestion.

Herbal lassi is easy and cheaper to prepare and can save us from many unforeseen old age problems.

Uses of lassi ( butter milk) in general :

One famous saying goes thus: what "amrita" is to the gods, buttermilk is to human beings. Acknowledging its immense therapeutic and nutritional value, it has been mentioned as the best among all milk products.

Defining buttermilk, Acharya Sushruta has written that it is a compound made of curd and water, subsequently churned so as to have the contained cream and butter completely skimmed off. It should be neither too thick nor too thin. Two other varieties of buttermilk also find mention in ayurveda . One is called "ghola" made by simple churning of curd without water and the other one is known as "mathita" or "maththa". It is the crushed curd with a little water added to it.

Buttermilk is an assortment of three tastes- sweet, sour and astringent. With the sweet post-digestive effect, it is slightly hot in potency and is light and soothing in effect. Buttermilk controls the vitiation of all the three "doshas" and is nutritive, freshening and appetising in action. It is a highly acclaimed medicine for diarrhoea, dysentery, chronic specific and non-specific colitis, piles, jaundice, and also in conditions where liver and spleen dysfunctions are involved. Buttermilk is also used in some of the "panchkarma" procedures. Some of its common household uses are as under"

Diarrhoea and dysentery - Buttermilk has been used in gastrointestinal upsets since time immemorial as it helps in both acute and chronic conditions where the patient passes watery or semi-solid stool. Mixing of half teaspoonful of dry ginger powder in a glass of buttermilk adds to its digestive and carminative properties. Emaciated patients suffering from chronic sprue can also take buttermilk preferably before noon. The famous classic ayurvedic medicine "takrarishta" in which buttermilk is the chief ingredient is also helpful in such conditions.

Piles and intestinal worms - Those suffering from first degree piles of a bleeding or non-bleeding nature get symptomatic relief by the use of buttermilk. For this purpose one to two gm simple powder of "hararh" can be taken twice daily with a glass of buttermilk for some time. Similarly, to cure stubborn intestinal worm problem, one gm powder of seeds of "vayvding", which are commonly available at the pansari shop, can be safely used for a few days.

Liver diseases - In jaundice and alcoholic liver diseases regular use of "takram" immensely helps the patient to regain normal appetite and digestion. For faster relief, one gm powder of any of the proven liver protective herbs like bhringraj, chiraita or kalmegh can be taken along with buttermilk.

Buttermilk recipe - To make an all season nutritive drink of buttermilk, take half a cup of home-made curd. Blend it slowly for a few minutes. Slowly add one glass of cold water and blend it again. After discarding the fatty foam appearing on the top, add half teaspoonful of cumin powder, a few leaves of mint, and a pinch of rock salt (table salt can be a substitute). Blend just enough to mix the spices evenly and serve at room temperature.

Caution- Buttermilk should not be used during the flare-up phase of rheumatoid arthritis, in severe constipation, asthmatic conditions and following immediate exposure to heat. After taking into consideration the seasonal specifications and individual suitability, one can, for better results, use appropriate additives to it.

Take dahi or natural yoghurt for instance, which is on the regular diet of most communities in India. Scattered throughout old Indian medical treatises are comments on all the beneficial qualities of yoghurt, especially when consumed in the spring and summer months. High in Vitamin B, curd is good for ulcers, allergies and even arthritis. There are many who believe that dahi also increases longevity and will tell you that the most efficacious curd is that which is set in a silver bowl with a leaf of tulsi immersed in the fermenting milk.

Lassi :

Lassi is simply fresh yogurt blended with warm water. Where as yogurt is a curd and is said to be hard to digest, creating ama (residues of inefficient digestion), once it is transformed into lassi it becomes lighter and actually aids digestion. Lassi is the ultimate probiotic; it provides a natural means of promoting the proper intestinal flora. Thinning yogurt with water and blending it changes the molecular structure so it is more easily assimilated. It makes a good after lunch drink and helps eliminate gas pains.

Digestive Lassi : One part yogurt to three parts water adding cumin powder, salt (and pepper) to taste. Garnish with some finely chopped cilantro leaves. Sweet Lassi: Blend 1 part yogurt to 3 parts water adding cardamon, sugar, and rosewater to taste.

Mango Lassi : Blend 1 part yogurt with 2 parts water adding fresh mango and sugar to taste.

Buttermilk, like its cousin yoghurt, is always a good idea. In fact, consumed regularly in medium quantities, it tones the small intestine and is best taken when home made because commercially produced buttermilk may have preservatives which could take away from its healing properties. However, it is almost always best when salty. In some areas cool buttermilk gets a dash of ginger juice and a sprig of coriander, both of these serve to cool the body down, and in most hot climates, serve as an excellent antidote to sunstroke or the threat of one.

Kokolu Ankarao
Date : 2nd March 2006
Nagpur, Maharastra, India


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